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State Department Releases Detailed Accounts Of Biden-Ukraine Corruption


A liberal watchdog group’s attempt to nail Rudy Giuliani has backfired in spectacular fashion after their FOIA request resulted in the US State Department releasing detailed accusations of corruption against the Bidens – based on interviews with former Ukrainian officials who were in charge of the investigations.

Responding to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit from the group American Oversight, the State Department on Friday night released almost 100 pages of records detailing efforts by Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani to investigate corruption, which include contacts with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) earlier this year.

While American Oversight’s ‘gotcha‘ is that Giuliani had “multiple contacts” with Mike Pompeo and others while investigating Ukraine corruption, they completely ignore interview notes containing detailed allegations by former Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin – who Joe Biden had fired, as well as his successor, prosecutor general Yuriy Lutsenko – who “believes Mr. Viktor Shokin the former Prosecutor General is honest.”

Viktor Shokin:

On a January 23, 2019 phone call between Shokin and Giuliani, Igor Fruman, Lev Parnas and George Boyle, Shokin said:

“He was appointed to the position of General Prosecutor of Ukraine from 2015 until April of 2016, when he was removed at the request of Mr. Joseph Biden the Vice President of the United States.”

“He [Shokin] became involved in a case against Mr. Mykola Zlochevsky the former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine. The case was opened as a result of Mr. Zlochevsky giving himself/company permits to drill for gas and oil in Ukraine. Mr. Zlochevsky is also the owner of Burisma Holdings.”

“Mr. Shokin stated that there are documents that list five (5) criminal cases in which Mr. Zlochevesky is listed, with the main case being for issuing illegal gas exploration permits. The following complaints are in the criminal case.

  1. Mr. Zlochevsky was laundering money
  2. Obtained assets by corrupt acts bribery
  3. Mr. Zlochevsky removed approximately twenty three million US dollars out of Ukraine without permission
  4. While seated as the Minister he approved two addition entities to receive permits for gas exploration
  5. Mr. Zlochevsky was the owner of two secret companies that were part of Burisma Holdings and gave those companies permits which made it possible for him to profit while he was the sitting Minister.

“Mr Shokin further stated that there were several Burisma board appointments were made in 2014 as follows:

Devon Archer (left) with Joe and Hunter Biden
  1. Hunter Biden son of Vice President Joseph Biden
  2. Joseph Blade former CIA employee assigned to Anti-Terrorist Unit
  3. Alesksander Kwasnieski former President of Poland
  4. Devon Archer roomate to the Christopher Heinz the step-son of Mr. John Kerry United States Secretary of State

Mr. Shokin stated that these appointments were made by Mr. Slochevsky in order to protect himself.

Shokin then details how in July 2015, “US Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt told him that the investigation has to be handled with white gloves, which according to Mr. Shokin, that implied do nothing. On or about September 2015 Mr. Pyatt gave a speech in Odessa where he stated that the cases were not investigated correctly and that Mr. Shokin may be corrupt.”

“Mr. Shokin further stated that on February of 2016 warrants were placed on the accounts of multiple people in Ukraine. There were requests for information on Hunter Biden to which nothing was received.

“It is believed that Hunter Biden receives a salary, commission plus one million dollars.”

“President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko [who Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in US loan guarantees] told Mr. Shokin not to investigate Burisma as it was not in the interest of Joe and/or Hunter Biden. Mr. Shokin was called into Mr. Poroshenko’s office and told that the investigation into Burisma and the Managing Director where Hunter Biden is on the board, has caused Joe Biden to hold up one billion dollars in US aid to Ukraine.

“Mr. Shokin stated that on or around April of 2016 Mr. Petro Poroshenko called him and told him he had to be fired as the aid to the Ukraine was being withheld by Joe Biden. Mr. Biden told Mr. Poroshenko that he had evidence that Mr. Shokin was corrupt and needed to be fired. Mr. Shokin was dismissed in April of 2016 and the US aid was delivered within one and one half months.”

