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Hillary Casually Drops ‘Russian Asset’ Smear On Bernie Sanders In New Interview


Hillary Clinton went on the Howard Stern show this week for a wide-ranging interview with the popular radio host, specifically focusing on her loss to Trump and what 2020 looks like — a race she’s recently dropped hints she could be prepared to enter, however unlikely that might be.

While the Wednesday interview was widely covered in the media, there’s one segment largely overlooked in the mainstream, but which is stunning nonetheless. We’ve grown used to her ‘Trump is a Russian asset’ line in her typical blame game fashion anytime she makes a media appearance; however, she did repeat the less common conspiracy that links rival Democrat Bernie Sanders to the Kremlin.


She wasn’t even asked, but briefly voluntarily inserted the reference while discussing the Mueller investigation.

Speaking of the Russians, she claimed, “They were like – ‘hey let’s do everything we can to elect Donald Trump’. Those are quotes… those are words [they used]… And they also said Bernie Sanders.” 

“But you know that’s for another day…”

Stern runs with it: “Do we hate Bernie Sanders?” 

“I don’t hate anybody,” but agrees with Stern’s assessment that he took a while to endorse her: “He could have. He hurt me, there’s no doubt about it.”

Then she delivered the final punch at a moment Sanders continues to gain in the polls, especially among young voters: “And I hope he doesn’t do it again to whoever gets the nomination. Once is enough.”

There it is: her disastrous 2016 loss continues to be the fault of everyone else, who are apparently all somehow Russian puppets, even the Leftist Jewish Senator from Vermont (and let’s not forget the Green Party’s Jill Stein).

* * *

If you can stomach watching it, she elsewhere describes in detail ‘how she felt’ being present for Trump’s inauguration ceremony. “Which was one of the hardest days of my life, to be honest!”

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  1. Uranium 1 deal was worth $145 Million with the help of approval from Ms. Clinton. What do you think the Russians were doing with the minerals making cupcakes out of it.Her coughing attacks are a sign of drinking to much Unicorn milk and whining about Mr. Trump. Hillary we know who the real Russia asset is, typical Demorats, putting off on someone else while their doing it themselves…God Bless🇺🇸

  2. Does Hillary remember what she said about civility? “There will be no civility until the Democrats are back in power.” She lies just as easily as Bubba, but isn’t as convincing.

  3. So, Hillary was involved with providing uranium to the Russians ??? Really?? URANIUM??? You know, the stuff they make nuclear weapons out of ?? And then the Russians target those nukes on American cities??? Is there something I’m missing here ???

  4. She “Busted It Off” in Bernie and can’t figure out why he resents her? If she had a brain she would take it out and play with it!

  5. Looks like to Hillary that everyone but herself is a “ Russian asset “ isn’t she the one that gave Putin a good chunk of our uranium?
    As for Bernie, he is a commie, spent his honeymoon in the former USSR. I can think of better places, but to each their own. I think the DNC & Clintons paid off Bernie with a nice house on Lake Champlain. Nice to be a socialist/ commie and own 3 homes. Guess it does pay for some.

  6. Poor Hillary-she lives in a country populated entirely by Russian assets and her. The rest of us live in a country populated by deplorable patriots and one lousy Russian asset-Hillary Clinton.

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