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Video Captures Moment Missile Strikes Boeing 737 Over Tehran


Update: The New York Times has verified the video which shows an Iranian missile hitting a plane above Parand, near Tehran’s airport, the area where a Ukrainian airliner stopped transmitting its signal before it crashed on Wednesday.

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With the narrative surrounding the crashed Ukrainian Boeing 737 changing by the minute, shifting away from a initially proposed theory of a technical error and shifting toward speculation the plane was accidentally or not taken down by someone (Iranians? Israelis? CIA?) on the ground, “evidence” is suddenly starting to emerge to validate this latest theory. And so moments ago, an unverified, unconfirmed video has appeared on the Telegram network, purporting to show the moment a missile strikes the Ukrainian flight PS752.

Needless to say, this remains absolutely unconfirmed for now. As a reminder, moments after the crash the first unconfirmed footage of the Ukrainian airplane showed the plan on fire falling near Tehran.

Meanwhile, as Flightradar 24 reports, at precisely 2:44:57 UTC time, all three receivers lost connection with flight PS752, something that strongly suggests an “exogenous” shock and certainly not an ongoing technical failure.

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  1. My heart goes out to those who lost their life because of Iran. This had NOTHING to do with President Trump. It’s truly disgusting how Democrats, and potential Democratic presidential candidates are using this tragedy as political fodder. But then again, it’s typical.

    Hear Iran destroyed the black box? Hmmm…kind of like Hilary Clinton destroying evidence like lap tops, servers, phones to hide what she did.


      • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/01/10/omar-slammed-for-blasting-iran-warfare-sanctions-while-backing-sanctions-against-israel/

        lol love your saying “squat squad”. They are worth squat in my opinion. They are more concerned with their Own Countries than the USA. Plants in my opinion.

        Omar, the one who laughs while someone talks about death of our Brave men and women, is upset by President Trump’s sanctions on terrorists. Oh well, good for us, but also there Omar, you better go and research what the Iran terrorist in charge are doing to their own people. Anyone protesting, the Lead Terrorist, that we blew up, had them killed. They don’t even care about their own people. Just like Omar doesn’t care about Americans. And her hatred of Israel shows where she stands. With the terrorists who have been trying forever to rid the World of our Ally Israel.

        She needs to go. Where is the investigation of this one and her fraud? Heck all the “squat” members feel they are above the law. Time to hold them accountable.

        Also let’s not forget about Kerry, who mourns the destruction of his and Obama’s “appeasement” deal with Iran. I guess that’s also connected to Burisma in Ukraine where another “man child” sits with Where’s Hunter on that board where Corruption ran amok.


    • Iran Nan, Madman Schiff, Jerry Nadless, Ocrazyo-Cortex……. but most likely would be Diaper Head Omar or Rashid Taliban.

  2. So who made this video ? Who was pointing a camera at a black empty sky, that picks up the passenger plane in the middle of the frame at that particular moment??? Kind of suspicious !!!

  3. What those people must have been going through….
    This is heartbreaking. And Dems who are using this for political gain should be removed from office!
    God have mercy.

  4. Well the ragheads in Iran are trying there best to cover the evidence up and get rid of the voice cockpit recorders. But I think this was just a BIG IRANIAN MISTAKE thinking that somehow this was an american plane not a passenger plane and just pushed the button before confirming it. They should just admit it but they have little money to offer the survivors. I guess they can offer each family an ocean tanker of crude oil. Just goes to show you how far the Iranians would get in a war with the USA!………………and they know it!

  5. https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2020/01/10/iran-obvious-iranian-missile-did-not-down-ukrainian-airliner/

    Yea right, and Soleimani was in Iraq to give out “give peace a chance” flyers. lol

    So Iran didn’t launch a iranian missle, but launched a Russian missile they purchased with the 1.9 billion dollars in cash sent by Obama at what they thought was an American Military plane.

    But go ahead, keep spinning the story. The only ones believing it are the Democrats and CNN, who think your terrorist, we blew up to rid the world of this terrorist cancer, was Elvis. They believe anything.


  6. The origoinal video that I saw last night showed that a missile had a n ear miss with possibloe damge to the aircrft, that turned aand headed back to airport, when it was hit by a direct hit causing a huge explosion and fireball, the plane then started falling to the ground on fire, then there was a huge fireball on impact with the ground. That latter prt was shownon the video in this post! I was Nike Ajax and Hercules Battery Officer (anti-air Missiles), and worked in Defense Industry on Missile nd ICBM defense programs threat analysis, and development programs!

  7. There were 6 nuclear scientists on the plane that were in Iran 2 help with their nuclear plants.
    That was a staged site with missile parts.
    This is a massive cover up…
    And I heard that Soleimani possibly was carrying a bio weapon….
    Why wasn’t he captured, as it would have been easier, why was he vaporized???

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