“On a different point Mr. Shokin believes the current Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch denied his visa to travel to the US. Mr. Shokin stated that she is close to Mr. Biden. Mr. Shokin also stated that there were leaks by a person named Reshenko of the Ukrainian State Secret Service about the Manafort Black Book. Mr. Shokin stated that there is possible deceit in the Manafort Black Book.”

Yuriy Lutsenko:

Lutsenko takes Shokin’s interview one step further in a January 25 phone interview with Giuliani and associates – describing how Ukraine has two secretive units which are protected by a US Ambassador.

“Mr. Lutsenko went on to explain that there is a unit called Specialized Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAP) which has under its purview National Anticorruption Bureau Ukraine (NABU) which investigates corruption cases that involved public figures from Mayors upward. He stated that the current US Ambassador protects SAP and NABU,” adding “His office has absolutely no control over SAP or NABU and can’t even ask what they are working on however they fall under his “control.”

Of note, NABU was established in October 2014 “by Mr. George Kent who was the Deputy Chief to the Mission in Ukraine.”

US Ambassador George Kent, who established NABU according to Lutsenko

Bidens and Burisma

Lutsenko “went on to say that he began looking at the same case Mr. Shokin was looking at (mentioned above) and he believes Hunter Biden receives millions of dollars in compensation from Burisma. He produced a document from Latvia that showed several million dollars that were distributed out of Burisma’s account. The record showed two (2) companies and four (4) individuals receiving approximately sixteen million dollars in disbursements as follows:


  1. Wirelogic Technology     $14,665,982
  2. Digitex                         $1,900,000


  1. Alexsander Kwasnewski $1,150,000
  2. Alan Apter                    $302,887
  3. Devon Archer   Amount not revealed by Latvia
  4. Hunter Biden   Amount not revealed by Latvia

“Mr Lutsenko stated that there was also a payment of $900,000 to Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC for consulting fees. Hunter Biden is a partner in Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC along with Devon Archer and the dates of this transaction are approximately anywhere from January to December 2015. According to Mr. Lutsenko the $900,000 invoice was for services rendered for lobbying by Joe Biden.


Read the interviews below (and see the full release here):

via zerohedge


  1. “On a different point Mr. Shokin believes the current Ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch denied his visa to travel to the US. Mr. Shokin stated that she is close to Mr. Biden. Mr. Shokin also stated that there were leaks by a person named Reshenko of the Ukrainian State Secret Service about the Manafort Black Book. Mr. Shokin stated that there is possible deceit in the Manafort Black Book.”

    Know the quid pro quo Joe story. But this different note is interesting.

    Now I understand why the Democrats were fawning over this appointed employee. Biden didn’t want Mr. Shokin to come to the USA to what? Talk about the quid pro quo deal that got him fired?

    And the little black book. Possible deceit? I would think so when I read that George Sor0’s sponsored Anti-Corruption Bureau just found (wink wink) it. Part of the plan to then FISA warrent Manafort when he became part of President Trump’s election team because he helped bring back the image of a Pro-Russian Ukraine candidate in the past.

    The way things are playing out, you would think Schiffy Schiff is running his impeachment show thru the FISA court. The only secret court we have. NO wonder Schiffy ran and hid in the Star Chamber. No wonder the DOJ will not let President’ Trump’s lawyer speak. This is all under government rule. Not FISA rule, but House of Representative rules.

    This MUST STOP! NOW. And you can take your Atlantic Council, the think tank for globalists who pay state officials (Sec of State) lots of money to bend our rules for foreign concern, and STOP.

    Uranium One comes to mind. Smart move allowing a Russian company that FBI knew was money laundering, extorting, etc to take over 20% of the TAXPAYERS strategic asset (Uranium).

    Also 4 years with a private unsecured server. 4 years of TAXPAYERS documents gone. And wonder if those lost e-mails were connected to all the deals in the Atlantic Council for Foreign concerns who paid lots of money to Clinton, Biden, Obama. Kickbacks or should I say “charity” donations.

