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Impeachment Witness Reveals Why Ukraine Aid Was Held Up


A recent review of the deposition of an impeachment witness reveals the reason why the witness was told aid was withheld from Ukraine.

Instead of the ominous reason created by Democrats, the real reason seems to be because President Trump was concerned that other countries were not contributing their fair share to Ukraine.

According to The Daily Wire:

Newly released transcripts from the deposition of Mark Sandy, an official at the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), reveal that OMB was allegedly instructed to withhold aid to Ukraine because President Donald Trump was concerned “about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine.”

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) responded to the release of the transcripts from the deposition, which happened on Chairman Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee, by writing on Twitter, “The transcript for OMB’s Mark Sandy was just released. The ONLY reason he was ever given why there was a hold on $ to Ukraine was ‘the President’s concern about other countries not contributing more to Ukraine.’ NOT bribery. NOT quid pro quo or any other WACKY Schiff conspiracy!”

Sandy made the revelation when he was asked what reason Michael Duffey, a politically appointed official at the OMB, was given by the White House on why the aid to Ukraine was to be delayed.

Sandy went on to state that the requests that he received in early September about how much other nations were contributing to Ukraine came from Duffey.

A new report has emerged Wednesday indicating that President Trump was briefed about the whistleblower complaint before he released the aid but it remains unclear if that was the reason he released the aid.

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  1. Here we are at a most marvelous of American holidays, and I believe we have lots to be thankful for! I listened to Rush yesterday recount the actual facts of the first Tgiving, that Bradford had actually sowed the seeds of democracy within the village. Democrats should pay attention, grassroots Americans agree with this, not the give away socialism. Let’s all give thanks today.

    • So now there is an independent witness that is technically calling President Trump a liar. And this is not just because of Sonlands testimony attested to the fact it was Trump using taxpayers money ( money already allocated by Congress to Ukraine) to extort the President of Ukraine for personal favors, like investigating Biden.
      But even more compelling was the admission by Chief if Staff Mulvaney’s own admission on national TV.
      It seems that not even a signed confession by Trump could convince his Disciples. Nice!

      • You named a lot of people that should be on Trial for many things clear up to Treason ! Then we have a real enemy of America helping the Socialist Democrats and very corupt he became Rich killing his friends as a Teenager in George Soros

  2. It is an absolute shame that the Democrats have wasted taxpayers money and time on this impeachment sham. Money better spent on fixing America’s crumbling infrastructure and better securing our borders. Time wasted that should have been spent in actually governing rather than acting out their petty politics. And as far as their socialist agenda, what makes America great is its capitalist, economic engine. No other country, one nation “under God” has ever even approached our democracy and democrats want to turn socialist, well let them go to Russia and see how they like that form of government. The democrats should be ashamec.

    • The Democrats never care about spending other people’s monies…our tax dollars…to them it’s free money to do with and waste as they see fit…If the Democrats had their way with we the people they would tax us out of existence…They care more about spending money on social programs than they do on issues that would benefit our country such as Trump is doing…If you like your job you can keep it…if you like your house, your car, and the food you put on your table you can keep it, if you like driving your car or shopping at the mall you can keep it…No so much when the Democrats are in power…they want regulations to strangle the economy…they want your children to have abortions when they grow up…they want a hunk of your wages to give to illegals who have crossed our borders illegally to feed, cloth, educate and set them up on welfare so they don’t have to work other than menial jobs…Democrats love to spend our tax dollars on frivolous nonsense which we the people could do very well without…They won’t spend money on our military, or our infrastructure…Democrats love to see our country decaying from within and then promising we the people they will take care of our problems, which they never do…Democrats are a ruin to this country…however they have nothing to fear as they have the liberal MSM to back up ever misadventure they make.

  3. Mark Sandy, a career official in the Office of Management and Budget, said that the White House did not tell his office that the aid was being frozen over concerns about other countries’ contributions until months after the hold was put in place. SHAME ON YOU.

    • Annnd now you know why the trascript of THIS witness’s testimony was held back and quietly DUMPED on Thanksgiving–because Adam Schiff-for-brains hoped NOBODY would see it, because it TOTALLY CONTRADICTS the LIES that he and OTHER Demmunists have told about Pres. Trump’s actions and motives!

      Guess what? It is NOT an impeachable offense for a President to curtail foreign aid to a country if he sees fit to do so. NOR is it an impeachable offense to investigate CORRUPTION and “pay to play” by conniving DEMMUNISTS who used Ukraine as their PERSONAL “pay to play” piggybank! That is the REAL reason for all this impeachment BS, yaknow–to distract from the CRIMES the Demmunists have already committed in Ukraine!

