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Yahoo: FBI Wants to Question Whistleblower


The FBI wants to question the whistleblower whose complaint about President Donald Trump’s July 25 call with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy sparked the impeachment investigation, but no interview has been scheduled, according to sources close to the situation.

An agent at Washington’s field office first reached out to one of the whistleblower’s attorneys back in October, asking then to question the person, described as a CIA analyst, Yahoo News first reported Wednesday. According to the unidentified source, the move to question the whistleblower came after a strong internal debate about how to respond to some of the allegations contained in the report and if they merited further investigation.

Mark Zaid, one of the whistleblower’s attorneys, said he and his co-counsel would have no comment about the request, and it is not clear what the scope of the interview would contain.

The FBI has also refused to comment on the matter.

The request comes as House Intelligence Committee Republicans push to unveil the whistleblower while suggesting the report came for political reasons in opposition to the president. Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., meanwhile, has blocked questions that can reveal the whistleblower’s identity.

Zaid has claimed that the whistleblower and his legal representation has been threatened, but Yahoo’s sources said the agent who wants to question the whistleblower did not refer to the threats, even though they’ve been reported to the FBI.

Meanwhile, FBI counterintelligence officials were said to be especially concerned about claims in the report that Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani and associates Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas may have been manipulated by Russian interests, according to a former senior U.S intelligence official who has discussed the matter with current FBI counterintelligence agents.

Fruman and Parnas were indicted on federal charges of conspiring to bring foreign money into the United States’ elections.

“There were guys within the [intelligence community] who believe this is another Russian attempt,” the former official said. “People think Giuliani is being led down the primrose path.”

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  1. lol, the FBI wants to question the whistleblower now?

    No I, as a President Trump supporter, who felt this man would be best for My Country, want a Senate hearing. And in that hearing I want the whistleblower to answer their questions. FBI doesn’t represent WE the PEOPLE.

    Also will the FBI question Schiff? He TOO must answer questions for HIS actions.


      • Thank you Dee.

        For ONE person to be allowed to take down this President, with the help of corrupt politicians is INSANE. And those who want to say, are gagged?

        How can someone, who is a “whistleblower” be protected like this?

        We need to see this person, have him swear to tell the truth, and then We need HIS side of the story. Because what has been allowed is NOT American justice, but a Third World inquisition.

        And Mr. “Third World” inquisitor Schiff definitely needs to be made to tell what he knew. His story time hour has ended in disgrace. No wonder he was so upset when banging that gavel. lol

        This is not just about President Trump, it’s about how to control our elections. Seen it in 2000 with Bush/Gore. Thank God President Trump has such a strong moral character to stand up to all this nasty harassment for so long.

        We need to protect our way of electing our President. and also this could be a great time to talk about term limits. Stop those thinking that an elected position is a life long job. With LOTS of perks.

        • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/22/elizabeth-warren-calls-full-blown-national-conversation-about-reparations/

          “Because I have to tell you, ignoring the problem is not working,” she added, failing to answer the specific question.”

          Reparations? Gee I think the “indian lady” is right. So Ms. Warren, when are you and your Globalist friends and handlers going to pay back We the People for all the money you STOLE from us. For all the programs you allowed your illegals thru Globalists deals to be depleted.

          “America was founded on principles of liberty and built on the backs of enslaved people. [It’s] time to adopt H.R. 40, Sheila Jackson Lee’s reparations plan. [It’s] time to do what’s right, so that our nation can begin to heal,” Warren stated.”

          It’s 2019, We the PEOPLE built it. We are not enslaved, but only to what you decided selling for your own personal gain to Globalists.

          Our Nation needs to heal from what you have done to us. $22 Trillion dollars, doubled in 8 years. Can’t even tell how many illegal aliens are here because there is NO count, especially in the 8 years Obama ran us into the ground. Heck you had buses filled with children that Obama wouldn’t even let known where they went in the USA? Human trafficking in my opinion.

          So tell Ms. Jackson, look at the statistics today. African Americans are getting back to work. Are standing on their own two feet, without the help of the Dems. It’s because of THIS President. Your plans worked for so long, but you have to implement a plan. President Trump did. Love seeing Americans get back to work, able to stand on their own two feet, it’s a amazing thing!


    • Seeing as this (?) whistle blower (shill) was attached to the C.I.A., I would say He needs to be put under oath and appear before the Senate where He can be dealt with properly.

