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How’s This Impeachment Farce Working For You, Nancy?


Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been clinging to her bill of impeachment for one reason: hoping that a judge will rule to release all the evidence and depositions collected by Robert Mueller’s investigation. What’s wrong with that? Mr. Mueller failed to find any prosecutable crimes. That was the sum and substance of his two-year-long exercise in bad faith. In which case, all that material is officially and legally evidence of nothing. Impeachment is a political act and sealed evidence of nothing can’t be released to one set of political actors in a political quarrel for use as a political weapon. More to the point – and to Mrs. Pelosi’s real motive here – the material is not for impeachment but rather to use the Mueller dossier as political opposition “research” for the coming election.

There is no question that from the start of his investigation, Special Counsel Robert Mueller knew that the case was opened under false pretenses, since his very close friend, the erstwhile FBI director James Comey, also knew by early 2017 that all the predicating material was substantially false, and that it was procured by Mrs. Clinton. To carry it beyond that was a scheme by acting FBI director Rod Rosenstein to issue a series of “scoping” letters that increasingly widened Mr. Mueller’s purview to go fishing for crimes in every area and every chronological phase of the president’s life. That smacks of what’s known in Anglo-American law as attainder by process: first declaring someone an outlaw, and only afterward seeking a crime to justify it. Under our system, first crimes are established, then persons liable for them are brought to court to answer charges.

Of course, there’s good reason to suspect that Mr. Mueller himself was a false front for the operation conducted in his name, which was really an intrigue carried out by a claque of Democratic Party Lawfare attorneys led by Andrew Weissmann, Mr. Mueller’s chief deputy. Mr. Mueller’s testimony before two House committees last July revealed a pathetic figure who was unacquainted with the most basic pieces of his own inquiry.

The case for House members to get access to all that backstage Mueller material could go up to the Supreme Court. In the meantime, Impeachment’s second act is about to get underway whether Mrs. Pelosi likes the terms or not. It’s the Senate’s prerogative to decide. These terms appear to be exactly the same as the ones used by the Senate for Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial — which means that each side chooses a team of “managers” to present its case, and then the managers are subject to grilling by senators. The House Democrats are insisting on calling witnesses solely to maintain their court claim for testimony from the White House counsel, with which the aforesaid Mueller material is associated in the case. If the rules eschew witnesses, that case is moot, and the Democrats lose access to a trove of political oppo research obtained for them under false pretenses by their own operatives in the Department of Justice.

Secondarily, the impeachment was designed to get senators in swing states on the record voting to acquit the president in the hopes that it will somehow taint their re-election prospects and possibly flip control of the Senate to the Democrats. That outcome would above all insure that Mr. Trump could not get another Supreme Court nominee confirmed in his second term, nor continue the wholesale appointment of lesser federal district judges. Plus, of course, it would obstruct any other legislative initiative his party brought for four years.

Personally, I would miss the chance to hear from the so-called “whistleblower” who instigated the impeachment phase of the long-running coup against Mr. Trump. Contrary to the disinformation put out by The New York Times and other coup co-conspirators, the “whistleblower” enjoys no right to anonymity. It would also be satisfying to hear how his enabler, Intel Community IG Michael Atkinson, might account for the process that steered the “whistleblower” to Rep. Adam Schiff and his staff — for instance, back-dating the official documents that green-lighted the “whistleblower’s” case. Mr. Atkinson is deeply implicated himself as a player in the earlier 2017 RussiaGate FISA court mischief, since his previous job was agency counsel to DOJ National Security chief John Carlin, who signed off on fraudulent FISA warrants. Mr. Atkinson must have counseled Mr. Carlin to do that. Testimony from Mr. Schiff about the “whistleblower” process would also be edifying. Senators would surely get to see Mr. Atkinson’s so-far-withheld deposition transcript from the House Intel Committee hearings of November. It might establish grounds for Mr. Schiff’s expulsion from the House of Representatives as a serial liar, a salutary measure to restore a sense of legitimacy in American affairs.

