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“I’m Spending All My Money To Get Rid Of Trump”: Bloomberg


U.S. presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg told Reuters over the weekend that his “number one priority is to get rid of Donald Trump. I’m spending all my money to get rid of Trump.”

Bloomberg spoke to Reuters on his campaign bus as he toured a 300 mile stretch of Texas on Saturday. He made several campaign stops where he drew several hundred people in Austin and even fewer in San Antonio. Many of the folks who attended said they were independents and recovering Trump supporters who had learned about Bloomberg through his massive advertising campaign on television.

“He’s better than Trump,” said Marcelo Montemayor, 75, who attended a Bloomberg gathering at a Taco restaurant in San Antonio.

Montemayor told Reuters he voted for Trump but worried the president’s ultra-conservative appointees to federal courts could threaten abortion rights.


Bloomberg’s media blitz has dominated television and radio across Texas and the nation in the last several months.

Mark Jones, a political expert at Houston’s Rice University, said Bloomberg had spent at least $15 million on ads in Texas through mid-January.


Since Bloomberg officially declared his candidacy on Nov. 24, he has already spent more than $37 million on television ads.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a top Democratic presidential candidate, criticized Bloomberg for his media spending and said he’s trying to buy the election.

Among the Democratic candidates, Bloomberg ranks fifth in national public opinion polls, despite his massive ad spending that has dwarfed all other campaigns on both political aisles.

Heading towards the National Football League championship, Bloomberg is expected to drop millions of dollars on a 60-second television ad to reach hundreds of millions of people.

“You can’t get to 330 million people by shaking hands. Television is still the magic medium,” Bloomberg said.

“If the Super Bowl wasn’t a place to get to an awful lot of people, they wouldn’t be charging a lot, or nobody would be paying it. This is capitalism at work,” he added.

Bloomberg is worth an estimated $58 billion, ranks 6th richest US person and 14th richest in the world. There’s no telling how much Bloomberg will spend ahead of the 2020 US presidential election.

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  1. Go ahead “little” mike. Spend all you want. The only way President Trump is leaving is when he’s finished his 4 more years.

    Also spending your money in Virginia to try to take guns away from responsible Gun owners? Sorry there “Mr. Nanny”, but WE will keep our 2nd Amendment. You and your liberal ilk will NOT take away our right to defend ourselves from tyranny. And you sir ARE a BIG example of someone who thinks they need to tell us what we can and can not do, while you Make huge amounts of money with China, trying to make them the World power.

    So hope you spend yourself into the poor house. Maybe China will take care of you in your old age.


    • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/14/project-veritas-bernie-sanders-field-organizer-suggests-gulags-to-help-nazified-trump-voters/

      “The video begins with a Project Veritas journalist asking an individual identified as Sanders organizer Kyle Jurek if “MAGA people” could be re-educated if Bernie wins the White House. “We gotta try,” Jurek replies. “In Nazi Germany, after the fall of the Nazi Party, there was a shit-ton of the populace that was fucking Nazified.

      “Germany had to spend billions of dollars re-educating their fucking people to not be Nazis,” he continues. “We’re probably going to have to do the same fucking thing here.”

      “That’s kind of what all Bernie’s whole fucking like, ‘hey, free education for everybody’ because we’re going to have to teach you to not be a fucking Nazi,” he added”

      Re-educate? Yea just try to re-educate MAGA supporters who believe in America First and our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      And Bernie Sanders and Bloomberg, who will back this candidate IF he gets the nomination, will use “free education” to re-educate us. You going to round us up like the Nazi’s did to the Jews and put us in camps?

      Hey Bernie, take your Communist/AOC socialist plan to re-educate and stick it. Going to be tough trying with We the People and our 2nd Amendment rights. No wonder Bloomberg is spilling tons of money into Virginia to try to take gun rights away from responsible gun owners.

      No way Bernie will be President but can see the “secret plan” more each time. Taking a page out of Stalin, Adolf Hitler. And the Iran terrorist regime.


  2. Tell me now, what is the difference between Soros and Bloomberg in their political leanings, NONE. If you are voting democrat you are voting for socialism/communism of a type that will be controlled by two men that have no use for you except to destroy America.
    What do you want, the false promises, higher taxation, open borders that mean no jobs for Americans, and finally, the destruction of America as we know it.

    Remember to vote, vote as you wish, think before you vote.

  3. Hey Bloomberg may I suggest that you come over to the right and have someone pull your head out of your a** cause no one on the left will help before you waste all your money for nothing. Love what Trump is doing for America. 2020 MAGA

  4. Spend all your money Bloombug….please!!!
    That might get you to the 2% popular vote.
    And can you fucking believe it….Judge Judy
    is supporting Blumbug. I cannot believe that
    you are against America and what it stands for.
    You of all people. “Not in my America”. You
    treasonous bitch!!! How could you not support
    Trump….you know all that stuff the FBI, CIA, DOJ,
    and dirty court system with the FISA abuses.
    DON’T YOU DARE SAY “Not in my America “ ever
    again!!! You should now officially retire and take your show off the air since you are really Anti-American.

  5. Bloomberger can give me the money. It would be put to a much greater good. Me. God bless Donald. Death to piglosie. May crying chuck’s tears put out the flames of hell during his stay.

  6. Go ahead and spend all of your vast with the Democrats will tax it away. They say your don’t deserve to be a millionaire or billionaire.

  7. Go ahead and spend all of your vast wealth the Democrats will tax it away. They say your don’t deserve to be a millionaire or billionaire.

  8. Try to remember that it’s the democrats that claim the money isn’t speech.. Oh OK, they claim that only unions, who aren’t people, can give unlimited money they want, as long as it’s to the socialists. Nobody has been destroyed quite like anyone who rejects the socialist democrats.

  9. Bloomberg openly states ” I am buying this election and I don’t care who knows it”, democracy in action??
    Does he think that American voters are stupid enough to fall for his line?? His ego, and self importance of his “no plastic straws mandate”, and buying a third term in NY as mayor tells you how important this person to himself. I don’t see where he is working with the middle class, he is working with “I”. I just checked my thesaurus for conformation, and there is not an “I” in team. Remember who wants to own you, the “I” party.

  10. Bloomberg’s only SUCCESSFUL policy as mayor of NYC was ‘stop and frisk’….which took thousands of guns off the street….but the little twerp recently flip-flopped and apologized to black males who were more often targeted than non-blacks (that’s because little old white ladies don’t often carry ILLEGAL guns).

    Bloomberg is trying to BUY power so he can take away our 2nd Amendment rights….he and his fellow Jewish liberals Steyer and Soros are a DANGER to democracy…

  11. I think we have slipped into an alternate dimentional time slip. this weird world we now find ourselves in tells me that there is real evil at work here, and not the kind that just an average human can comprehend. I’m saying we are in a fight against evil that is aimed at our very souls. I can see the weakest minds have already been taken over and they have no idea what or when it happened, but those of us who are of a strong mind are watching these nutjobs, and can see that this kind of shit has never been seen in our lifetime. Pray, and trust in God. don’t let evil win ever.

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