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‘Gulags Weren’t That Bad’: Sanders Staffer Says Trump Supporters Will Need To Be ‘Re-Educated In Camps’


Update: O’Keefe has posted more footage of Jurek discussing the murder of political enemies.

An undercover operative for Project Veritas has filmed a rabid Bernie Sanders field organizer who claims that “cities will burn” if President Trump is reelected this year, and that Trump supporters will need to be reeducated in literal gulags, similar to what Germany did to ‘Nazified’ Germans after World War II.

“Do you even think, that some of these, like, MAGA people could be “re-educated?” asks the Veritas journalist in a preview of Tuesday’s exposé (set for full release at Noon, ET).

“We gotta try, so like, in Nazi Germany after the fall of the Nazi party, there was a shit-ton of the populace that was fucking Nazi-fied,” said field organizer Kyle Jurek.

“Germany had to spend billions of dollars re-educating their fucking people to not be nazis. Like, we’re probably going to have to do the same thing here,” he added. “That’s kind of what all Bernie’s whole fucking like “Hey, free education for everybody – because we’re going to have to teach you not to be a fucking Nazi”

Jurek went on to explain “there’s a reason Joseph Stalin had gulags,” adding “And actually, gulags were a lot better than what the CIA has told us that they were. Like, people were actually paid a living wage in gulags, they had conjugal visits in gulags, gulags were actually menat for like re-education.”

The Sanders organizer also predicts violence if Bernie doesn’t get the Democratic nomination, and that “Milwaukee will burn.”


Full video here :



  1. If anyone tries to re-educate me I’m going to re-educate THEM on leaving Trump supporters alone. You want violence? I’ll give you violence.

  2. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/14/bernie-sanders-our-job-is-to-rebuild-united-nations/

    From the mouth of a socialist, who thinks the USA should still be connected and bow to the UN.

    No Mr. Communist/Socialist, if you look REAL close, President Trump is already rebuilding this Great USA from the damage done by Obama and his 57 states minions of the UN. America First is doing GREAT because it puts America First.

    Don’t need the UN. Way over time that USA get out of the UN and the UN get out of the USA. President Trump is working with NATO, and with NATO and forcing the EU to do ITS job, I don’t see the need for the UN. UN dropped the ball when it came to Iran. It was putting America First that the Iranian “cornerstone” has left the building.


  3. https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2020/01/14/van-jones-nothing-i-saw-tonight-would-be-able-to-take-donald-trump-out/

    Didn’t watch. I chose LIFE over DEATH. Watched the President’s rally in Wisconsin on OAN, then switched to Hannity and watched the rest.

    Not interested in the socialist agenda of a party that puts terrorists before our Military. Where a socialist agenda for the Globalists is more important than putting America First.

    Great rally Mr. President. Looking forward to November and 4 more years. Agree 100%, The best is yet to come!


    • The only kind of “socialism” being promoted by today’s LITTER of Demo-Nazi Pedo-Crats is just so much business as usual. It’s known as “socialism for the rich, free enterprise for the poor”.

  4. I’ve been saying for a long time now that if the power-mad Demmunists ever DO get back into power, they will make Trump supporters, and maybe ALL Republicans PAY for daring to disagree with t hem.

    Bernie Sanders may seem like a harmless, bumbling old grandpa–but this “gulag” mentality shows he is just as power-mad and ruthless as any OTHER Communist. People had better understand that and vote accordingly in November unless they want all their Republican relatives carted off to “re-education camps.”

    • You surely are not a traitor to the America we formed in the 1700’s? There is a day that everyone, absolutely everyone, must stand and account for our choices before the Power above all powers, the God of all gods, the Ruler over us ALL. To loose our lives as the early martyrs is not the worst loss-there is more and it is forever and forever.

  5. Liberals / democrat voters are all mentally I’ll. They all need to be put on chemical lobotomy drugs. They are too damn stupid to really think a way .

