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Appeals Court Hands Trump Loss, Rules Banks Must Turn Over Financial Records To House Democrats


The Second Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday said that Deutsche Bank and Capital One must comply with a subpoena from the Democrat-controlled US House of Representatives demanding the financial records of President Trump and his children.

The Committees’ interests in pursuing their constitutional legislative function is a far more significant public interest than whatever public interest inheres in avoiding the risk of a Chief Executive’s distraction arising from disclosure of documents reflecting his private financial transactions,” the three-judge panel ruled in a 2-1 split decision.

In August, Trump filed an appeal to block Deutsche Bank and Capital One from providing the records, after a New York district judge declined to block the subpoenas issued by the House Intelligence and Financial Service committees in April amid their investigations into foreign influence.

In October, Deutsche Bank said in a letter that while it has some of the records the House seeks, they don’t have Trump’s tax returns.

We imagine Trump will appeal to the Supreme Court next.

Via Axios:

The big picture: Trump is currently engaged in court battles with both House Democrats and the Manhattan district attorney over subpoenas ordering his longtime account firm Mazars USA to turn over his tax returns. He has appealed both cases to the Supreme Court, where the Deutsche Bank and Capital One case is likely to end up as well.

  • Trump’s arguments that he is protected from criminal prosecution while president and that the House’s investigations into his financial dealings “serve no legitimate legislative purpose” have both been struck down by judges and appeals courts.
  • The overarching theme from the judges who have presided over these cases is that Trump’s tax returns are a matter of “public interest.”

Read the ruling here.

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  1. So the big lie is…..Trumps tax returns are a matter of public interests…. how about Obama …. all of his records are still to this day sealed… they were sealed before he even ran for office…. they were sealed because he lied about being an American Citizen….. if he was an American how do you justify him accepting money to pay for his college days under the foreign students clause…? He also has had Six SS # from different states …. some he has never held an address in… really…? Would really be good if Trump had those records unsealed…!

    • You are right. There is zero need for the democrats to have trump tax returns or financial records. The second circuit court knows that too but liberal judges dont follow the law. Off to the supreme court.

      • Funny the courts say public interest matters yet say public opinions don’t Wow their interpretation of the laws are real screwed up it’s like a bunch of jack asses were appointed

      • Thank you Laughin, well said. Dem’s are going to take a beating in 2020. Problem is they will burn down Rome before they will concede anything. I hope AG Barr will have the Justice Dept. ready to lock them up if that happens.

        • The ONLY reason they are doing this is to throw a monkey wrench in Trump’s administration, to distract him from his duties as President. They hate him, and those of us who voted for him; and are trying to make us PAY! Nothing they have done since 2016 is for the good of the country. It’s ALL been about making us regret electing someone who was not a SOCIALIST!
          None of this matters. The SCOTUS upheld the lower court order until Dec 15 (?), and Ruth BG signed off on it (of all people!).

    • The Appeals Court is not the final word on this issue. Trump should appeal to U.S. Supreme Court. Just as the California Supreme Court slammed down the edicts of the Democrats and Leftist Governor there, so will SCOTUS slap down the Court of Appeals.

    • James Denton has it right. IF our Supreme Court forces Trump to release his financial records and we can’t even get Obama’s college & university records then our Supreme Court is no longer a court of any kind. It is a rubber stamp for the establishment and all that goes with it right to the top leftist/progressive people trying to run this country.

    • What the devil does his tax records from years ago have to do with how he’s running the country today? I think your tax records are personal and they should be kept that way. And I agree with the post about Obama. That sleeze sealed ALL his records by paying over 2 million dollars to keep them out of public view BEFORE he even stepped foot in the White House. Let’s have THOSE records unsealed if you’re going to make Trump produce useless tax records. He’s paid his taxes and that is all that is necessary.

    • It would be extremely interesting to see how Obama’s “fortune” increased from the loosely stated four to five million to approximately one hundred and ninety three million in just eight years…even assuming that he banked EVERY PENNY of his $400K salary and lived ENTIRELY on his taxpayer provided expense account there is still a sizeable chunk, some one hundred and fifty million, to be accounted for…

    • The dem. in Congress certainly know where to look to further any pick-a-part investigation for themselves. They must know the in-and-outs to look for trails considering they have been hiding their own for years now to steal from taxpayers and receive tons of pay offs.

  2. Just seems funny that the “Donkey People” want to see President Trumps Financial records for “PURE POLITICAL PURPOSES” and on the other side of the “COIN”, Hunter Biden has just requested that his “Financial Records” be SEALED !

