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In Stunning Reversal, Iran Admits Accidentally Shooting Down Ukrainian Passenger Jet


After multiple denials, and demands for proof from foreign entities – accusing them of spreading “psychological warfare” lies, President Hassan Rouhani has admitted Iran accidentally shot down the Ukrainian jetliner that took off from Tehran’s international airport amid this week’s tensions.

In a pair of tweets, Rouhani admitted that “Armed Forces’ internal investigation has concluded that regrettably missiles fired due to human error caused the horrific crash of the Ukrainian plane & death of 176 innocent people,” adding that “The Islamic Republic of Iran deeply regrets this disastrous mistake.”

The army said Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was flying close to a sensitive Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps military site when it was downed because of “human error,” adding that the “culprits” would be identified and referred to judicial authorities.

“Iran’s armed forces went on high alert following U.S. threats to target Iranian sites,” the army said in the statement.

“Under such highly sensitive and critical circumstances, the Boeing Flight 752 flew close to a sensitive IRGC military site at an altitude and angle that made it appear as a hostile target. The plane was hit due to human error and unintentionally.”

In the aftermath of the incident, Rouhani arranged for “compensation” payments to the victims’ families, and ordered reforms of the country’s air defense system to prevent similar disasters in the future.

Iran will reportedly send the black boxes of the crashed jet to France as it lacks the technology to decode them, the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif blamed “human error at time of crisis caused by US adventurism” for the disaster.

Military officials will elaborate on the crash on state media on Saturday. There has been no response from The White House yet.

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  1. So they got their stories straight, or arranged so that Iran looks humble. And will all be President Trump’s fault Sending the black box to France? Why not to the Ukraine who plane it was? And after bull dozing the area to “clean up a bit” before inspectors?

    After learning about the “new rino” Matt Gaetz aligning with the Democrats on this meaningless resolution to control President Trump against Iran. I can see the “story line” starting to emerge.

    Watching Shannen Bream last night interviewing Tom Steyer, Obama’s BIG contributor, and his enabler of the smash and grab of the coal industry, along with friend George S0r0s, devastating the lives of many coal miners in West Virginia and Kentucky (Hey Sleepy Joe, where was the “code” jobs then? lol), the new “story line” is that President Trump lies. Quoting the Washington Post, lol, that President Trump lied many times, how could the American Public believe that Americans were in imminent danger.

    Want to learn about how Mr. “you got to listen to me” Steyer got into the lucrative Obama “smash and grab” along with S0r0’s when Obama went after the coal industry, well read Secret Empires by Pet Schweizer. Pages 172 to 180. Obama decimated the Coal Industry with HUGE regulations for his alternate energy sources, which brought down the stocks and actually ruined businesses. Then Mr. Steyer, along with George S0r0’s swooped down and bought the stocks real cheap. Mr. Steyer even got wind with a few lucky meeting with Obama staff (just look at the White House logs) by knowing the Obama was not approving the Keystone Pipeline. Mr. Steyer had lots of stock with it’s competitor in Canada, so it was a win-win for Obama’s Biggest Fundraiser.

    There is even a Wall Street Journal article that Mr. Steyer and John Podesta did together in Jan. 2012 that said it was good to restrict import of foreign oil because clean energy will fill the gap. don’t need the pipeline. And dang don’t you know it Obama didn’t approve the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada. Asked if he received inside information, he said no. Gee now who’s the liar.

    To all those who are upset about the “lack of info” why would President Trump and his Security staff put out all the information when there has been “major” leaking since even before President Trump took office. And these leaks were not only to take down OUR President, but to ensure the globalist agenda, and their foreign concerns keep abreast of Americans business.

    They don’t care about our Military. They don’t care about Americans. Their only concerns are themselves and their Globalist agenda. Or should I say Obama’s legacy which put USA in “imminent danger” of Iran getting nuclear bombs.

    I guess Mr. Steyer is of the same mindset as George S0ros when on 60 Minutes he proclaimes he felt no remorse for pretending to be a teenager Aryan, godson of government official working with the Nazi to confiscate property of Jews.

    “I could be on the other side, or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away.”

    And Mr. Steyer’s wants to be President? lol, I hope you spend all that money you made during the Obama administration, devastating the coal industry and buying their stock cheap, and LOSE. Along with your friend George S0ros.

    I believe in President Trump. He tells it like it is and has not LIED, but many Democrats and now little rinos are using this excuse to protect Iranian terrorists and Obama’s legacy.



    • https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2020/01/10/john-kerry-there-was-not-a-whiff-of-scandal-during-entire-8-years-of-obama/

      lol, not a whiff of scandal? How’s Where’s Hunter and your Ketchup step son doing with those loans they got from China, along with the money they got from Ukraine? How about the hacking of Foreign IT in the House Democrats, DNC, and Democratic Caucus? How about Hilary’s private server? How about Benghazi? How about using the White House to enrich their buddies in hedge funds? How about IRS going after conservative groups? How about Obama going after reporters to shut some up? How about getting involved in Israel and even Canada’s elections? How about the so-called Iran deal where 1.9 billion in cash along with another 150 Billion went to Iran. Where there was no oversight, just ok just let us know in a letter that you are complying.

      No whiff of scandal because Obama used everything in his power to keep secret what was going on. Maybe in the 8 years it was kept quiet, but the flood gates of corruption is coming pouring out.