If witnesses were allowed in the Senate trial phase of impeachment, the president’s team could haul in scores of former and current government officials implicated in the seditious activities against him to testify. The nation would be well-served and enlightened. The only question is whether their testimony might queer the actual criminal cases pending against them outside the impeachment circus.

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    • The Dems have already called people to testify for the impeachment so in the Senate only Trump and his attorneys should’ve allowed to call people to testify!!!!!
      The Dems will have submitted their findings and based the recommendations of impeachment! All the results have already been presented in the House and on TV so only areas that the Senate leadership or Trumps attorney’s dram necessary should be re-presented!!! They all need to stop wasting our time and our money!!!!!

    • “More to the point – and to Mrs. Pelosi’s real motive here – the material is not for impeachment but rather to use the Mueller dossier as political opposition “research” for the coming election.”

      Using LOTS of tax dollars. Pelosi already has the “cover up” mantra for anything the Senate does in this impeachments scam. And after this Senate show, she will start again with the impeachment process for whatever narrative she feels to make up. This will go on until November. And then IF the House doesn’t tip the majority to the Republicans, the impeachment scam will continue throughout President Trump’s 2nd term.

      This is BIG abuse of power. Unfortunately the Establishment Rino’s are sitting on their hands allowing her to do this. Look at Mike Lee and Matt Gaetz. Gaetz worked with the Democrats with their toothless “symbolic” resolution. And Mike Lee, who thinks he should know what is going on with Iran and the taking out of a terrorist. He thinks the Intel information was worse than Benghazi’s? Now there was a cover up for sure. Total rino. Now working with Bernie Sanders to stop funding of a war that hasn’t happened. Nor will it,unless the Democrats and rinos go whispering to the Iran terrorists a plan to make President Trump look bad.

      Pathetic, disgusting, and truly dangerous to Our Republic.


      • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/12/illegal-alien-pleads-guilty-fake-crime-victims/

        Hey Nasty Nancy, here’s one of our voter base illegals collecting money for those illegals that lie. Really good that your Democratic Tyrannical Party feels that Laws don’t matter.

        Time to send ALL the illegals packing. Don’t care if they are separated from their families because they are HUGE burden to American families and those legal immigrants that go by are laws and come in the right way.


      • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/12/12-shot-5-killed-in-democrat-controlled-baltimore/

        Hey Nasty Nancy, your S0r0’s “open society” is working wonders isn’t it? The poor people in Baltimore, here it’s on the 13th day of the new year and Philadelphia has already had 14 murders. And how about that NY Post article of the bank robber, that robbed 4 banks and was let out courtesy of DeBlasio and robbed another bank.

        Your “open society” mantra of “cop hating has put our Citizens at risk. You hate Ice too because your illegal alien and drug addicted criminal trash has be to protected.

        You better pray for yourself because a Good Catholic could NOT sit there an allow innocence to be slaughter by corrupt bad people. You are truly disgusting.


    • https://www.breitbart.com/2020-election/2020/01/13/cory-booker-drops-out-of-2020-presidential-race/

      lol, here’s one that went down the drain. Booker wouldn’t know “winning” if it came up and bit him on the butt. His Senate seat here was a “gift for being a good socialist”. Plus he knew he had no chance because he made sure that legislation was passed so that if he did not win the nomination he could keep his Senate seat. 3

      Booker you are lucky though. You would have been devoured by President Trump. It would have been fun to watch though, lol.

      Now come back to New Jersey and sit like a good boy with your hands crossed. That’s the only way you will keep your senate seat in the future. Your absolute deplorable record as Newark Mayor should have kept you out of the Senate. But the socialist here need a body I guess.

      BTW, if you feel sad Booker, maybe talking to your imaginary friend and tell him “stupid dad” jokes will cheer you up. lol


      • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/13/cory-booker-blames-impeachment-for-early-withdrawal-from-2020-race/

        Hey Booker, it’s not nothing to do with impeachment that you dropped out. It’s because you SUCK. Thank heavens People outside of this Sanctuary State of Socialist New Jersey see that. Unfortunately We in New Jersey are still stuck with you.