      • Globalists media feels that it doesn’t support their agenda that Eric C’s name not be mentioned. Other REAL journalists are being badgered and threatened. Heck Obama threatened journalists all the time.


        “But the Obama administration was determined to change that. Under pressure from Congress and intelligence agencies, Attorney General Eric Holder directed the Department of Justice to aggressively prosecute government employees who discussed classified information with reporters. In 2012, after news organizations reported on U.S. drone strikes and attempts to disable Iranian nuclear reactors, Holder assigned two U.S. attorneys to track down the journalists’ sources.

        President Barack Obama strongly supported Holder’s war against journalists’ sources, despite once promising to protect whistleblowers when in office and running for president on the national security scandals of the Bush administration — misdeeds that became public only because of leaks.”

        Gee, the most “leaking” administration is going to stop leaking? And gosh darn protecting whistleblowers? Just connect the dots. This is another way to control Obama’s agenda. Or should I say Obama’s Globalists handlers agenda.


  2. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/22/lindsey-graham-launches-senate-probe-into-bidens-burisma-actions/

    Thank you Senator Graham. Now FIGHT! Don’t give us this plan and then NOT MOVE FORWARD!

    Know both parties in the past have let the American people down, playing politics. But this IS PURE POLITICS. No crimes have been committed other the President, who the American people decided, is not liked by Globalists connected to representatives, connected to appointed employees.

    And it’s NOT the Russians that are infiltrating our elections, but American politicians, along with globalists like Open Society creator are making the Presidential position null and void. This spits in the face of OUR Constitution. This spits in the face of EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN who paid the ultimate price to PROTECT that living document.

    Hope this not just a show. Time will tell.


  3. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/22/blue-state-blues-the-senate-should-throw-out-the-impeachment-charges/

    Mr. Levin, I respectfully disagree. We have been going thru this sham for 3 years now. Agree that the House Dems, or should I say the “Schiffy Show” proved nothing. The Republicans (thank you) proved time and time again, even under the restricted questioning that it was all a scam.

    Now it’s OUR turn to pull strings, held tightly by Schiff and Pelosi on this scam. And that’s thru a Senate hearing. If Republicans make a sham on this, then We the People will see that both parties have ‘skin in the globalist’ game.

    We should NOT go down fighting. We should NOT just say “oh well, this scam did not work so let’s get back to business”. Again for 3 years we have dealt with this. It’s not the Russians but American politicians doing this. How do we with all due respect talk about OTHER countries corruption when we will not deal with OURS.


  4. Hopefully the I.G.’s report will have Our Justice Department issuing “orders for arrest” for a number of conspirators/ traitors.

  5. Taken from Schiffy Schiff’s Wikipedia account. (not big on wikipedia but sometimes you get some interesting info)

    Investigation of Benghazi attack
    Schiff was appointed to the House Select Committee on Benghazi in 2014 by Nancy Pelosi to serve as one of the five Democrats on the Committee.[31] Schiff had participated in the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence investigation into the attacks on the Benghazi diplomatic compound, which found that the initial talking points provided by the intelligence community were flawed but without an intention to deceive, and that diplomatic facilities across the world lacked adequate security.[32] The report’s findings were unanimous and bipartisan. Before he was appointed as a Member of the Benghazi Select Committee, Schiff called the establishment of a select committee to investigate the 2012 attack a “colossal waste of time,” and said Democratic leaders should not appoint any members, stating: “I think it’s just a tremendous red herring and a waste of taxpayer resources”.[33] Despite those reservations, he still accepted an appointment to the Committee because if he felt he “could add value, [he] would serve”.[34]

    “I think it’s just a tremendous red herring and a waste of taxpayer resources”. Says the Schiffy Schiff.

    Men DIED because of lack of help in Benghazi. But here in Ukraine we have “hearsay” evidence of a call.

    What difference does it make now Schiff? Oh lots of it and I can’t wait for the day you have to raise your hand and tell the truth. What an absolute dirt bag you are. Your moral stage show at the end of your Schiff Show is just that, a stage show. You wouldn’t know morals if it came up and bit you on the ankle.

    Yep, time to face President Trump, the one you and your so-called whistleblower accused of a crime. Now there will be NO waste of time or taxpayer dollars on that. Justice WILL be served.


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