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Trump The Terrible: The Left’s Boogeyman


Authored by James Fite via LibertyNation.com,

The Trump Derangement Syndrome fevers ran high last week, as the media chattered on about their new favorite boogeyman. He’s a madman. He’s a gangster. He’s the most dangerous man on the planet. He’s Trump the Terrible – and we must get rid of him at any cost lest he win another term in the White House.

Donald The Delusional

Donald Trump is clearly insane – as in, 25th Amendment, let’s get him out of office insane. Or that’s the professional opinion of the completely ethical and uninterested in politics Dr. Bandy X. Lee. Back in January of 2018, Dr. Lee generously examined President Trump – without actually meeting with him – and declared him dangerously nuts. There is one problem with her diagnosis, however. As Liberty Nation’s Mark Angelides explained at the time:

“The American Psychiatric Association (APA) actually bans psychiatrists from making a diagnosis without a direct examination. Not only is this rule in place because the APA believes without a face to face examination, all information is worthless, but they also see it as highly unethical.”

And as for not being politically motivated, at the time of her so-called diagnosis, Dr. Lee was promoting a book titled – of all things – The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.

Thankfully, her plan to have the president declared unfit and removed from office based on her clearly biased opinion failed and she faded out of the public eye. But just as the Herpes virus lurks beneath the surface only to pop up from time to time with surprise outbreaks, Dr. Lee has not and will not leave us be. She erupted back into the spotlight in June of 2019, leading a group of other anti-Trump mental health professionals at Capitol Hill as they tried to spread awareness of the Delusional Don.

Dr. Bandy Lee

It seems as true now as it was back in June when LN wrote, “if you thought you had heard the last of Dr. Bandy X. Lee, you’re as crazy as anyone who thinks her plan could actually work. That’s right, she’s back.” And back she is. This time, the good doctor is calling on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to demand Trump receive an evaluation.

Leave it to Salon to dig up the doctor for her opinion on Trump’s mental health. Their title says it all: “Pelosi ‘has the right’ to submit Trump to an ‘involuntary evaluation’: Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee.” Never mind impeachment – Speaker Pelosi, it seems, is falling behind in her duty to protect the nation from this dangerous madman.

“As a coworker, she has the right to have him submit to an involuntary evaluation, but she has not,” Lee told Salon. “Anyone can call 911 to report someone who seems dangerous, and family members are the most typical ones to do so. But so can coworkers, and even passersby on the street. The law dictates who can determine right to treatment, or civil commitment, and in all 50 U.S. states this includes a psychiatrist.”

Dr. Lee goes on to say that a mental health hold seems inevitable, but her opinion here is once again suspect. “I am beginning to believe that a mental health hold, which we have tried to avoid, will become inevitable,” Lee said. Avoid? She has actively campaigned to have him declared unfit to lead and removed from office! It makes you wonder which of the two, Donald Trump or Bandy Lee, has a mental health issue. She’s bound to fail and fade away as she always does, but when will she pop back up and what will her scheme be then? All we can really say with any certainty is that she will be back, eventually.

Trump The Thug

“Donald Trump will not be bound by any rule, even after he has been caught.” So reads the conclusion of a Saturday article in The Atlantic, titled “A Gangster in the White House.” So what has Teflon Don – admittedly, a rather gangster sounding nickname – done this time? He retweeted a follower’s post revealing the name of the person believed to be the whistleblower behind the Ukraine call reveal.

That’s right – the president shared a tweet revealing a name that has been circulating in the media for weeks. By late October, a bevy of articles offering “everything you need to know about Eric Ciaramella the whistleblower” had flooded the media. But Trump’s a gangster because he retweeted a story using the name.

“Trump is organizing from the White House a conspiracy to revenge himself on the person who first alerted the country that Trump was extorting Ukraine to help his reelection,” the author wrote before declaring the act “more lawbreaking to punish the revelation of past lawbreaking.”

But there are a few problems with this argument even if we pretend Trump’s call was criminal. First, there is some debate as to who is forbidden from outing a whistleblower. Even if Trump isn’t allowed to reveal the name, his retweeting of a news story two months after the man was first exposed by the media as the most likely candidate is hardly leaking top-secret information.

And then there’s the question of the whistleblower’s protected status. Of course, the government that has had the whistle blown on it never wants to admit it – just ask Edward Snowden, who would still face prosecution for leaking should he return to the U.S.

This so-called whistleblower, on the other hand, certainly seems to have some powerful friends protecting him. Did he discover some wrongdoing and blow the whistle, or was he sent to Adam Schiff by a deep state that wants Trump gone? He wouldn’t have a chance if it weren’t for a last-minute rule change removing the requirement that a whistleblower’s complaint be based on first-hand knowledge. LN’s Tim Donner hit the nail on the head when he said, “Common sense can lead you to only one conclusion when rules that would have disallowed the explosive complaint were changed just in time to allow it.”

Democrats In Denial

Despite trying to brand President Trump as a mafia-style criminal, a madman, and the most dangerous world leader today, the left has failed to erode his support. But still, they hurl their attacks. Surely, if they just keep fighting on, they can do enough damage to cost him the 2020 election. The left, of course, is simply in denial. Filmmaker and rabid anti-Trumper Michael Moore declared that if the next presidential election were held right now, Trump would win re-election – and he was probably right. But even he suffers from the delusion that Trump is nigh-universally hated. He explained that 70% of the 2020 electorate will be women and racial minorities, all of whom are on the side of the Democrats. Never mind the large number of conservative women who voted for Trump in 2016, and never mind the many blacks and Hispanics who have walked away from the Democratic Party since the last election, who now enjoy the lowest unemployment rates in the nation’s history. To the Democrats in denial, they don’t exist.

