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Twitter Bans GOP Candidate Running Against Rep. Omar

UNITED STATES - FEBRUARY 13: Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., attends a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing in Rayburn Building titled "Venezuela at a Crossroads," on Tuesday, February 13, 2019. Elliott Abrams, U.S. special representative for Venezuela, testified. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

A Republican candidate running to challenge Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., had her Twitter account permanently suspended for repeated violations of Twitter rules.

Danielle Stella’s campaign account on Twitter, @2020MNCongress, was bounced after posting at least twice about hanging the progressive freshman who’s frequently been the target of attacks from the right, the Washington Times first reported.

Each Stella tweet involved a baseless accusation that alleges she shared sensitive information with the Iranian government — a claim the congresswoman has since rejected as “outlandishly absurd.,” the news outlet reported.

“If it is proven @IlhanMN passed sensitive info to Iran, she should be tried for #treason and hanged,” Stella’s campaign said in the first tweet, The Washington Times reported.

The campaign subsequently tweeted the link to an article that aggregated her remark, accompanied by a crude depiction of a stick figure hanging from gallows, The Washington Times reported.

The account has since been permanently suspended for repeated violations of Twitter’s rules.

A defiant Stella told The Washington Times that her “suspension for advocating for the enforcement of federal code proves Twitter will always side with and fight to protect terrorists, traitors, pedophiles and rapists.”

Omar said the alarming attack was among the “misinformation and conspiracy theories” that have been aimed at her, CNN reported.

“This just shows how far the Republican Party has fallen under Trump. Their campaign strategy is just threats, disinformation and smears against their opponents and the people will continue to reject it,” Omar said in a statement, CNN reported.

On Friday, Omar tweeted that “violent rhetoric” leads to “violent threats.”

“This is the natural result of a political environment where anti-Muslim dogwhistles and dehumanization are normalized by an entire political party and its media outlets,” she posted.

At least five candidates, including Stella, are currently seeking the Republican nomination to run in 2020 against Omar in the GOP primary next Aug. 11, The Washington Times reported.

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  1. Washington Post article spells it out!
    New NSC chief of staff is from group that believes Muslims are plotting to take over U.S. By Abigail Hauslohner May 30, 2018 at 7:28 p.m. EDT
    The White House has named a new National Security Council chief of staff from a group that propagates the conspiracy theory that Islamists have infiltrated the U.S. government in a plot to take over the country.
    Fred Fleitz and CSP have claimed that major American Muslim organizations and mosques are secretly working to advance a jihadist agenda, that such groups should not be trusted when they claim to “eschew violence” and that they should be “neutralized as political forces.”
    He also warned of “radical clerics and radical mosques” that he said promote hate. And he said he believes that “political correctness” and use of the label “Islamophobic” has hindered the United States’ ability “to go after radical Islam.”

    • and what porcion of that hate piece, NOT WRITTEN BY TRUMP BTW, have any relación to the candidate? I Believe it is true. as it was with MAO, the Journey of a Thousand miles begins with the first step…
      but issue Bears no discussion with the morons that defendió the jihad. and i do not mean all muslims. as well as blacks, Mexicans (which btw is a citizenship not a race) latins, Indians, etc. all have bad an good people. but to say NONE of anyone is downright racist

  2. our president needs to get rid of every muslim in our country that does not want to be american when they are anti-American they need to leave our country i don’t care if they’re american citizens or not they need to lose their citizenship when they turn against america get them the hell out

    • Praying that this happens. At least when the “brotherhood” is considered a terrorist organization then the, previously protected, mosques won’t be protected by any pretense to be a First Amendment protected staus.

  3. That has been going on for many years. It is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact. Obama “imported” thousands from Somalia and they are spread out throughout Michigan. After his term was up, he met with the Canadian Prime Minister and convinced him to welcome Islamists into Canada, to which Trudeux replied, “I welcome as many as want to come.” There has been many caught sneaking across our southern border, and many more that were not caught and made it into our country. There are upwards of 25 “training camps” spread throughout the USA. It goes on and on and has been for quite a few years. Congress and the Senate better wake up!!!

    • I’ve heard too that they have training camps . Why are we not dropping bombs on them , or at the very least rounding these scum up and putting them in gitmo . Those are tax dollars we Would support !