    • Yep. Biden’s drug-addicted kid makes millions because his daddy is VP and that isn’t interesting but President Trump’s records are when he has been a wealthy businessman his entire life. Then they claim this isn’t partisan. What compete BS.

  3. This is pure politics. Legislative interest??? Really? What exactly would that be? What piece of legislative action requires President Trump’s bank statements? Horrible ruling. It needs to be appealed.

  4. House Dems and the Appeals Court are such liars and filth. Can we just get the Navy Seals to hang them all until they are dead? LOPA LOPA LOPA

    • To bad our legal system has become completely corrupt. It is li kn e we are all black people in a 1920’s court in Mississippi with the liberal fascast bigots we have today.

    • Amen! They have divided this Country with their Socialist/Communist ways. This started with Obama and his ilk. And just think Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff feel that they are running a Parliament.

      “Parliament has four main functions: legislation (making laws), representation (acting on behalf of voters and citizens), scrutiny (examining the government), and formation of government.”

      WE have a CONSTITUTION. We threw England out a long time ago. Now these traitorous leeches are spitting on our Constitution, spitting on We the People, and have become a tyrannical government.

      “A tyrant (from Ancient Greek τύραννος, túrannos), in the modern English-language usage of the word, is an absolute ruler unrestrained by law, or one who has usurped legitimate sovereignty. … to government by a majority (in a democracy, tyranny of the majority)”

      This MUST end! If it doesn’t, then We the People must take back OUR Government. Waiting to see what happens, and hoping and praying that nothing happens to Our Country as these tyrants would love more suffering here. They feel this is the way to control us. Absolutely disgusting!!!!!!


  5. Well said all traders are communist or better known as PIGS
    Now they are TREASON And GUILTY so HANG until DEAD with A BIG ROPE !!!!!!!
    Stop all B.S.just get everybody’s RECORDS what is good for
    One is good for all

  6. Another Civil War just might be coming to this great country. The lunatic left just keeps pushing their liberal agenda on the masses, until they cross the line. When that happens, God won’t be able to save them!!!!

    • Unfortunately I think you are right. As much as I don’t want to see it, we are going to have to fight to get Our Country back. Just like Hong Kong and Iran are fighting their dictatorship. Pelosi/Schiff/Nadler, the tyrannical trio, doing Obama and Clinton Globalist work. They need to go!

      God definitely won’t save them as they all sold their souls to the devil called GREED!


  7. The hypocrisy of the Left wing nut jobs in the Courts and the Congress has passed beyond amazing to absolutely astounding! They do not recognize the fact that the pendulum swings both ways and when they next lose control of the House I pray that saner minds start investigating every thing they can about the nut bags on the Left. These people are pushing the country into another Civil War that will end up destroying our once great nation. I pray daily for the Lord to intervene in some way. May God Bless President Trump.

  8. Civil war was predicted by anti communist author Ayn Rand who wrote “Atlas Shrugged. ” Conservatives have been preparing for civil war for years and have amassed guns, cannons, tanks and aircraft to fight. By the looks of it the Army is on their side

  9. Not the individuals in the army. We are on your side. Some of the generals and admirals are stoked out greedy traders but the individuals will.not follow them. They will get fragged. We will luagh while doing it too.

  10. I truly wish people would stop with the left right thing and pull the blinders off! This is NOT a left or right thing! This is simply about the OLIGARCHY that rules you! The left right thing is just what they want you to focus on and not their desperation to cling to POWER and MONEY! You should be asking yourself why so few republican congress critters publicly and adamantly support Trump? I can count on one hand the number that have! No folks, sorry, but you don’t have a Constitutional Republic anymore! Hell, you don’t even have a democracy! You are ruled by ELITIST and that can only be removed by armed revolution, which will not happen! People are just too fat and lazy to take up arms to save their country! I could go on but whats the point, people like their blinders!

  11. If this is the truth then all politicians should have to do the same, and President Trump attorneys needs to file and request it as part of their suit or request to the Judge. Because we US citizens know they are corrupt and hiding something themselves. And they will back off of this crazy, insane witch hunt that’s costing the taxpayers millions if not billions of dollars.

  12. Then all of them must turn over their tax returns too. How did they get so wealthy on their salary? We are paying them so it is only fair they submit theirs too.

  13. If president Trumps tax, and financial, records are a matter of public interest than the tax and financial records, who holds elected office are of public interest. Let’s unseal Obama’s records. Let’s go after the records of Pelosi and the rest of the crooks in the senate.

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