      • Exactly, commenting on the crime charges, nothing more than misdemeanors, millions spent on a misdemeanor!!!! Wacked out idiots…..put them all out to the FUNNY FARM..!!!!

  4. Seems whistleblowers account of call made know mention of money being held up so difficult to relate anything there. As usual with Schiff and his democratic comrades there’s no there there.

  5. What do you expect with the likes of Pelosi, Schitt, Schumer at the helm? I left NY 20 years ago, because of Schumer, who is nothing more than a shmuck and a con artist!!!! Hope they all go down the with the impeachment ship!!!!!

  6. It’s not a crime to demand that a country clean up its act before receiving billions of dollars. The problem is that corruption in the Ukraine has the DNC written all over it.

      • I guess you were wrong. Trump is doing a pretty good job running the government. He could do even better if the cry baby dems would leave him alone. Perhaps when he wins in 2020 the dems will have run out of things to accuse him of and Congress can get back to the things they were elected to do.

      • It is very evident that the Democrats DON’T KNOW what real leadership is. For more than 250 years, our Country has been a great example of what Freedoms is all about under our REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION and how a person can choose and even become rich through capitalism. But, the CORRUPTED DEMOCRATS want to make our Country into a Socialist Country with the DEMOCRATS running everything. They think they should have complete control of our lives. Anyone who listens to this insane DEMOCRATS must be complete morons. No group should have the right to tell you how you should live your lives. It is important to follow the laws of honesty, decency, respect for others, and follow laws against murder, corruption, rape, and living in a society. But your personal , daily life should be decided by you and your family, not any government.

  7. I feel really sad that the liberals/ democrats are so divisive and anti American. I am also sad that liberals / democrats can not see both sides of the issues they propose. Issues like Elizabeth Warren’s health care plan that she thinks makes up for putting millions out of work and destroying the economy. Then there is the climate change global warming crowd that just cant hear the fact that the earth has not warmed nor the ocean rises.

    The liberals / democrats are so concerned about their tiny little point of view they just cant seet the big picture.

        • I have beachfront condo that has seen the beach almost disappear due to rising seas. There are millions who will lose their homes, that’s what.

          • Interesting! Obama and Gore have beach front property, too. And Obama just acquired his recently. He doesn’t seem to be worried. The climate is ALWAYS changing. Humans have had to adapt for thousands of years.

          • You better let Obama know about those rising oceans. He apparently doesn’t believe it either since he just spent $15 M on an oceanfront beach-house in Martha’s Vineyard. Must be some kinda stupid, right?

      • “Special kind of stupid” must be those who actually study climatic events.
        Do some more homework and stop simply ‘believing’ in your favorite TV personality. Victimhood is nothing to be proud of.
        The earth is cyclical, and there have been many ‘climatic events’ mankind had NOTHING to do with. Yes, the earth HAS warmed, and cooled. Species have come and gone, and what’s here now have adapted.
        The earth’s axis changes. The relative gravitational pull of the sun and our moon; with the alignments of our neighboring planets have more to do with our weather and ‘climatic events’ than we lowly beings who think we can be Gods. The poles are in different locations than they were thousands of years ago. The earth is as a cylindrical object behaves. Weather patterns change with it.
        We may be in peril, but no more than any other weather event would create; and we are supposed to be an evolved collection of beings. We can build structures to withstand heavy winds, extreme cold or heat, earthquakes, flooding, and anything else you can think of. There’s really no reason to succumb to victimhood mentality.
        No matter what the alarmists claim, they cannot control the weather. Screaming about liberal talking points such as “ozone depletion”, or “rising sea levels”, or “the polar bears are dying” is stupidity without reason. Some nut-job ‘environmentalist’ finds a discrepancy in last-year’s tally, and cries ‘Wolf’ too many times, without going back to the count to see if there are patterns.
        The earth is carbon-based. We are carbon-based. Everything we do is carbon-based.
        Early mankind simply picked up and moved their settlements, following the better climates. We are ‘more evolved’ today.
        The smarter thing to do is study ways to overcome changes you are afraid of. The ‘global warming’ industry is indeed ‘big money’; but there’s no need to use ‘scare tactics’ to earn that money. Real people appreciate logic and sensibility.
        Your belief in empty prognostications changes nothing except other people’s outlook or opinion of you.