  4. its about time someone look at what they stand for , it shure is not america or its people! she is as antiamerican as they come,those people destroy what everthey touch, with her antiamericam rants people should wake up !!!democrats are antiamerican too!

  5. What in the world are the Us people thinking …they should never be allowed in any position in our government ever!!! How would Turkey…Iraq…Iran any other Islamic country react if our President…or a person in our Congress went their to live and wanted to get a position so they could help run their country…u know it would be No Way…wake op America…they can live here but never hold a position in our government

  6. EVERY honest American citizen needs to quit twitter TODAY….make them fail. When President Trump or any other GOP person gets accused of something it’s the absolute, ‘truth’, but when a USA hating muslim or any other crooked scum DEMONrat commits a crime they all of a sudden become a ‘victim’ Top for us to shut the lies and hate from the left down

    • I pray that you are right. Four more racist, bigoted individuals would be hard to find. I am ashamed to have to share a gender with that pack of lunatics.

  7. We the people agree with you and we pray it happens. Americans rights are at stake and just imagine what it will do to Americans children.
    Think about the children of American.
    Rid them out of Government it’s your childrens future.

  8. Hmm…. Another thought police action? From this article the candidate only speculated that if Omar was guilty of treason she should be hung as the law provides. I don’t happen to think her rhetoric was good but freedom of speech is for all or for none. As for the rise of islamaphobia, it is due entirely to the rhetoric of Omar and Tlaib. They promote antisemitism and push for censorship of any criticism of themselves or the leftist agenda of socialism/communism.

  9. She will be removed when the dumacrap communist are indicted and convicted of treason, the Muslims are known enemies of America, and infiltration of every country they have invaded was to
    take over the government, this is a fact, and anybody that thinks differently is buying into the communist Propaganda, brainwashing, backwards talk aka lies, deceit! The dumacrap communist
    are the ghetto street thugs that don’t give a shit about people of any color, nationality, or
    political party, they just need votes and the dumber the better, so they educated with lies and fake
    history and bully any student that questions their stupidity, and these poor kids are all going to have the mentality of the hateful violent Somalian’s, the Kenyan purposely sought out the savage countries to flood our civilized country by the illegitimate Kenyan Muslim that will be hung for treason! He is also responsible for the Muslim invasion of our courts all across the country, and the sabotaging of our government with terrorist and the desecration of our constitution! This loser is a plant to do exactly what she’s good at, lies, deceit, war mongering, LOWERED the standards of conduct, civility, and sophistication in our government and society! None of the squad have the sophistication, self respect or self awareness to accomplish what they’re here to do, and that is to bring down American and insert their low mentality savage communist 2 class system, 1st class citizens are the self appointed superiors elites, and the 2nd class citizens will be the work slaves living in the dumacraps designed ghettos, eating the scraps of the self appointed superiors out of trash cans, health care will be a First Aid kit, and education will be non existent! This is what this idiot child is bullshitting her supporters to willingly and voluntarily walk into their own demise!

  10. Y this TOWEL HEADED, CAMEL FACED, SOMALI-TURD, Needs 2B arrested 4 the crimes of Immigration fraud, tax fraud, school loan fraud, campaign finance fraud and the most serious, being an agent of a foreign entity,(Iran)!!!!
    Anyone else would have been investigated and B sitting in jail or under it by now….
    This also shows u how much Conservatives R being stifled and censored by the leftist media!!!!
    We the people know what’s going on, but they think the American public is 2 stupid 2 think 4 ourselves!!!!👌👌👌👌

  11. omar needs to be banned from tweet she has put this country down so bad she needs to go back where she came from before these towel heads take over this country.they hate americans want to distroy us and this country.wake up tweet. omar is the one with the hate speech ban her and all the dems. that want socialism an communism.keep this great country FREE.

  12. This squad member cheated to get in and the Dems, who love their Muslims will cheat to keep her in.

    That’s what Democrats do. Cheat, lie, steal, and then put everything they did on Our President.


  13. https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2019/12/02/ilhan-omar-impeaching-trump-on-ukraine-is-like-getting-al-capone-on-tax-evasion/

    lol, the woman who cheated her way to her position. Sending money to your lover using campaing funds is like al capone on tax evasion.


    And the Impeachment BS show is a political ploy. You using campaign funds for personal use ISN’T.


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