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Truth About Socialism Every Voter Needs to See Before the November Election


Here’s a truth about socialism that every voter in America needs to see, right away:

Exactly right!

Most Americans are far wealthier than the citizens of most socialist nations.

Socialism has proven itself to be a failed system that produces shared misery for the masses and untold luxury and perks for the ruling class.

We’ve seen this time and time again, over and over.

The most recent example is Venezuela whose lesson should scare most people.

Yet for some reason Democrats want to bring this failed system to our country.

Here are 13 more pictures that reveal everything anyone REALLY needs to know about Socialism:

And finally…

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  1. Love the meme’s especially the one with Bernie Sanders. Yes, that is the socialist definition of distributing the wealth. Obama started that and that’s why our National Debt “doubled”.

    Our children are being “indoctrinated” into this type of socialism of “It’s about me”. Started with colleges and now is in the public schools.

    Time for charter schools. Time to teach OUR children what sacrifice really means and how it feels when you are rewarded for standing on your own two feet. Not the materialistic but the pride of hard work and good morals for your fellow man. Want to talk about climate change? Well there’s the climate change that’s needed, bring back PRIDE in doing your own Work. Get rid of JEALOUSY that comes from wanting what someone who worked hard has, because you can’t get off the couch, or off your Obama phone, but just whine the “what about me”.

    Socialism is just another word for “Plantation”. Freedom, yes is hard but is PRICELESS.


  2. https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2020/01/15/cardi-b-if-you-dont-qualify-you-cant-own-a-gun/

    lol, a budding socialist politician. I think there Miss, if you want to be elected to represent the American people, you need to be evaluated for mental health issues.

    Since you talk out from both sides of your mouth, OK for Second Amendment BUT… I see your political career going nowhere.

    I say stick to your Rap music. Not a big fan, but I did hear a bit of Kanye West’s new stuff. Something with a REALLY GOOD message.


  3. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/15/gop-senators-launch-bill-to-block-tax-deductions-for-abortion-as-medical-expense/

    Bad enough We are forced to pay for abortions stating that it’s “Women’s Health”, but they have a tax deductions too?

    So President Trump fought hard for the tax deduction for Parents who HAVE children, and need it because of the financial burden of women too lazy to get birth control and use abortions as such.

    Yep typical socialism frame of mind. Totally without morals because of lazy women who already have ways to stop unwanted pregnancies.

    Here’s a change to think about:

    “Abstinence is a self-enforced restraint from indulging in bodily activities that are widely experienced as giving pleasure. Most frequently, the term refers to sexual abstinence, or abstinence from alcohol, drugs, or food.”

    No tax deduction needed. Thank you to the Senators who are pushing this bill. Hopefully after the Impeachment sham this will be passed as well. Has NOTHING to do with Women’s health UNLESS the woman’s health is in danger. This has ALL to do with lazy women or those women getting kickbacks to have their child killed.

    Wow, truly disgusting.


  4. Communism/Socialism looks good on paper, that is it. Communism/Socialism doesn’t work in real life ( except for the 1% at the tippy top in charge over everyone else ). Communism/Socialism didn’t work in the colonies , Communism/Socialism has worked in any of the places it has been tried. Communism/Socialism during the 20th century killed over 100 million people. Socialism didn’t work for Panera Cares.
    Anybody who objectively looks at history would no endorse or want Communism/Socialism. All you have to do is talk to anybody that grew up in a Communist/Socialist country or visit some place like Venezuela or North Korea to know that it sucks the masses down.
    People have an internal desire to be free and Communism/Socialism kills that at the end of a government gun.

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