  9. Totally agree wit you and I should add both Pelosi and Schiff needs to be fired, fined and removed from their positions and lastly not be able to hold any other Government positions.

  10. I am a registered Democrat. I’ll vote in the primary, after that I will become a lifelong Independent. The Schiff Show is the final straw. I could not vote for Hillary as she was actually a criminal. I did not vote for Obama. Just the name alone was a warning sign. On the other hand running Romney and McCain in this elections was a failure of the RNC to pick a good candidate. This time the DNC has Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang and NOT ONE other candidate worth electing! How can the far left leaning liberals and the anti-American Media be so out of touch with what it takes to keep a great nation, together and headed in the right direction?? This is about America’s best holiday. And Democrats and the media are calling for Thanksgiving Should be devoted to debating politics! They could NOT be more wrong. Do they have a Death Wish for the USA??

    • You did not vote for Hillary because she is “criminal”? So instead you voted for the most corrupt criminal to ever run for president? You did not vote for Obama because of his name? I do agree that the rnc failed to pick a good candidate, but take a look again at who they had to choose from. Not a sane one in the bunch except for Kasich.

      • Hey Harrison, R U an American or just ignorant . You make as much sense at dumbass Adam Schift. Can’t wait for fat ass Nadler to make a fool of himself look a dumb as Schift. STOP watching CNN you sound as unAmerican as those idiots. Happy Holiday.

        • Born and raised in the U,S.A. Served my country in the army from 1970 to 1976.
          I am not any where near as ignorant as you if you think Trump is not a criminal.
          Time will tell who is right when more of the truth about Trump is revealed. He is going to die in prison.g4s4

  11. How many times in the earths history has this happened? How many ice ages have there been? Why did the ice melt? It got warmer. What a concept. These things will continue thousands of years after we are dead and gone. Animals and people will adapt just as they have in the past. Be careful who you call stupid.

  12. “A recent review of the deposition of an impeachment witness reveals the reason why the witness was told aid was withheld from Ukraine.A recent review of the deposition of an impeachment witness reveals the reason why the witness was told aid was withheld from Ukraine.”

    Another case of someone was told by someone else who was not the person who made the statement. Why did they not call the person that the witness talked to? Impeachment by gossip!

  13. I think maybe what we should do is offer a proposal about all the money the dems spent on nothing as it is, be paid back by them. Even out of their own personal account if they are doing this just for spite. If they won’t do their jobs then we should be allowed to re-coup the monies they wasted, why should we have to bite the bullet on it? Also, it would make them stop and think first before allowing a low-life like schitty- schiff to bring about one of these cover ups as
    it is and then maybe they will stop this type of crap.

  14. 💥💞👍TRUMPence our/his US ReTRUMPlican Lawmakers 2016-2028👍💞💥 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly
    Amen & Amen!!!

  15. Schitty schiftty just tatted out himself! Now we have a real witness that says boo to schitty! It’s over and the impeachment is toast cause the libs have no ironclad testimony except this one!!!

  16. Schitty schiftty just ratted out himself! Now we have a real witness that says boo to schitty! It’s over and the impeachment is toast cause the libs have no ironclad testimony except this one!!!

  17. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/29/blue-state-blues-jerry-nadler-white-house-lawyer-should-boycott-impeachment-farce/

    How DARE our President want to make other Countries pay as well. How DARE our President think that We the People should PAY for EVERYTHING! Thank you President Trump. Tired of being considered the World’s pocketbook, along with being made a chump by Dems.

    And regarding Nadler, you and Schiffy Schiff need to STOP this fake trial. Or should I say Schiff “manuscript” is a dud. No wonder he failed to being a script writer in Hollyweird, lol.

    Keep doing what you are doing President Trump. This “fake concern” of OUR Constitution of the Dems is just that. FAKE.


  18. The reports are coming! The reports are coming! The reports are coming!

    I wonder what all the demonrat supporters will do and say week-after-next??? I wonder if the mainstream media whores will mention any of the convicts-to-be in Tuesday nights’ evening edits???

    I wonder how many of the elected demonrats will be hauled off in handcuffs?
    I wonder how many of Obama’s un-elected hold-overs and conspirators will be hauled off in handcuffs? I wonder how ‘public’ THAT will be?

    There is not a single one of them who HAVE NOT profited from the Ukraine mess, or Russia meddling, or other ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ being covered up by the ‘witch hunt’. They’re ALL guilty.

    Pill-osi, Schiffty, and Nads-handler belong in jail! (Haven’t heard much from Cryin’ Chuck lately).

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