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Jonathan Turley: “They Even Threatened My Dog” For Defending Trump At Impeachment Hearings


Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Law professor Jonathan Turley revealed that even his dog was violently threatened after he testified in favor of President Trump during the impeachment hearings.

Turley already spoke about death threats he received following his testimony last week, but went further in an interview with CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell.

“I know you received a lot of threats after what you did last week,” O’Donnell told the George Washington University law professor.

“And my wife and dog,” Turley responded.

“To be fair, you did talk about them during your testimony. You did bring up your wife and dog,” O’Donnell said.

“Who would shoot a Goldendoodle?” Turley asked in response.

“Maybe a Shih Tzu, but not a Goldendoodle. I don’t understand where the anger comes from. Although as an academic, the thought that you could talk about James Madison and that would be fighting words is something I haven’t seen outside of a law school.

The violent anger directed towards Turley came as a result of him challenging the impeachment process and arguing that there was not enough evidence to impeach President Trump.

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  1. This is what the Dems and their supporters are good at, threatening and violence. So sorry to hear even the dog was threatened. See, anyone who goes against the Dem’s fantasy lie, will get threatened. Maxine Waters is on tape stating this.

    Yep, truly a “police state” run by Former President Obama and his Dem “brown shirts”. Not allowed to have interchanging of facts, because the facts show how crooked this past Administration really was.

    To all those who stand and fight, as I know all about threatening, and rumors to destroy, I thank you. We must keep going to bring back this GREAT Nation. Those who deal in lies and threats need to held accountable.


  2. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/12/11/republican-invites-democrats-at-impeachment-hearing-to-trumps-second-inauguration/

    “Noting that many of them hated President Trump so much they had boycotted his first inauguration, Buck invited them to the second, in January 2021:

    Professor Turley was right when he said this impeachment, quote, “will be the shortest investigation, producing the thinnest record of wrongdoing, for the narrowest impeachment in history,” end of quote. At the end of the day, I want to invoke the words of my colleague from the [House] Rules Committee, Congressman Alcee Hastings, who said during one debate that the majority’s efforts would backfire. He said, “You will lose. This will cost you the majority next year, and some of you aren’t going to be here in the next Congress. I hope you’ve had your fun.” Well, I tell my colleagues: go ahead, vote to impeach President Trump tomorrow. But when you walk out of this hearing room, call your freshman colleagues and tell them they’re not coming back, and you hope they’ve had their fun. Say goodbye to your majority status, and please join us in January of 2021, when President Trump is inaugurated again.”

    Way to go Senator Buck! love it!!! Yes will be celebrating with you BIG time on that day when Our President is sworn in again to continue and KEEPING AMERICA GREAT!


    • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/12/12/roll-call-of-the-34-pro-amnesty-pro-outsourcing-gop-legislators/

      “Some of the pro-amnesty GOP legislators will avoid the pushback from GOP activists and voters by retiring before November.”

      So giving 1 million illegal aliens amnesty when President Trump is working hard to get Americans work.

      So screw the American People, screw your party, who have been fighting this impeachment bs, giving Dems illegals a free “get out of jail” card for breaking our laws and then retire?

      Wow, no wonder Rinos, who wear the mask of Republicans are really Dem Globalists in disquise. My heart goes out to all Americans who will lose their jobs so that illegals can live happily ever after and send their money out of the US and possibly smuggle more illegals into the USA.


      • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/12/11/new-jersey-gop-candidate-david-richter-attacked-trump-donated-to-democrats-has-ties-to-bidens/

        Thank you Mr. Moran. Excellent article. New Jersey is full of Republicans in Democratic clothes. Will definitely look into Mr. Patterson. Not Richer who is tied to Joe Biden, thru his brother. And donated to Democrats and hates our President.

        “We need to support him [Trump] in reelection next year, and places like south Jersey can once again be the power center it used to be,” Patterson added.”

        Yes Mr. Patterson, as North Jersey always calls us the “rubes” who’s pockets they pick for their North Jersey projects for illegals and every other Globalist leech, South Jersey needs someone who will look out for our interests. Not the interests of a Party Boss who took good money from Camden residents to build his Pooper dynasty.


  3. These people who threatened Professor Turley his family and his dog are the same types as the Brown Shirts of Hitler and the Black Shirts of Mussolini. Typical fascist who should be classified as terrorists and brought to justice.

  4. The Demonrats are worse than the Mafia! At least they do like & respect people other than their own. They won’t talk behind your back either. They don’t sneak around & threaten people either! They will kill you & get it over with. Oh, that’s right, some of the Demonrats do that too. Sorry to the Outfit and the rest of the Underworld. I meant no disrespect.

  5. Unbelievable. They are threatening this poor guy and his wife and dog because he told the truth and wouldn’t lie to fit their narrative. This is what the Democratic party really represents and why they must be removed. And to think; people actually are still wanting to vote for them even when they have a much better and safer choice. Go figure.

  6. In the Constitution pacifically The Bill of Rights portion. The 1st Amendment states “prohibiting the free exercise thereof; abridging the freedom of speech or of the press;or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,” Freedom of speech has been our basic right since the founding of this country. Without free expression progress will be slowed,any arbitration be different parties will go unresolved and new ideas will come to stand still. Like in the book 1984 (where no new idea was allowed unless the whole group thought of if at the same time ).There can no decisions made if there is nothing to choose from. In politics there would be only one party or one candidate without freedom of expression. This would us a totalitarian State. I for one may disagree with you but I won’t deny you the right to express it and I would expect the same respect from you. Them democrats and their screaming useful minions are always screaming about the Constitution while denying you the 1st amendment. It is nothing than fear of the truth that spurs them. I believe it is time to put them out of our misery and vote them all out.

    • Well Said. First and Second Amendment are crucial as they are WE the PEOPLE’s tool to tyranny.

      Unfortunately, with the Dems and their minions, it’s not only trying to shut down Free Speech, they feel the only way is with violence. They applaud the violence. School system in this Country, especially the Ivy League colleges have made a bunch of pansies who need “safe spaces”, “comfort stuffed animals” and “coloring books” to calm their fragile minds when someone actually wants to debate the issues.

      Pathetic really. But that’s how they CONTROL. That’s why they want to shut down the 1st Amendment using “hate” speech, and then try, and I say try lol, to take our guns. Look at Virginia, love it that 2nd Amendment sanctuary areas are opening up because Law abiding gun owners see what’s coming.


  7. Calling anything, OR ANYONE that goes against THEIR SICK TWISTED BRAIN DEAD THUG HATING
    MORON Ways illegal, working over time to shut down the voice of the people…. FIRE THEM ALL!

  8. Looks like Prof. Turley may think twice about supporting a democrat candidate again after his treatment during this sham impeachment hearing. How is it that liberals/ democrats are supposed to be compassionate, when they always seem to threaten anyone that thinks for themselves, or, as in Prof. Turley’s case, citing Constitutional laws dealing with impeachment.

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