        Now the American Taxpayers, who have had to endure this “never ending” impeachment scam, costing us LOTS of taxpayer money and time that should have been put to good use FOR the taxpayers issues have a major complaint. But hey, Nancy is just doing the bidding of Obama and George Soreass. And let’s not forget Bloomberg who has LOTS of money invested in China. He, who will put $1 Billion towards the candidate who gets the nod. Didn’t Hilary spend that amount of money and still lose? lol


  1. They like the Muslim Terrorists so much, they should resign from Congress and go to live in one of the many Muslim Terrorist training camps in our country.

  2. Who thinks that any demoncrat brought in to testify would tell anything even closely resembling the truth. They don’t care if the commit perjury. Look at shifty Schiff and his fake whistleblower, they haven’t told the truth yet. What makes anyone believe that they would start just because they are under oath.

  3. Enforce CA 19280 if you REALLY want to win! If you VOTED for your CA elected, who’s RESPONSIBLE?

    More importantly, aren’t commie / pinko / Liberal / Nazi = Socialist = Terrorist democrats most likely to WARN fellow commie / … Terrorist of impending DOOM?

    Have CA Rep Schiff, CA House Speaker Pelosi, CA Attorney General Kamala Harris,
    CA Governor Newsom explain CA 19280, NOT enforcing, unnecessary SUFFERING: CONVICT THEM! Add ALL commie / pinko / Nazi = Socialist = Terrorist democrats regardless their location!

    CA Senator Feinstein recalls work on 19280.
    CA Rep Jackie Irwin presently investigating 19280.

    Hold ’em 19280 accountable (Prison too good, lazy, easy …)
    Why isn’t 19280 in all US states? What causes 19280 dementia?

    I thought democrats are synonymous to commie / pinko / liberal / Nazi / Socialist LOSERS!

    Google CA 19280 & you’ll find:

    2004 enacted, thus CA LAW: CA Revenue & Taxation Code 19280 = CRIMINALS WORK vs prison, Victim PAID! LESS CRIME gangs PRISONS?

    19280 CAN hold criminals FINANCIALLY LIABLE to CA Franchise Tax Board (CFTB,) who represents crime victims.

    KNOWING CONVICTED CRIMINALS, and / or their parents, would be FINANCIALLY LIABLE to their victims courtesy CFTB:

    WHY become a criminal in the first place? Why join a gang?
    Why isn’t 19280 taught in CA K – 12 schools?

    CA Judicial Corruption – 19280 (FB)

    19280 grants CFTB:
    1) Track down criminal(s,) crooked politicians,

    2) Wage garnish law abiding, tax paying employment
    Job referrals as needed!

    3) Property Liens

    4) All collected PAID TO VICTIM!

    5) CFTB burden CHARGED TO CRIMINAL (NOT victim, NOT taxpayers,)
    (Criminals REALLY DUMB!)

    6) NO PAROLE, case seal until PAID IN FULL !!!

    3 Jun 15 VJC Judge K J McGee GRANTS 19280

    DNC, media did everything to undermine DNC, media; Think outside the box, this is one of MANY commie / pinko / Nazi / socialist democrat diversions from the REAL issue, an alternative to a taxpayer money wasting impeachment:

    Are Democrats anger / hatred towards duly elected President Trump,
    the majority who voted for President Trump,
    A proper, self – revulsion of the Democratic party towards THEMSELVES?!

    I’m CA State Auditor Whistleblower Act 8547 W20140197, 7 Mar 13
    Ventura Probation, DA THREATENED ME, Port Hueneme Police tried to MURDER ME!

    Look it up: CA Judicial Corruption – 19280 (FB.)

    CA FIREMAN Stephen Andrew Medvigy owes me $118,250.00 of $150,000 (79%,) Ventura Juvenile COURT ORDERED CRIMINAL RESTITUTION awarded 5 Sep 95 (24.33 YEARS AGO.)
    CPC 1203(e) 12% annual compounded interest $1,896,212.86, (1600%,) 5 Jan 20.

