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Horowitz Relents, Admits FISA Abuses Against Trump Aide ‘Pretty Bad’


The deep state cabal at the center of the FBI’s probe into President Donald Trump should be apparent to anyone who has read the Inspector general’s report.

The IG report, created by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, has been touted as evidence that no political bias occurred during the investigation into the president.

But when questioned by Republicans in the Senate, namely Sen. Mike Lee, Horowitz actually explained that that was not the case.

“Isn’t the lack of evidence on bias, evidence that we really should take as bias? But it’s … in any event, it’s certainly not itself indicative that no bias occurred, isn’t that correct?” Sen. Lee said.

“As to the opening [of the probe], which is in a different place than the FISA issues that you have identified and I talked about earlier, I think it is two different situations,” Horowitz said.

“On the FISA side, we found, as you noted, a lack of documentary and testimonial evidence about intentionality, but we noted the lack of satisfactory explanations, and in fact, leave open the possibility, for the reasons you indicated, it is unclear what the motivations were.

“On the one hand, gross incompetence, negligence; on the other hand intentionality, and we’re in between—we weren’t in a position with the evidence we had, to make that conclusion, but we are not ruling it out,” he said.

“The lack of evidence here is not evidence that there is no bias.” He said. “I am solely basing it—correct—on the actual evidence that we have.”

You would be hard pressed to know that if you only get your information from CNN, because they have trumpeted the news as vindication for the FBI.

And it got even worse for the FBI when Horowitz was questioned by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who asked if fraudulent evidence played a role in the investigation.

“So the men and women at home need to know what’s happening,” the senator said. “A lawyer at the FBI creates fraudulent evidence, alters an email, that is in turn used for the basis of a sworn statement to the court that the court relies on. Am I stating that accurately? “

“That’s correct,” Horowitz responded. “That is what occurred.”

That is absurd. The top law enforcement agency in the nation and they used fraudulent evidence to investigate the President of the united States.

And because no one explicitly said that they were doing something because they were biased that is somehow evidence of no bias?

But when questioned by Sen. Lindsey Graham on the investigation into President Trump advisor carter Page Horowitz admitted that the abuses were “pretty bad.”

“How would you describe the behavior here of knowing that the sub-source disavows the dossier that was the primary reason you got a warrant. Finding that a lawyer doctored an email to keep the investigation going in a way unfair to Mr. Page?” Sen. Graham said. “This was not routine, do you agree with that?”

“It is definitely not … it certainly better not be routine, and I don’t of any reason to think it is routine,” Horowitz said.

“Is it kind of off-the-charts bad?” Sen. Graham said.

“It’s pretty bad,” Horowitz agreed.

It is lunacy to think that this occurred in the United States of America and not in some foreign banana republic.

And to think that the media, the fourth estate, is so corrupt that it perpetuates the myth that there is proof that there was no bias at the FBI is ludicrous.

It is a slap in the face to the intelligence of the American citizens and heads need to roll at the FBI to make certain it never happens again.

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  1. Horowitz had to relent because it is TRUE. FBI, thru Comey, McCabe, Storzk, Page, Clinesmith all used the FISA court to spy not only on Carter Page, but also President Donald J. Trump.

    Then Comey wrote a book, after being fired and giving confidential information to his “friend” and started his “lying” tour. Higher Loyalty? Yep to himself.

    McCabe gets fired and where does he go? CNN so that he can continue the “Lying” tour.

    The rest are still in the FBI? Need to clean house. Need to show them the door and make them hire lawyers to defend themselves, and they need to held fully accountable for the destruction they have created for the past 3 years against We the People. Also how they have soiled the reputation of the FBI.

    Until that is done, the brave men and women who actually serve in the FBI will always have this soiled reputation. And the FISA program will still be used as a tool for political gain. Just like Comey, McCabe, instructed by Obama did.

    It’s a sad, disgusting point of history here. To heal, We the People need to see Justice. If not, it will be the same ole, same ole Socialist Country. Something I thought I would never see happen in this GREAT Nation.


  2. You’re time is coming Comey, you too Brennan! Word on the street is that Barr and Durham have Witness that you don’t seem to have had. The last report to come out from these two won’t come out for month”s, closer to the election, and when it does, the Republicans will go in for the kill!
    It’s my understanding that Barr and Durham have been talking to Baker,remember him? The head of the FBI’s Legal Counsel under Obama and He’s been VERY helpful in Barr and Durham,s probe.That’s why Barr held a press conference right after Horowitz had his and said that parts of Horowitz probe is INACCURATE! I know Durham has the power to subpoena, don’t know about Barr, but Horowitz did NOT!
    Horowitz did not lie in his report, he just tried to limit the damage to the FBI that was under the Obama Administration, as was Horowitz. i feel Horowitz FAILED TERRIBLY at this!

  3. https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2019/12/13/blumenthal-mitch-mcconnell-is-undermining-the-credibility-of-impeachment-trial/

    “Blumenthal said, “It is improper. He said not only is he coordinating but taking his cues from the White House. He seems to be abandoning all pretense or semblance of objectivity and independence. It’s also unprecedented. In every one of the past proceedings, Republicans and Democrats have worked together.”

    You got brass to state this. The whole Impeachment scam run by Schiffy Schiff and Nutty Nadler has been unprescedented. And btw the Republicans and Dems did work together with a NO bipartisan vote to even start this scam. But hey, you know better right?

    Go away. All Dems showed their hands as I watched that absolute shameful process. Minority Republicans, even after being handcuffed by Schiffy Schiff and Nutty Nadler STILL proved that this was all about an election. All because Hiliary didn’t win. All because 63 Million LEGAL taxpaying voters saw what was coming and took a chance on President Donald Trump, who by the way, has done AMAZING things.


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