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Shocking Number Of Young Americans Say Other Countries Are Better


Authored by Mary Rose Corkery via CampusReform.org,

Over a third of young Americans do not believe that the United States is the greatest country in the world.

In a recent Pew Research poll, 47 percent of Democrat and Democrat-leaning Americans between the ages of 19-29 prefer other countries over the U.S, while 19 percent of Republicans within the same age group agree.

The poll also showed that 36 percent of this age group say other countries are greater than the U.S.

The survey was conducted as part of a larger study by the Pew Research Center in September about partisanship as “the dividing line in the American public’s political attitudes.”

The findings showed that within the age group of 19-29, 47 percent of adult Democrat and Democrat-leaning individuals believe that there are other countries better than the United States, while within the same age group, 19 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning individuals agree. That leaves only 53 percent of young Democrats who prefer the United States to any other country, while 81 percent of young Republicans favor America.

The same survey found 36 percent of all young Americans within the ages of 19-29 believe other countries are better than the U.S, leaving only 64 percent who believe in American exceptionalism.

When the same age group was asked their opinion about America being a military superpower, 55 percent of Democrats in the same age group responded that they wouldn’t mind if other countries could be as militarily powerful as the U.S. Even a sizeable percentage of Republicans of the same age group agreed, with 38 percent agreeing with their Democrat counterparts.

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  1. So sad, but then again in the “indoctrination” centers called our Public School system, how would they know how Great America is if no history is taught other than “we are racists”.

    Its amazing how the youth, living in their “protective safe bubble” allusion, created by their indoctrination teachers have NO clue how GOOD they do have.

    I guess they don’t watch REAL news with the people in Hong Kong protesting for freedom. Or how about Iranian people protesting for freedom from tyranny. Let them go experience it. Get out of your “protective safe bubble” and experience other countries and their “so called” freedom.


  2. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/16/trump-doe-promotes-school-prayer-on-national-religious-freedom-day/

    Love this idea!

    And let’s not forget the Pledge of Allegiance. For those little ones that haven’t been taught thru the indoctrination schools system, and Adults, especially socialist democrats and their quid pro quo illegal aliens.

    “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
    and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation
    under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL.”

    They go together so well. What this GREAT Nation was founded on. Will NEVER FORGET.


  3. After 50 years of 1960 hippies in charge of education it is very surprising that the number is as low as it is.

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