    2004 enacted, thus CA LAW: CA Revenue & Taxation Code 19280 = CRIMINALS WORK vs prison, Victim PAID! LESS CRIME gangs PRISONS?

    19280 CAN hold criminals FINANCIALLY LIABLE to CA Franchise Tax Board (CFTB,) who represents crime victims.

    7-Mar-2000 Unlawful 2x felony parole, victim’s rights violation Ventura Judge Brian J Back $248,765.83
    16-Mar-2001 1st Medvigy Case Seal Attempt DENIED Ventura Judge Brian J Back $262,165.17

    1-May-2005 Ventura Judge orders my filing Judgment Ventura Judge Brian J Back not 19280 $389,871.75

    1-Jul-2009 Wage garnish failure, Medvigy in WY; HOW DID HE KNOW? $582,934.69

    7-Mar-2013 CA State Auditor WhistleBlower Act 8547 W20130197 $832,744.75
    3-Oct-2013 Ventura Probation, Sheriff FELONY HARASSMENT $891,931.68

    29-Jan-2014 Phone confront Medvigy Probation Officer Thad W Ackley III $914,093.88
    2-Feb-2014 Ventura Probation head Mark Varela threat; MURDER ATTEMPTS BEGIN $958,947.48

    15-Feb-2014 CA State Auditor WhistleBlower AMENDED: W20140074 $958,947.48

    20-Apr-2015 VSJC Judgment Renewal $1,061,935.67

    18-Jun-2015 CA Rev & Tax Code 19280 Court Order granted $1,094,122.19

    3-Jan-2016 Wellness Center Danial Aguliar 19280 effort eplaination PHP wetback van attempted murder $1,190,612.10

    3-Aug-16 Bike Stolen $1,154,229.73

    18-Aug-16 Hit & run UNINSURED, MILITARY (SeaBee Base,) reckless driver, attempted vehicular HOMICIDE Jose Angel Hernandez spigger NOT ARRESTED by Port Hueneme Police who FELONY perjure accident report, FAILING TO ACKNOWLEDGE cyclist helmet cam video
    PHP FELONY TAMPERED video to protect someone. WHO? WHY? $1,190,612.10

  4. WE, THE PEOPLE, SANE and PATRIOTIC AMERICAN Citizens that is, have the power to end this travesty! All, I mean All, that cherish our Foundling Fathers most wonderful plan for a unified, Democratic Republic with a “Citizen Member Congress” and embracing their understanding that we had an obligation to recognize “God” was involved in the creation of their conceptual plan must, I mean must “VOTE” in numbers never before experienced in our nation’s history. All, I mean All, of us should have been awakened to the fact that our nation cannot be maintained by an apathetic voter still believing the status-quo will prevail, “It Will Not” as there is no such thing any longer.

    The proof of that was Obama and his 8 year reign of anti-American rhetoric and counter productive “Executives Orders” coupled with the weakening of a unified citizenship that still believes in the Red, White and Blue, “Mom and Apple Pie” and “Amber Waves of Grain” has all but demolished the status-quo of past American life. A President of the United States standing behind a podium addressing the citizens of our Nation making the most anti-American statement ever uttered by a Commander-in-Chief proves my point, “We are no longer a Christian Nation”!