    • They’re hardly to be viewed as liberal, seeing that they’re the most illiberal people to be found. Seeing that they don’t so much as lift a finger to find themselves, they invariably rely on governmental sources to define who and what they are. Go figure. We’re having to contend with Freudian-Marxist nutcases. They’re wrist-wringing, nervous Nellie, busy body control freaks.

  6. You can tell by what comes out of this mans mouth that his heart is filled with evil! He is the problem with this country and does not even know it! Thank you God for president Thrump.

  7. Bring it on cocksucker. Jurek is going to get his sorry ass kicked. Hope you have health insurance, Jurey, baby. You going down motherfucker. And we’ll take Sanders with you. Idiot faggot socialists.

    • How come this wasn’t brought up in the debate? How come Bernie is not dealing with this? Now we know the real agenda of the dem/socialists/communists.

  8. tell bernie to tell that idiot to stop threning the anerican people in case he dosent get nominate he’s tellin them that we will be treated like the natzi did .thats what socilasim is. that guy should be arrested befor he cause’s damage

  9. Bring your punk ass to Texas junior, along with your Medicare for all card. You sure can talk a lot, perhaps you should engage your “ oops I’m gonna get my ass kicked again switch before opening that dickhole you call a mouth.

  10. Anyone who says we need reeducation camps needs to find another home. I am prepared to once again bear arms in defences of our country. Traitors like Sanders, the squad, the speaker and others should be on trail NOT our president.

    • I’m,with you, let’s start cleaning our house of these insane fool!s This includes all the Hollywood elite, hey DiNiro you punk how about punching my face, I’ll give you first shot. President can’t stoop to your level, but I sure as hell can!

      • I wanted 1st divs on feeding Deniro a knuckle sandwich but I will not fight with U over something as worthless as that walking turd. He’s all yours! I will settle 4 giving Alyssa & Kathy a good paddling.

  11. They want our guns so it will be easy to take us to re-education centers, think again and when you come to try and take me to you camps, bring a whole lot of body bags cause I’m taking a hell of a lot you with me!!! This guy is a serious COMMIE, that’s very scary, anyone needs re-educated I think it is him and ,Bernie.

  12. How idiotic have the left gone? Either see it how we tell you or we will brainwash you to our way!!! You’re right it’ll burn and you’ll be lucky if you walk with your butt attached!!! Look at the Democratic Party and their alliance isn’t with or for America!!!

  13. You not got a clue what a Nazi is, Bernie is trying to push Stalin like country. You need to read (if you can ) History. What you are saying is you are NUTS. The FBI should be coming for you. You are a Traitor to the United States.

  14. Wake up Democrats, “is this what you want, is this what you signed of for with Bernie and the Communist Socialist DEMWITTS running for President?” NOT ME, I would fight to the death for LIFE, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of the AMERICAN DREAM ! THIS GUY “IS” a HITLER YOUTH in the making! Next will we be seeing “BROWN SHIRTS” and Swastikas at the DEMWITT RALLIES!?

    • He’s a Maoist and more like a member of The Red Guard during China’s Cultural Revolution. My family suffered through that period. I will not. I’ll be ready for these commies.

  15. Socialism does not work, never has never will. Look at Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, North Korea, China, oh these are all Bernie’s pals, all dictatorships. Come on COMMIE boy, we will be happy to send you to hell on an express ticket . You are messing with people that will bury your COMMIE LOVING ass ,and since you don’t believe in God, we won’t bother to say anything over your dead worthless carcass, except go ridence. Feel the Bern, in hell you sick son of a bitch.

  16. Love how the left lunatics say the Trump supporters are the ones that promote violence. How many riots did any of us start when those morons put the worst President in American history back in office for another 4 years to really make sure he destroyed the country?? Their hypocrisy has no boundaries. Author Michael Savage has it right Liberalism is a mental disorder. They better rethink their plans for violence, Trump supporters and their children know how to fight and shoot. It will be a sad day for the Liberal snowflakes!