    Something definitely needs to be done. People need to GO TO JAIL on this. And it’s NOT President Trump.


    • https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2019/11/25/los-angeles-times-calls-devin-nunes-the-impeachment-inquisitor/

      lol, you go Rep. Nunes. Schiffy schiff is pissed because he floundered again. His “memo” failed, and now his FISA court impeachment show failed. so now he scurries back to the Start Chamber to get more information. No vote to impeach, but have to think about what to write. lol. Like the whistleblower complaint there Schiffty?

      so this is the fake news media “temper tantrum” for Schiffy schiff, lol. Schiffty, can’t wait till you testify, but the way it’s looking, you will be hiding in that Star Chamber because there you THINk your the King. lol.

      My husband said “every dog has his day, but I want to be there when he does.”. Oh Schiffty your day is coming. lol


      • https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2019/11/25/dem-rep-speier-calls-for-ethics-investigation-into-nunes-if-he-was-on-a-political-errand-for-the-president/

        Now it’s Rep Nunes who needs to be investigated? For ethics? Dems don’t even know how to spell it let alone what it is. lol

        “If he was on a political errand for the president, that was using taxpayer funds inappropriately, and he should be investigated by the Ethics Committee and he should be forced to repay the Treasury of the money that was spent for what was a purely political activity.”

        Joe Biden, political errand for Obama, using taxpayer funds, to quid pro quo his son Hunter out of trouble. Where was the ethics’ board on this one deary?

        Definitely need to go thru all the quid pro quo money Joe Biden sent out, especially to his son in the bailout and pay back that money. All of it was purely PERSONAL activity.


  2. Couldn’t help but notice the unique picture of the bidens at top of page, is that dirt on them?
    May God bless this nation and President Trump! 🇺🇸

  3. This explains why Schiff doesn’t want the Bidens to testify. I’ve also seen where Schiff is connected to the money that the Bidens received. It explains a lot. Schiff is trying to save his own butt and that of the Bidens.

  4. https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2019/11/25/booker-nancy-pelosi-has-been-a-brilliant-strategist-and-leader-on-impeachment/

    “I mean, this is the problem with this whole investigation, is that you have a president that’s refusing to submit himself to the checks and balances of Congress, to the oversight of Congress.”

    lol, Hey Booker, you must feel right at home watching Schiffy Schiff show because New Jersey, and you are one, has NOT checks and balances. They do whatever they want, right Booker? They know what’s best. Heck Schiffy said at the end of his Schiffy Schiff show that only lawyers could figure it out. I’m not a lawyer and I FIGURED it out. Well, being in the corrupt sanctuary state like New Jersey, corruption runs rampant. Ask menendez he’ll tell you, lol.

    Pelosi and you will go down for DOING NOTHING for 3 years, while you shoveled what Clinton and Biden did on President Trump. Where were you when Congress asked Hilary Clinton for all those e-mails she had on her personal server for 4 years and she destroyed them? Oh that’s right, she’s your girl so she is allowed to do whatever she wants. Typical New Jersey politician thinking.

    2020 can’t come faster. Know you will go down in flames in the 2020 election for president. Even you think so too as you had laws passed so you could keep your position in NJ Senate seat.


    • good question. since they swept everything under the rug for Clinton’s presidential run, I guess this is Biden’s turn.

      Should be interesting what occurs.


  5. Seems the hardest thing these politicians have to figure out with these tremendous amounts of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ for foreign aid, programs for the poor, Interior programs for the “good” of the nation, disaster funds, etc is how much each of them are going to get under the dark of night. How much did the “in’s” of Obumo Adm get for the $150 billion flown out in the dead of night. ALL CASH.

  6. This seems to be pure fiction. If the State Dept already had info that Trump was seeking, why the phone call to Zelinsky? And,as the article states, these are ACCUSATIONS only. Stop trying to mis-inform the Trump cult. This is a great example of FAKE NEWS

    • lol, not misinformed at all. This is an example of ACTUAL reporting. Something not allowed in the FAKE NEWS agenda. Good for this Watchdog Group.