    The unfortunate element of truth about that blasphemous utterance is we “Patriots” have allowed too many non-assimilating immigrants into this Nation and have failed to demand Congress mandate by legislation/law what was and is needed to maintain the former status-quo we have lost. OUR AMERICA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What we have allowed to happen mandates our involvement and action at the voting polls to reverse! This is not a non-assimilating illegal or legal immigrant’s America, it is not the Radical Far Left Wing Politicos America, it is our Founding Father’s and we Patriot’s America and we have let it get away from us and now we must take it back!
    (1) English must be, by law, identified as the “National Language of the USA”.
    (2) All our heritage must be returned then maintained by legislation/law and those that we have allowed a bunch of Radical Left Wing (career politicians) to strike reinstated.
    (a) All our Founding Father’s references, postings, inclusions on national documents, federal buildings and currency as to “In God We Trust” must be part of our America.
    (b) The “Pledge of Allegiance” recited once again in all public schools.
    (c) By law, make burning the American Flag a felony. That action has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of speech, NOTHING! What an insult to our America to have allowed that action to be labeled as such.
    (d) Allow the Nativity Scene placement at all public facilities as well as the Ten Commandments.
    (e) Allow prayer in public facilities
    (F) Mandate “Term Limits” for members of Congress and the Supreme Court as our Founding Fathers envisioned was inherent in serving, however, failed to consider anyone wanting a career seat in either. Career politicians are the cancer that has rendered Congress moot and partisan to the point of complete dysfunction as we have with today’s Congress. Also, partisan politics has infested the Supreme Court Justice seats and has now mandated term limits for them as well as just demonstrated by the fiasco which we all just endured in placing the last two SC Justices.
    Citizen Congress, equals:
    Senate (5 years) One term, no re-election
    House (4 years) One term, no re-election
    Supreme Court Justices (9) One term, no re-election
    (3) Immigrants will not be given social welfare benefits upon arrival into the USA as they are given upon entry today.
    (4) Illegal-immigrants are not citizens and they have no legal rights to anything and must be identified and deported unless a revised vetting process is met for each individual on a case by case basis
    (a) STOP all social welfare benefits including Social Security as they have never contributed to any of those services meant for citizens who have contributed.
    (5) Restore the definition of marriage as God intended, remove all LGBT Community definitions of gender and get the boys and girls back to their respective locker rooms and bathrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How in Heaven’s name have we allowed this to happen in our Nation? APATHY, that is how and we no longer can have nor afford that malady!

    AND, the list goes on America; look what we have allowed the worst, most vile, two word concept (Politically Correct) do to us by almost destroying our heritage. That two word enemy in conjunction with our voting apathy have done as much harm to our America as any civil disobedience or war ever has. We have a fight on our hands that is an uphill battle, a fight that we should never have been let begin but now that it has, “we must win”!

  5. Donald Trump’s decision to assassinate Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani has made the U.S. less safe say a majority of Americans by a 2-1 margin (55%-24%), according to a new USA Today/Ipsos poll. A majority of respondents also called Trump’s actions toward Iran “reckless,” 52%-34%.

    Americans also overwhelmingly shared the view that the strike makes it more likely that Iran will attack U.S. interests in the Middle East (69%), that terrorists will wage attacks on U.S. soil (63%), and that the U.S. will go to war with Iran (62%). Americans also think the strike increases the likelihood that Iran will produce a nuclear weapon, 52%-8%.

    Finally, a 47%-39% plurality believe Trump ordered the strike for purely political reasons to distract from his impeachment.

    • USA Today and IPSOS are both extreme leftist outlets who only poll people who agree with them. Have you EVER been to their websites? Bias all over the place! Every topic is for snowflakes!
      Yes, they do poll people. Walk around in town square and ask everyone that looks like a gender-bent millennial or Gen-X with a “I hate Trump” t-shirt what they think.

      When they say “Americans think (this and that)” does not mean ALL Americans. When they say “The majority of . . “, it means ‘more than half’ of the 38 people they polled in the street an hour ago . . . Remember they polled ‘America’ before Trump was elected too. See where that went?

      You hate Trump because WHY? ALL Americans have benefitted from his presidency. Even those who hate him ‘just because’.

  6. The problem with you Trump-Cult people is that you believe whatever the Right wing tells you to believe, with no research, no looking at the other point-of-view, -I’ll bet not ONE of you actually read the Mueller Report or the Inspector General’s findings- and I don’t mean Barr’s summaries, which seem to be summaries of what he (and Trump) would LIKE to be true!
    That’s pathetic.

    • lol, TDS showing. Yes, I’ve read the Mueller Report and the Inspector General’s findings. Then I watched the testimony of Mueller (should watch Rep. John Ratcliffe). There is NOTHING. Regarding Horowitz report, he tried to soft soap it to say this wasn’t really political, which it was. Watched that as well. Also watched the Schiffy/Nadler circus show as well. NOTHING.

