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America’s Top New Year’s Resolutions For 2020


For 2020, Americans are making the resolution to adopt healthy habits – concerning their finances as well as their bodies. A survey by Ipsos for Urban Plates has found that out of all participants who said they were making one or several new year’s resolutions, 51 percent wanted to manage their finances better and an equal amount wanted to adopt healthier eating habits.

As Statista’s Katharina Bucxhholz notes, more popular resolutions for the upcoming year also circled around improving one’s health, with a more active lifestyle and weight loss being favorite answers.

Infographic: America's Top New Year's Resolutions for 2020 | Statista

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38 percent of participants wanted to improve their mental well-being or practice mindfulness, a sign of a growing awareness for these aspects of mental health. Despite environmental protection being an equally popular topic at the moment, only 22 percent of survey participants said they wanted to be more eco-friendly in 2020.

18 percent of Americans said they were making only one resolution, while an additional 20 percent said they would make more than one. The percentage of resolution-makers was highest among Hispanics. A total of 56 percent in that group said they were making one or more resolutions.

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  1. Regarding Resolutions:

    If socialist agenda is allowed into the White House:

    1. Big Government will manage your finances, which means you won’t have a dime left but the illegal aliens and criminals will be able to prosper.

    2. Big Government will tell you what to eat and forget about meat and dairy.

    3. Big Government will not make you active as their thugs will be able to be completely FREE to kill, ambush and maim anyone who is NOT with them. Just see what’s happening in 2019 in the Socialist Sanctuary States.

    4. Big Government will not allow you to improve your well being. How else will they be able to control. Drugs for EVERYONE.

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    6. Sleepy Joe’s idea of learning a new skill will be kicking every coal miner out of a job and they can learn programming.

    I could go on and on but only resolution I have is to ENJOY President Trump’s economy and vote for this Great President in 2020.


  2. My New Years Resolution is to vote out every Demoncrat Politician and Rino from office and for Donald to drain the swamp. Donald should be able to do his job but he can’t because of the Criminals elected to the Congress. I would also like to see term limits. We shouldn’t be investigating millionaires who became President but impeaching Demoncrats and rinos who became millionaires while holding office.


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