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Violence Continues As Baltimore City Reaches Record Number Of Murders


Baltimore City slides further into chaos and just broke its highest ever per-capita homicide rate after recording its 342nd murder on Friday, reported AP News.

With about 602,000 residents, Baltimore City’s homicide rate breached 57 per 100,000 residents after eight people were murdered since last Friday, pushing the total amount of homicides to the all-time high of 342.

The annual death toll has hit 342 before, also recorded in 2017 and 2015.

This is the 5th year the city has recorded murders over 300, due to mostly the Ferguson effect post-2015 riots and socio-economic deterioration in the town.

The highest ever per-capita homicide rate and an out of control opioid epidemic comes as the total population in the city crashes to a 100-year low, many are fleeing the city for the suburbs as the local economy continues to dive deeper into a depression, never recovered since 2008.

Nevertheless, there are pockets of Baltimore City that have recovered, those residents are asset holders and participated in decades-long asset price inflation scheme via Federal Reserve, but there’s a majority of residents that are non-asset owners whose boats weren’t lifted in the last decade and had developed negative net wealth. This has created some of the most massive wealth inequality in the country, also lead to the widening of education and health inequalities. If the imbalance isn’t corrected in the coming decade, social unrest will follow, similar to what happened in the 2015 riots.

Back in Nov., we suggested Baltimore City’s homicides were on track to “set a record this year.”

The murder crisis has sent city officials searching for solutions. One solution is to fly a fleet of spy planes above the city to create the ultimate surveillance state.

The media has widely criticized President Trump for tweeting about the social-economic chaos in Baltimore City.

President Trump has recently touted the “greatest economy ever” for African Americans, clearly, campaign propaganda ahead of the 2020 election, as just 50 minutes north of the White House, Baltimore City, with a majority of its residents African Americans, is imploding on itself.


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  1. its really sad to see how Baltimore has deteriorated. Living in Camden County, where Camden was the most deadliest for some time.

    Democratic liberal rule does not work. But it is really hard to get rid of the entrenched democrats when Establishment Republicans feel certain cities/states are just not in the equation to win the Presidential election.


  2. Baltimore ………………Yet one more masterful fait accompli for the Democrats . though honestly still “in progress”, the Dems agenda is predicated on a well thought out, intellectually deficient endeavor, designed to plunge Baltimore into the dark ages, and give the Dems the Right of Absolute Governance and full control of the population that occupies that space. So many cities and so little time.
    Other similar applications of this process for the Dems exist in Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and soon, all of California. Granted, the progress of the Dems agenda in these locales varies from stuck a fork in it, to, stick a fork in it, to, get ready to stick a fork in it. But one thing is for certain; the results won’t be pretty.
    For those of you who are intellectually stifled, who haven’t caught on yet; your “Dream Presidents” Bill Clinton (Hillary), and Barrack Hussein Obama (Michelle) with the backing of socialist George Soros have been, and are presently working very hard to destroy this Country.
    As a former Dem, I can assure you that a move away from the Dem (Communist) Party is a refreshing and healthy move. But you must wake up first.

  3. Baltimore is a jungle, pure and simple. Last good mayor was the late William Donald Schaefer. The last two or three mayors are responsible for riots and more. One of the mayors spent millions to take down some historic (150 year old) monuments rather than use that money to help city residents. No one can trace the millions funneled to Baltimore by a late senator.

    PLEASE email Pres. Trump and request he direct federal agencies cut off federal welfare, food stamps, student loans, municipal assistance, etc. to residents of Baltimore, New Orleans, Memphis, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and several hundred other US cities or states that disrespect US history. If America is to be made SAFE again, America must become RESPECTFUL again; if city leaders disrespect US history in any way, they belong in jail. Make America GREAT again by disposing of trash…

  4. Another city full of lazy, entitled, uneducated, unskilled, gangsta-loving, illiterate, co-co head thugs – all run for DECADES by the treasonous corrupt DemonRat Party. Basically another Democratic-run outhouse.

  5. Look at the leadership running the City, County, and State. Shaka Zulu rule. Oh yes, strick gun laws help too, right?

    • So maybe Baltimore should really think and get a good Republican. Democrats love to control with suffering. Just look at California, New York, and can’t forget New Jersey. Van Drew better be a good Republican. I’d watch him like a hawk if I was Rep. Kevin McCarthy. Saw him state he was with President Trump, but here in New Jersey, just like the Rinos, they smile and then when a better offer is available will stab you in the back. Been there.


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