      And when Mr. Durham brings out his report I will read that as well. So regarding your belief that some just go along with what President Trump says, sorry try again. I’m not a koolaid socialist drinking Democrat, who showed they even take their talking points from Iranian terrorists.


  7. And by the way, you SEMPER FI guys:

    The Vietnam Veterans of America has recently complained that they have repeatedly asked this administration (and the heads of the Armed Services) to do something about a problem, and they have gotten zero feedback or action. The have been complaining about foreign trolling of service-based internet sites and even individual service persons.

    The trolling has included a fake VVA page on Facebook that got hundreds of thousands of fans, more than the real VVA page. Most of the disinformation is pro-Trump and attacks people of color and liberals. The “persistent, aggressive targeting of veterans” is coming from as many as 32 countries, including Russia.

    The Kremlin-connected Russian Internet Research Agency, the troll-farm that showed up in the Mueller report, bought more than 100 online ads aimed at veterans and veterans community groups around the 2016 election, VVA’s report found. Much of it is aimed, Goldsmith says, at sowing pro-Russian propaganda in the military and veterans groups. “When you have service members believing Russia is not a threat to the elections, and didn’t interfere, they have friends and family convinced, it helps Russia get away with a serious attack on our democracy,” he said.

    This administration refuses to do anything about it, as they do about attacks on our elections by the same sources. Well, OF COURSE, since Russia seems to be on Trump’s side! After all, everything Trump does seems to benefit Russia, doesn’t it?

    • Go see Nancy. This is being held up by her impeachment sham. Lots being hidden to make it look like its President Trump. Why do you think she is determined to keep impeaching. And what is Schiffy keeping in the dark? Regarding Russians interfering with Elections, go see Obama. He did absolutely nothing when he found out. But how else would Clinton’s uranium deal go thru along with Iran getting Russian missiles.

      Durham’s report will be coming out soon. And then you will see who helped Russia benefit.


  8. Today, the Republican Party exists for one and only one purpose: to pass tax cuts for the rich and regulatory rollbacks for corporations. They accomplish this using one and only method: unapologetically racist and bigoted appeals to win the votes of the heartland riff-raff they otherwise treat as mere money machines for their endless mail-order cons.

    • lol, Obama’s administration existed to double our debt and enrich friends and Globalist leaders. And regarding racists and bigots, yep Democrats are, along with hating American citizens.

      TDS really is showing, lol


  9. FACTS:

    Number of Mueller Investigation indictments, pleas or convictions — 37
    Number of top Trump officials fired or resigned — 28
    Number of times Trump has taken credit for VA bill signed by Obama — 80
    Total number of lies Trump has told in office — 12,018
    Number of miles of new border wall built — 0
    Number of top officials Trump fired in person — 0
    Number of visits to Trump golf resorts — 210
    Total number of lies Obama told in office — 18
    Number of undocumented Trump employees until recently — 40
    Cumulative days of vacant cabinet positions under Trump — 1,397
    Cost to taxpayers of Trump golfing — $109 million
    Number of electoral college wins bigger than Trumps — 45
    Number of women accusing Trump of sexual abuse — 24
    Cumulative days of vacant cabinet positions under George W. Bush — 34
    Number of Trump Doral Gold Club Health Violations 2013-18 — 524
    Most recent ranking of Trump by presidential historians — 42 (out of 45)

    • Get the truth? lol, you been watching CNN and MSDNC again. You better go somewhere were there are REAL facts to get the truth.

      And I love the little ditty of Obama’s lies in office. Only 18? lol Now that’s really funny. His whole 8 years was a lie and cost American taxpayers LOADS.


  10. False El Paso Border Claim. The president seized on a false talking point to bolster his case for construction of more border wall, claiming that El Paso, Texas, went from “one of the most dangerous cities in the country to one of the safest cities in the country overnight” after “a wall was put up” along the Mexico border. That’s wrong.