  17. This is an absolutely amazing revelation!! If I hadn’t seen this I would not have believed that anyone educated in this country could be so void of understanding about what it means to be an American!! And where does he get his information about Russian gulags and Germans? The majority of German people were opposed to the oppression of the nazis but were afraid to speak out. This idiot should read the books by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a victim/prisoner of the gulags. The fact that in this day and age someone this void of knowledge and discernment could still thrive is terrifying.

  18. So this shows who the TRUE “NAXI” are . The Radical terrorizing liberals leftist. They are the ones that terrorize citizens that disagree with them. They are the ones that assault non like thinking citizens. Now just as Hitlers Germany they discuss “re-educating ” and Jailing of citizens that do not comply. They already are talking of vandalism and havov “IF” Trump wins again. Maybe the CIA and FBI need to pull theses guys in for “RE-EDUCATION” on how to voice displeasure without violence. These idiots need declared and put on the terrorist watch list. Yet Another result of the me me me generation that have no respect for others.

  19. https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2020/01/15/entire-russian-government-resigns-to-make-way-for-putin-power-grab/

    Hmmm.. now I know the push to get rid of the electoral college. Once that’s done, the Dems, with all their illegal alien votes (just look at California and Hilary on the popular vote), and the illegal aliens in jail’s vote will be able to use the President’s office JUST LIKE Putin. Keeping the Socialist/Communist Democrats in there FOREVER. And China’s dictator became the most powerful one as well.

    Pelosi is giving us a taste of what it will be like by her actions in the Democratically controlled House. Where LAWS don’t matter. Just subpoenas and lies to remove a duly-elected President THEY don’t like.


  20. Obviously Bernie Sanders hired Jurek as a motivational speaker to fire up his base supporters. They want to give their fellow travelers the inside scoop as to what they can expect. And perhaps intimidate the rest up into voting for Bernie. Bloomberg has said that if he does not get the nomination he will buy the election for Bernie. Well it his money and he can waste it anyway he wants to but my vote is not for sale.

  21. Trump has tried his best to make America great again, just think of what he could do if the Democratics acted like adults and pulled together with Trump, all they do is act like spoiled prats that didn’t get their way. This crazy atheist group show how much they hate the USA by there inability to act like adults. To respond to this crazy idea that those who are Trump supporters will need retraining, is just another reason that the Democratics should never be in control of this country again. So with the same reasoning Democrats need camp type reeducation. I am getting very tired of the internal fighting of the USA, this is just what our enemies want to see, it makes us easier to attack, because we are helping our enemies by our very actions of inability to work together. The upcoming election needs to make a clean sweep of the House and Senate of all who will not work with the President. Let’s make sure that the clean up takes place.

  22. Has it occurred to anyone besides myself, that maybe–just maybe–Kyle Jurek is a plant? Mightn’t Senator Warren have hired him to insinuate himself into the Bernie campaign, knowing that, sooner or later, he would blow the gaffe with such intemperate remarks? If James O’Keefe hadn’t smoked him out, he would have smoked himself out with a public appearance. I find it difficult to believe that even Bernie Sanders would be stupid enough to hire a nutcase like Jurek.

    • Could be, or maybe it’s Obama who now is backing Pocahontas. But Bernie and Pocahontas are from the same cloth. Both want socialism.

      Love that they are attacking themselves. Bernie took the dive for Hilary and got a nice payoff. Probably will again. You never know.

      Don’t care who the Demon-rats candidate is. They have NOTHING to stand on against OUR America First President.


    • Terry, I had not considered that possibility any more than I have considered the possibility that you might be a plant. Unfortunately I don’t have any way to know either thing. If he was a plant he was well coached, however. The thing is, I can believe that about Sanders supporters. Just as liberals believe the horrible things they say about Trump and Trump supporters. As far as what they say about Trump supporters, as a supporter, I know those radical things that are said to be untrue. But, if you said that Sanders wants everyone outside of his sphere to get forcibly retrained, I believe him to be so extreme that I can believe it to be true. We all need to step back and take a deep breath. Who wants to go first?

