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Jussie Smollett Sues the City of Chicago For ‘Malicious Prosecution’


Actor Jussie Smollett is suing the city of Chicago for “malicious prosecution,” claiming he’s being unfairly targeted by the city, as Reuters reports:

“The actor Jussie Smollett has sued the city of Chicago and multiple police officers for malicious prosecution, claiming they caused him economic harm, mental anguish and distress.

Smollett made his accusation in a counterclaim made public on Wednesday, in a lawsuit where the city sought to recoup costs for investigating his alleged false claim that he had been the victim of a racist and homophobic beating on a Chicago street.

Chicago had sued Smollett in April, and the lawsuit is pending in Chicago federal court.”

This is of course ridiculous and what happens when you give an inch to a man who got away with trying to frame Trump supporters for a fake hate crime.

The saddest part of the whole saga is he got away with it and is not in prison for what he did.


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  1. Please go away. What a waste of Chicago taxpayer money. There are more pressing matters that the time and money that will be wasted on this hollyweird clown could go to what City of Chicago residents need.


  2. I’d be willing to bet that Smollett has managed to fix this and likely with Obama’s help. This —hole thinks he’s entitled! He’s not.

  3. Either he is the stupidest man in the universe, or the most narcissistic; who never learned the value of humility.
    Jussie; admit your failings, clean out your bank account, sell all your crap, gather the funds to pay your bills, get on with your life like every other Hollywood fool has done.

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