    • Have you even seen the video of Quid Pro Joe threatening the President of Ukraine? Have you seen the evidence that Jr. had no idea how to be on the board of a gas company….. in Ukraine? Did you read the transcript of Pres. Trump’s call with Zelensky? Did you watch the “impeachment inquiry” where NONE of the “witnesses” witnessed any wrong doing? Well, except on the part of Madman Schiff.

      Cults are groups of people who are no longer using their own common sense to think, but only think what their fearless leader tells them to. You know, like what the Dims all did with their god, Barry Hussein. And what they are doing now with their goddesses, Ocrazyo-Cortex, the Muslim Trio, and a mentally ill child from Sweden. You really need to get to an unindoctrination center.

    • well jimmi it could be due to most of the operatives in DC having been appointed by leftist democrapo scum and others hired by those leftist democrapo scum.. they are the rats in the swamp and will not voluntarily give up information that would jeopardize their handlers.. Not only that it would put a lie to the fantasy BS that is being thrown against the wall to determine if something will stick.. We saw that during the confirmation hearings for Justice Kavanaugh as hore after hore sat down and proceeded to lie their worthless azzes off, one $lut after the other..

  7. It’s interesting to note how DIFFERENT the story becomes when the TRUTH is KNOWN. I and MANY OTHER Americans are getting sick and tired of the political BIAS and outright LIES being feed to (and loudly repeated by) the “Mainstream Media” !! Like the evangelist said, “The TRUTH shall set you free” !!!

  8. Oh yeah, ALL of this will come out once the sham impeachment makes it to the Senate. Quid Pro Joe will be called to testify and his and all the rest of the dems dirty laundry will be hung out to dry for all of America to see. I can’t wait!! These libtards have thought THEY were above the law and the American Constitution for so LONG. Anyone with money to invest would be wise to invest in companies that manufacture handcuffs and orange jumpsuits!! Because they are going to need a whole lot of them when kharma comes home to roost in the dems criminally corrupt house of deception.

  9. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/26/second-adam-schiff-staffer-linked-to-burisma-backed-think-tank-close-friends-with-alleged-whistleblower/

    Gee that Atlantic Council think tank again. And a staffer to who? Mr. Schiffy Schiff.

    “Misko’s former position marks the second Schiff staffer who worked or currently works with the Atlantic Council.”

    Wow, I would look into that Task Force if I were you. Especially after having to deal with this Ukraine/Russia/Atlantic Council BS for 3 years!

    Bring Schiffy Schiff to the STAND! Also his staffers from Atlantic Council. They definitely know what Slow Joe and Hunter were doing.


  10. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/26/obama-administration-repeatedly-ducked-questions-on-hunter-biden/

    Oh yea, no scandals in this administration, lol. Now we know why Obama will not endorse Biden, and that he’s talking trash about him now. See that’s what Obama gets for thinking he can just stay in the Oval office and point at anyone and said “he made me do it”. Nope this is all on Obama. Should have done something then. Now it’s blowing up ALL OVER. And CNN and MSNBC can’t contain it. lol


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  12. https://www.npr.org/2019/10/04/766579412/what-to-know-about-the-ukrainian-company-at-the-heart-of-trumps-biden-allegation

    Interesting read.

    “Burisma faced a money-laundering investigation and questions over how it had obtained some of its licenses to drill for natural gas. In spring 2014, the company appointed Hunter Biden and a former Polish president, Aleksander Kwasniewski, to its board. Three years later, Burisma added Cofer Black, a former CIA official and foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, to the board.”

    Gee Mittens foreign policy adviser is on the board? And a former CIA official too.

    “I believe the only reason Burisma and Zlochevsky were inviting people with such names was to whitewash their reputation and to present themselves as a company doing legitimate business in Ukraine,” says Daria Kaleniuk, head of the nongovernmental Anti-Corruption Action Center in Kyiv.”

    lol Joe Biden, John Kerry, Mit Romney. Yea right making this company legit.


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