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Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales: Twitter Should Ban Trump

Twitter rules reinforcement. File photo dated 18/07/18 of a person using the Twitter app on an iPhone. The social media firm has announced a new clampdown on fake accounts as it pledges to "improve the health of the public conversation" before the US mid-term elections. Issue date: Tuesday October 2, 2018. Twitter has updated its rules as part of efforts to cut down on misinformation. See PA story TECHNOLOGY Twitter. Photo credit should read: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire URN:38900798 (Press Association via AP Images)

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said Twitter should have banned President Donald Trump from the social media platform.

He made his comments at a Financial Times conference on Tuesday in Amsterdam. His comments were detailed in a report by Politico.

Wales said the president should have been banned from Twitter “a long time ago,” and he claimed Twitter has been applying its rules differently when it comes to Trump and some others.

“A lot of stuff he says would not violate the terms of service of Twitter,” Wales said. “He’s a blowhard, and he says false things. But he’s attacked people in ways that other people couldn’t get away with. I mean, they’ve made it very clear that they are applying the rules differently.”

But Wales had praise for Twitter’s decision to exclude political ads, Politico noted.

“On this one I think Twitter has definitely done the right thing and Facebook should do the same. I think for Facebook to accept political advertising and not accept any kind of fact-checking responsibility . . . This is really unwise.”

“And it’s not . . . like they make a ton of money from political advertising. It’s a small piece of their overall business. I think they are better off without it.”

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  1. When it comes to freedom of speech our Bill of Rights and judicial system have defined what that encompasses and where the lines are drawn. This worthless Jerk Jimmy,or any private enterprise does not have the right of restriction especially if that private enterprise makes their product available to the citizenry at large. When you offer your product to the general public at large for profit, then you have to take the good with the bad. Wikipedia is one of the most biased enterprises on the internet and should be avoided by any Conservative, Libertarian, or Constitutionalist.

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