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Rutgers Prof: Fox News & The GOP Are “Existential Threats” To The Country


Authored by Dave Huber via The College Fix,

A professor of education at Rutgers University is but the latest example of an academic who feels it appropriate to discard all sense of decorum on social media in order to bash a sizable segment of the American public.

Catherine Lugg of the Department of Educational Theory, Policy, and Administration took to Twitter recently to refer to supporters of the Second Amendment as “gun/Moloch worshippers” and part of a “death cult.”

“At this point, I don’t think ANY civilian should own/have access to any fire arms [sic], period,” Lugg wrote on November 14. The prof has called the Second Amendment “insane,” claiming “No other country indulges in an 18th century death cult.”

Numerous times on Twitter Lugg has advocated for the repeal of the amendment, noting the “The US Constitution must NOT be a suicide pact.” (Give her some credit here — at least she realizes a repeal is the only (legal) means by which gun rights can be eliminated.)

The irony of this stance is that Lugg believes the United States is a “crypto-fascist republic,” something which she has “long argued.” And with the Russians’ “purchase” of the Republican Party (and some Democrats), she says, we’re “sliding towards the real thing.” (Lugg actually wrote “Soviet” instead of “Russian” in her tweet; good thing she doesn’t teach politics or history.)

This all makes the GOP, along with its supporters at Fox News — which is “openly fascist” — an “existential threat” to the USA, Lugg says.

According to her faculty page, Lugg has been “recognized for her pioneering research surrounding LGBT issues and the politics of education.”

“Situated at the intersection of various social constructs,” her bio notes, “[Lugg’s] work examines the influence that social movements and political ideology have on educational politics and policy, but with rich appreciation for the historical context from which they stem.”

For teachers-to-be who actually want to do their jobs (you know, convey knowledge of subject matter), Lugg might not be the best choice when it comes to course selection — if the title of one of her articles is any indication: “Educating for political activism and subversion: The role of public educators in a Trumpian age.”

Prof. Lugg must feel right at home among other Rutgers, er, luminaries such as Brittney “Time is Racist” Cooper, James “I Hate White People” Livingston, Jasbir “Israel Harvests Organs from Palestinians” Puar, Kyla “Sex Difference is Itself a Racial Structure” Schuller, and Ruth “I’ve Come to see [the presidency] as [Hillary’s] Destiny” Mandel.

h/t: Robby Starbuck

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  1. “Educating for political activism and subversion: The role of public educators in a Trumpian age.”

    Yep that’s all the children, who are paying WAY TOO much for sub-par education here in New Jersey. Turning your children into immature snowflakes unable to USE their own mind. They will teach your children how to walk and chew gum the Democratic way, lol.

    BTW, We the People, along with parents and students of New Jersey are also paying to subsidize illegal aliens for this garbage too.

    “The irony of this stance is that Lugg believes the United States is a “crypto-fascist republic,” something which she has “long argued.” And with the Russians’ “purchase” of the Republican Party (and some Democrats), she says, we’re “sliding towards the real thing.” (Lugg actually wrote “Soviet” instead of “Russian” in her tweet; good thing she doesn’t teach politics or history.)”

    Nope Democratic party WORKED with Russia to help Iran get nuclear bombs. Also Democratic worked with British spy who worked with Russia for a fake dossier so that Hillary and Obama could steal the election.

    So beware parents and students, I’d steer clear of this Communist/Socialist indoctrinate.


  2. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/28/mansour-instead-of-canceling-thanksgiving-celebrate-it-as-our-founding-myth/

    Not just Our President, who spent Thanksgiving WITH OUR TROOPS, you Socialists/Communists slobs want to get rid of, but our History as well. If you look at any other Country there is good and bad in all.

    Tired of these leeches of society trying to erase OUR History. Heck that was Islam does when they conquer a Country. Gee, and MSNBC calls Trump Supporters ISIS Terrorist. Nah, these dolts who want to erase this Great Nation’s history are.

    Thank you President Trump for your visit to our Troops on Thanksgiving. The Commander and Chief showing that We the People support them and THANK them.

    Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!


  3. . . . “gun/Moloch worshippers” and part of a “death cult.”

    Only a demonrat would reference to something they are familiar with. Moloch required child sacrifices. They kill babies (abortion) after all . . .
    Demonrats only have their hate to live on. It fuels all their waking hours and minutes (woke). They are bitter over ‘the season of Trump’ in our Nation’s history. They thought Obama was their savior. He would bring America to her knees, and allow all their perversions and despicable practices to flourish. He did try hard; but God put Trump in his way, and Trump’s pen works just as well as Obama’s did.
    This freak-show ‘professor’ is just one more nut-job coming out of the woodwork, desperate to please (her) master Satan; and another reason to shut down public schools.

  4. https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/11/29/alarmists-propose-rebranding-climate-change-for-greater-shock-value/

    Gee a group teaching children to “change or rebrand” the name to scare people. Colleges do it too, look at the “safe spaces” created for the snowflakes.

    Ever hear of this book of tales?

    “Like Aesop’s fable of the Boy Who Cried Wolf, climate alarmists may wake up one fine day to find that nobody believes them anymore.”

    Yep keep “howling at the moon” with your Globalist talking point.


  5. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/29/illinois-town-to-fund-reparations-program-with-marijuana-sales-tax/

    “Booker testified that the U.S. “yet to truly acknowledge and grapple with the racism and white supremacy that tainted this country’s founding and continues to cause persistent and deep racial disparities and inequality.”

    “The stain of slavery was not just inked in bloodshed, but in policies that have disadvantaged African Americans for generations,” he added.”

    Sorry people, he’s from New Jersey. Hasn’t figured out that African Americans have been doing really well the past 3 years under President Trump. Booker likes to egg on people with the “racist card”.

    So sell drugs to help a community. Yea right, a law hasn’t been passed yet federally, as Booker and his buddies feel the Impeachment hoax is WAY too important. So, like New Jersey, who thinks they are above the Federal law, Illinois will get penalized and lose that money, making the taxpayers pay MORE taxes.

    And then there is this:


    Yep, smart move Booker, NOT!


  6. What are the Democratic Party hopefuls offering us?
    1. Open borders and more rewards fir illegal entry and their kids not ours
    2. Free Medicare if your illegally here as well as college
    3. No borders o sovereignty, and the death of the republic
    4. Higher taxes to be over regulated and enslaved under the hoax New Green Deal
    5. Free college, free housing and a 1,000 dollars a month at tax payers expense
    6. Deficit foreign trade
    7. Police are degraded and hated
    8. Free most criminals quickly
    9. Taxed the rich into fleeing with their money
    10. Reduce the military fir socialist programs
    11. Indoctrination into Marxism
    12. Eventually we accept Soros Open Society to join the new world order ruled by the leftest UN a Global country to redistribute the wealth
    13. Genocide of white people only people of color can fix America example Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, and Communist Cortez. Thus all white people must be taxed to reward people of color for crimes they did not commit.
    This will create a utopia and everyday will be wonderful, the dumbest people on earth will rule over our fair tale Kingdom built upon Marxist ideology. Just perfect

  7. What a lug she is. Russia is in no position to purchase anybody after Trump stole away a significant portion of its gas and oil business by making the U.S. a net exporter of energy. A number of these professors are an existential threat to the intelligence of this nation and especially the younger generation who suffer great financial pain to listen ( read to be indoctrinated ) to them.

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