      Your it’s Trump’s fault isn’t working. Obama might have blamed Bush for 8 years for what he was illegally doing, but We the People know better.

      Keep wishing and praying there Kerry that Sleepy Joe will get in, which I seriously doubt. This is your last hope to stop the information flow of corruption that Hilary was supposed to cover up if she became President. Didn’t happen, lol.


      • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/10/years-later-more-illicit-hillary-clinton-emails-emerge/

        Hey Kerry, what about this new revelation thanks to Judicial Watch. Amazing once you get corrupt Comey and McCabe out of the way (should be in jail) that the FBI is finding hidden e-mails.

        So no corruption there Kerry? Coming out because there are true seekers of truth. Thank you Mr. Fitton. Hope you continue your battle especially the one showing how Adam Schiff published phone numbers.


        • https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2020/01/10/michael-moore-more-abuses-of-power-by-trump-will-be-discovered-on-secret-server/

          Hey Fat boy, did you question the Democratic Caucus server that was switched with a dummy, that the Capital Police identified? Oh but that server, with LOADS of information taken by the Foreign National IT’s hired by Wasserman-Schultz, protected by Obama.

          Or is it the Ukraine server connected to the Alpha Bank in Ukraine that Hilary was talking about? Is that were Joe Biden, Where’s Hunter, Ketchup son Kerry funneled their money laundering scheme thru?

          BTW Fat Boy, why would Obama have his college information sealed? How about those two birth certificates? What, don’t want Pelosi getting in trouble because She vetted this candidate? lol

          And regarding Judge Roberts, I hear he didn’t just vote to save Obamacare, he actually rewrote it to fit the democratic objective of fleecing the American people for Obama’s illegal aliens? Gee, when does a Supreme Court judge write laws? Hmm….isn’t Supreme Court judges supposed to interpret the law not re-write it? That’s like the House Democrats who didn’t do a very good job on their impeachment scam demanding the Senate to do their job for them by calling witnesses.

          Wow, amazing what Socialists do to twist the truth to be able to continue their coup.


    • My thoughts exactly. They (the demoncraps and their iranian thug friends) will try to say it’s Trump’s fault.
      It does appear as though Iran was more frightened by Trump’s “promise” to hit 52 sites then they want to admit. They panicked, and shot down a passenger liner. And yes, it was panic and fear that caused them to make that mistake. Think about that.

      And now they want to save face and blame Trump.

      Perhaps Iran (the ayatollah’s, not the people of Iran) better think long and hard before attacking any AMericans in the future.

  2. https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2020/01/10/samantha-power-world-leaders-know-trumps-obsession-is-with-his-own-self-advancement/

    lol, Ms. “Unmasking” for Obama’s coup. Didn’t care who’s life you ruined just as long as the goal of covering up the election fraud to get Obama’s girl Hilary in and then to bring havoc to duly-elected President Trump’s administration.

    “Narcissistic personality disorder — one of several types of personality disorders — is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.”

    That describes YOUR boss Obama.

    Getting nervous? I would think so. lol The truth always comes out eventually and it’s been pouring out since President Trump got in office. Draining the swamp is hard work, and swamp creatures like yourself are feeling the pressure. lol.


  3. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/01/11/eu-doubles-down-support-iran-nuclear-deal/

    EU, you are a laugh.

    “We are of the opinion that this agreement makes sense because it holds Iran to not developing nuclear weapons, and so we want this agreement to have a future,” Maas said upon arrival at the meeting. “But of course it only has a future if it is complied with, and we expect that from Iran.”

    But didn’t get inspectors in there to see what Iran was actually doing? Just had Obama send them loads of cash? And HOPE the CHANGE would occur. That Iran’s insane hatred of any Christian or Jewish faith would just evaporate because you signed a deal?

    Is this why the black box is going to France? So that you can “appease” a terrorist nation? So you can say President Trump who knew Obama’s and the EU’s Iran deal was a fraud, that it was all President Trump’s fault.

    BTW Iran ripped up the deal so what are you going to do now EU? Talking to them and say, “don’t worry Obama, Kerry and Pelosi are doing the interference. Just wait until 2020 election, working real hard to make sure Biden gets in and he’s stupid he will go along with it, just give Where’s hunter more money.”

    You people are so pathetic. You want to appease terrorists too? We won’t.


  4. Why didn’t the Iranian military try a radio contact with that airliner before they shot it down? If Iran doesn’t spend hundreds if millions compensating the survivors of this airliner disaster, then some missiles should be fired into Tehran.

  5. A broken, and contrite heart, admitted to their error. God will not despise that. Don’t put out smoking flax. Muslims: The fear of dying, makes people to strike out, at anything. They that resist that impulse, will not be cast, into Satan’s unseen prison. That is a terrable holding pen, for final judgment.

  6. Listening to Sillymani’s replacement apologizing for the “accidental” missile attack on a Ukrainian passenger plane made my cat laugh. Trump better not believe that liar, or any Iranian statement. They have recovered from Sillymani’s death, and are looking at ways to strike Trump and not get caught.
    Trump should send a missile up the new guy’s schumer for shooting down a plane.
    Nothing would happen except Pelosi would have to send more flowers to the funeral of the new guy.

  7. OK., you admitted your awful tragic mistake.
    Now prepare to make reparations to the surviving
    family members of the deceased.
    That the least you can do.

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