  23. Amazing how these liberal fools call Trump supporters Nazis, yet they use Nazi tactics. Tell the lie often enough and it becomes truth. Accuse others for what you are guilty of. Control the media. Murder the innocent and defenseless, abortion.

  24. At the end of the Civil War the Democrat Party leadership sent their minions south with instructions to establish their party leadership and presence in the former Confederacy. This they did with unparalleled zealotry and vigor. They denied the former slaves their voting rights and they formed the renewed Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. They unmercifully lynched or shot what remained of the Republican Party and any former slaves that were what they called “uppity”, meaning they had some remaining self-respect. Any white woman who spoke out against this bigotry was first warned, and if that didn’t work they were sent to mental institutions that were nothing more than rape and torture chambers. There was no coming back from those places.
    The National Rifle Association was established during this period with the purpose of providing firearms to the former slaves and training them in the use of these firearms with which to defend themselves. The Democrats meanwhile took over all the elected and non-elected government offices and continued their campaign, their agenda, of denying the rights of citizenship to the former slaves. Fortunately for them the former slaves were overall a peaceful people and were reluctant to use the weapons they were provided to exert authority over their oppressors.
    While the rights of citizenship were being denied to the descendants of the former slaves there rose up in Europe a false belief in “social causes”. Communism took hold in Russia promising people that the wealth would be shared with all. They believed that lie, Communism took over and the slaughter of millions of people followed. In Germany, after what was called “The Great War”, and their defeat, great economic woe came upon Germany. Mostly this was because of misguided and judgmental politicians on the side of the victors. Again, socialist causes became their supposed salvation and the National Socialist German Workers Party was established. The NAZI’s. A second Great War was fought, WWII. Germany was defeated again, but this time the victors had learned their lesson and helped in reconstruction. But still, the Democrats held fast to their prejudiced ways. Still, the descendants of former slaves were being denied their basic rights.
    George Wallace and Bull Connor were typical of the Democrats in the South. Democrat Senator Robert Byrd was the official spokesman for the revived Ku Klux Klan. The Republicans in the US Congress struggled for years to get an enforceable civil rights and voting rights act passed. In 1964 the Civil Rights Act was passed in spite of strong Democrat party resistance. Implementation of this law required activation of the National Guard to enforce the will of the people with showdowns taking place in cities like Selma and Montgomery.
    The Democrat Party has been an ever present threat to the future of the United States of America, and Democrat Mayors and Governors dare to lecture us on the NRA and declare it to be a Domestic Terrorist Organization. I submit, the Democrat Party is the ultimate Domestic Terrorist Organization.

    • And anyone who has never seen, or even heard about the Mexican jails can not possibly have a clue about jail conditions. And if those don’t make you feel different go see a jail in Dominica. You won’t believe it.

  25. Bernie Sanders is a bastard. Has he ever been in a gulag? Lived in one for a period of time? Has he ever stood in a bread line to get some bread for his family? Who the hell does he think he is? People better wake up to his spitting nonsense. What a moron he is. Meanwhile he has 3 houses, I believe, flies around in a private jet, and is a millionaire.

    • Bernie never had a real job, he couldn’t hold one in the private sector. He went into politics where it takes little brains and no firing. Now this loser is a millionaire. Hmmmm I think I will run for election, no hard work, you get to vote yourself raises, and you can’t be fired.

  26. What more proof do you need that these people are all screaming raging communists (and fascists as well) who will turn this country into pure hell if ever elected. NEVER vote for a democrat!!

  27. And who is going to re-educate Ys? We’re the ones who will still be here! You know, the old timer vets who know how to do what needs to be done with little s**ts like you and aren’t afraid to do it! What a joke.

  28. i have never in my life seen such a pathetic bunch of power hungry assholes in my life , fuck the rats and bring your civil war because you dam sure will not win . trump2020

  29. ‘Gulags Weren’t That Bad’ I guess it depends on your perspective. If you aren’t in one they aren’t that bad. Bernies staff tends to reflect the Bernie philosophy.

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