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On Taxpayers’ Dime, Foreigners Get Free College In US


Authored by Eduardo Neret via CampusReform.org,

As thousands of American college students struggle to afford the rising cost of college, the U.S. State Department is helping to fund community college for more than 300 foreign students, according to a recent report released by Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

The program, called the Community College Initiative Program (CCI), received $15,825,000 in the 2019 fiscal year to pay for community college costs for foreign students from up to as many as 12 different countries.

CCI provides scholarships for visa assistance, round-trip travel to and from the United States for program dates, one year of community college tuition and fees, meals, books, housing, and other incidentals. Students are only eligible for one year of studies.

According to a State Department website, students will “return home with new skills and expertise to help them contribute to the economic growth and development of their country.”

The CCI website lists a number of requirements which include: being 18 years of age, having a “basic knowledge of English,” and have a diploma from a secondary school.

Participants can also select from several field areas, such as: “agriculture, applied engineering, business management and administration, early childhood education, information technology, media, public safety, and tourism and hospitality management.”

Paul’s office also used tuition estimates from Community College Review to note that the CCI’s full funding could be used to fund one year of community college for more than 3,000 American students.

David North, a resident scholar on the interaction between education and migration at the Center for Immigration Studies, told Campus Reform that while the CCI is an example of waste, he wishes Paul would focus on the Optional Practice Training (OPT) program for foreign students.

“Dealing with foreign students, and more important [sic], foreign alumni in the U.S. labor market. The Senator should focus his sights on the $3 billion spent every year in the OPT program, every bit of this money, taken from the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds, subsidizes employers who have decided to hire an alien, not an American, in a post-college position.”

Campus Reform has previously reported on the OPT program.

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  1. “According to a State Department website, students will “return home with new skills and expertise to help them contribute to the economic growth and development of their country.”

    Well what I have been reading, the new “stolen” information is going to China. Professors are getting into it too. Just like the Democratic House of “leakers”, colleges are doing that as well. No wonder USA is losing the lead over China in technology.

    How generous the American taxpayers are. Free education to foreign nationals who steal our technology secrets.

    All to benefit their Country. Just amazing.

    But hey OUR American children gets to have HUGE student debt. And then lose the jobs they seek to who? Foreign nationals. No matter how much Obama hides, he was one and look what he did to OUR Nation.

    Time to nicely state, you have all you can from us, it’s now to put America First. But if you do want to come here, come here the right way and PAY the full board. With all the stolen technology your Countries can now pay for you.


  2. Isn’t this just wonderful? Now we are being taxed to give free education to students from foreign countries. While there is talk of giving free education to US students . Wait a minute nothing in life is free!!! Yes , once again the taxpayer is being tapped to pay for other countries people to get something at our expense. While people here go hungry,live on the streets and can’t pay for their own education. WE the taxpayer support the world. And who cares if people here lose their homes and live pay check to pay check KEEP ON GIVING AWAY THOSE GIVE AWAYS!!!

  3. 3BILLI0N taken from the Social Security
    and Medicare trust funds a year, given
    to Corporations to find foreign students jobs ?
    Put that money back, it belongs to Americans who worked all their lives! Take it out of the Clinton’s
    slush fund, or the politicians slush fund’s.
    Those funds are going to be in trouble in the future.
    Give the jobs to Americans who pay taxes and support those funds. It sounds like more political B.S.
    If Corporations want to hire foreigners instead of Americans let them pick up the tab!

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