    El Paso has long been a relatively safe city, and violent crime actually increased a bit in the years after a fence was erected. Despite fact-checkers and other media pointing out the error, Trump used the falsehood in his State of the Union Address. Even after the Republican El Paso mayor publicly corrected the president, Trump again repeated the claim during a rally in El Paso, dismissing data that showed otherwise as “fake news.”

  11. Child Separation Spin. Trump falsely blamed his predecessor for family separations at the border that were caused by the Trump administration. “President Obama separated the children. … I’m the one that stopped it,” Trump told White House reporters in April.

    Trump actually “stopped” his own “zero-tolerance” immigration policy amid an intense public backlash.

    Unlike the Obama administration, the Trump administration had required the Department of Homeland Security to refer all adults caught illegally entering the U.S. for criminal prosecution. As a result, thousands of children were separated from their parents, who entered the federal court system and were placed in detention centers for adults only.

    Two months after the policy was announced in April 2018, Trump was pressured into signing an executive order that directed the DHS secretary to keep such families in custody together during legal proceedings for as long as the law and finances would allow.

    • lol, are these children actually with their parents? Or are they being “bought” by those trying to get into the US illegally?

      Don’t you remember the “cages” that Obama had? Or how about the children (wink, wink) that were actually adults that came in?

      Love the fact that now there is not that many coming thru, thanks to the wall and thanks to them being sent to wait outside the USA. Tired of the burden on the American taxpayers. If you say I have no heart, I do. For the American taxpayers children who are losing out because this “open society” plan for the Globalists and the Democrats who need a new voting base.

      There are laws on the books that show immigrants how to come here legally. Not my problem. It’s time we put America First. Our American children are dying And some of these so-called children are killing them.


  12. Doubly Wrong on ISIS. Trump can legitimately say that the last of the Islamic State-controlled land in Syria and Iraq was retaken by coalition forces during his presidency (it happened in March). But instead, he repeatedly and falsely claimed that “virtually 100%” of the caliphate’s land was regained under him, or that when he “took office, we had almost nothing.” About half of the territory had been regained under his predecessor, Barack Obama — according to Trump’s own administration.

    In a briefing on Dec. 21, 2017, Brett McGurk, then-special presidential envoy for the global coalition to counter ISIS, said that about 98 percent of the caliphate land had been regained and “50 percent” of those losses for ISIS happened in 2017.

    Trump also falsely said that captured Islamic State fighters being held in Syria are “mostly from Europe,” a claim French President Emmanuel Macron fact-checked in real time when the two leaders appeared together at the annual NATO summit in December.

    According to a report from U.S. inspectors general, “about 800” of about 10,000 ISIS fighters in detention centers across northeastern Syria were from Europe, while about 8,000 of them were nationals of Iraq and Syria.

  13. Trade War Falsehoods. Trump’s trade war with China resulted in numerous falsehoods, some of which were summed up in this one statement by the president on May 3: “We’re charging China tariffs. We’ve never taken in 10 cents from China, and now we’re taking in billions and billions of dollars.”

    As we have written, the tariffs are taxes paid by U.S. importers in the form of customs duties, and to some extent by U.S. consumers in the form of higher prices. “The continued stability of import prices for goods from China means U.S. firms and consumers have to pay the tariff,” a Federal Reserve Bank of New York study confirmed last month.

    Also, the U.S. has collected billions in customs duties on Chinese imports for years, so Trump’s claim about “never taken in 10 cents” doesn’t add up.

    Trump also has repeatedly taken credit for reducing trade deficits, even though the opposite is true. He has claimed that trade deficits “went down,” describing the U.S. trade balance as “changing rapidly” with Japan and “fairly rapidly” in the case of the European Union. The most recent government figures show that the total U.S. trade deficit in goods and services during the most recent 12 months on record (ending in October) was $635 billion — an increase of $132 billion, or 26.2%, compared with 2016. That includes higher trade deficits with Japan and the EU (see table 3).https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/veterans-day-vietnam-vet-regrets-fighting-america-s-become-intolerant-ncna1079571

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