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US Expels Saudi Servicemen Over Extremist Ties And Pedophilia In Wake Of Pensacola Shooting


Over a dozen Saudi trainees stationed at US military installations will be expelled from the country following an investigation stemming from a deadly December shooting at a Navy base in Pensacola, Florida, according to CNN.

While the expelled students aren’t accused of aiding 21-year-old Saudi Air Force second lieutenant Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani – who murdered three US sailors and injured 12 after watching mass shooting videos the night before with three friends who filmed the attack the next day – several of them were found to have ties to extremist movements and/or were in possession of child pornography.

About a dozen Saudi trainees at the Pensacola base had been confined to their quarters as the FBI investigated the shooting as a potential terror attack, and the Pentagon initiated a review of all Saudi military trainees in the country, numbering around 850 students.

The Justice Department is expected to conclude that the Pensacola shooting was in fact an act of terrorism, according to a US official.

No co-conspirators have been charged as part of the investigation, and the Saudi government has pledged its full support. –CNN

According to the New York Times, Alshamrani and his three friends visited New York City with his three friends in the days leading up to the shooting – visiting several museums and Rockefeller Center.

His rampage spanned two floors in a classroom, according to Sheriff David Morgan of Escambia Country. Two deputies were injured in the shooting. The Saudi trainee used a locally bought Glock 45 9mm handgun with an extended magazine, and was carrying between four and six more magazines.

In his last message on Twitter confirmed by AFP, Alshamrani wrote that America is a nation of evil.


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  1. Watched Fox and Friends this morning and they interviewed someone who was a Fort Hood. BTW, thank you sir for your service. This complaint is not knew but has been ignored. Vetting needs to be thorough if we plan to keep teaching Foreign Nationals in the Mid East. Though some are peaceful, the terrorist faction is definitely there.

    Time to do what’s RIGHT for Our Military. They are being exposed to this and being hurt and killed all because of a system that is to help other Countries when buying our equipment.


    • ALL and I mean ALL Muslims must be expelled from ALL branches of the Military immediately. Don’t care what their rand is. It’s too dangerous not to do this. Going forward Mulslims are forbidden to join any Armed Forces Branch. This has to be nipped in the bud. I don’t care about hurting feelings. I care about the safety of Americans and Our Country.

      • Can understand. 3/4 the way thru 13 Hours, the book about what happened during the Benghazi raid thru the eyes and experience of Americans. What a shame it was. Muslims weren’t there until after it all went down. And Washington DC thought they would be. That’s why the brave men who went in were told to stand down. Waiting on the Muslims who were supposed to help.

        Allegiance to our Country and our Men need to be 100%. And unfortunately there are some who hate us slip in but there are others that have family that are forced to change their tune when family members are being threatened. And using the Military for illegal aliens to get citizenship, well that’s another way for hatred to slip in. Our Military NEED to trust each other, not have to guess if those will be there or those will kill them.


  2. Good for the President Trump who has guts.
    His predecessor would never have done such a thing nor drone the Iranian General.
    Plus, the President just delivers results and gets the job done.
    Re-elect the President and vote Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, MAX Waters, AOC, etc. and all the liberal Democrats out of office ASAP,
    They are toxic for the USA.


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