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    • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/12/31/medical-societies-provide-cover-for-transgender-industrys-propaganda/

      Yes especially when it comes to this.

      “Why would organizations, that are ostensibly out to help children, actually harm them in a most profound way?” he asked, and then explained the progression of how medical societies have been infiltrated by radical transgender activists with “one of the most insidious child sterilization programs ever devised”:”

      Wow so we were forced to pay for abortions under Obamacare. Now the sterilization of children thru this transgender program?

      God help us and these poor children. What an evil society the liberals have created. This is just child abuse. Absolutely disgusting.

      But here’s a story with a bright and happy ending.

      “Chiara Canaan, 22, a founder of the Pique Resilience Project with three other young women who experienced Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD), identified as a “trans man” when she was 16, but then detransitioned at 19.

      Writing at the Velvet Chronicle, Canaan said she latched onto the trans community on social media in high school after ending a lesbian relationship:

      My immersion into this online space kicked off a period in which I very quickly developed intense social and body dysphoria. I became convinced that I was a boy trapped in the body of a girl, and that the only way forward was for me to begin a medical transition. I began to envision myself as a straight guy (rather than a gay girl), which alleviated a large amount of the discomfort I felt with my sexuality.

      I begged my mother to let me take testosterone and wanted to schedule “top surgery” (a double mastectomy) right away. My mother wouldn’t allow it, but she voiced support for me to be as “gender-non-conforming” as I pleased. Our relationship remained rocky until I graduated high school at seventeen and traveled to another state for a nine-month internship on a horse farm. While working there, I had limited internet access, which shifted my focus; I started paying attention to other things going on in my life. This shift, coupled with the emotional maturity I gained during that time, allowed me to return home and take a step back—to question the narratives I’d been exposed to online.

      Canaan wrote she would have “greatly regretted medical transition” and is now “immensely grateful my mother knew better.”

      Good for you Mom!


    • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/12/30/schumer-on-hanukkah-attack-hate-has-become-a-national-crisis/

      TDS helped along by Chuckie. Gee Chuckie not saying anything about letting criminals out and then giving them gift cards. Showing them that crime DOES pay. More federal money? Gee sanctuary city like NYC would have plenty of money if not supporting illegals and giving criminals gift cards?

      Your hatred of those who supported President Trump brought on the hate that is affecting Christians and the Jewish communities around the World. Your criminal element is doing the bidding of the World. Want more money? Go see the World President for it as he helped create this too.


  1. ” He wouldn’t have a chance if it weren’t for a last-minute rule change removing the requirement that a whistleblower’s complaint be based on first-hand knowledge. LN’s Tim Donner hit the nail on the head when he said, “Common sense can lead you to only one conclusion when rules that would have disallowed the explosive complaint were changed just in time to allow it.”

    100% agree Mr. Donner. How can you have a “coup” against a Republican Candidate who is now the duly elected President if you did not set the rules to accomplish it. Obama went after many whistleblowers to stop the message of his corruption, and now has used his democratic ilk to continue it. It’s truly a disgrace and is detrimental to this Great Nation. Obama always said he would unite this nation, but it is him and his Democratic cronies, along with Established Republicans, who weakly work with him to divide this Great Nation even further.

    “The American Psychiatric Association (APA) actually bans psychiatrists from making a diagnosis without a direct examination. Not only is this rule in place because the APA believes without a face to face examination, all information is worthless, but they also see it as highly unethical.”

    Regarding evaluating President Trump and his supporters who want “America First” and believe me I have been on that end due to family and neighbors who didn’t like my conservative views or how I raised my Son, those who bring “false witness” should be the ones that are evaluated. They use dirty tricks and lies to try to spin it on those who are innocent, truthful and only want what is good for those around them. That’s why I admire President Trump.

    Until those who “falsely” accuse others by breaking laws or changing them to do so are brought to justice, this will continue. My thoughts and prayers will continue, and my message will always be the same. America First.


  2. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/12/30/james-comey-trump-is-a-shrunken-withered-figure/

    Sorry there Comey, you are the shrunken withered figure who disgraced the men and women who work diligently in the FBI. You went along with Obama, VP Biden, AG Loretta Lynch, CIA Brennen , James Clapper, Susan Rice to start a coup against Republican Candidate, now duly-elected President Donald J. Trump all to make sure that Hilary Clinton would be in office to continue the devastation of dismantling Our Constitution and THIS GREAT NATION.

    What you and your co-horts Strozk and Page, McCabe, and with the help of Rosentein and Mueller did is treason, plain and simple.

    Whatever happens, if anything, but for the GOOD of this Great Nation something HAS to happen, you will always be known as the man who completely destroyed the integrity of the FBI. Brennen did his own destroying of the CIA, and the DOJ, well with Lynch and then Sessions they helped as well. Hopefully Mr. Barr will bring that status back, but do NOT think Chris Wray will be of any help to bring integrity back to the FBI.

    It’s just a complete disgrace what has been allowed with no consequences. They feel they are ABOVE the law.


  3. https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2019/12/31/green-day-singer-billie-joe-armstrong-trump-gives-me-diarrhea/

    What an idiot. On wait he did write a song about American idiots.

    Part of the lyrics he forgot.

    “Don’t wanna be an American idiot
    One nation controlled by the media
    Information Age of hysteria
    It’s calling out to idiot America”

    Yep you turned into and are part of it now. Gee shame on you.


  4. I hope Mr trump gives them nite mares the next 4 years . May they lose sleep dreaming about how well Mr trump is doing and how do they ever hope to live up to his achievements . Face it they can’t and will never do for the people and country like Mr trump does . That’s their biggest nite mare … the real people will never belive them democracs again after all this BS is out in the open .


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