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Medicare For All Study: 2/3 Of Households Would Be Worse Off


Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

If Democrats get their way and jack up taxes to attempt to cover a “Medicare for All” plan, not only would jobs be lost, but 2/3 of American households would be worse off. A majority of households would end up worse off financially with less disposable income.

That’s bad news for an economy that’s holding on by the thin thread of consumer spending. The study is an interesting exercise, but it’s not hard to anticipate the response from the Left.

Liberals’ preferred Medicare for All estimates tend to assume that a single-payer system could pay doctors and hospitals a lot less than private insurers do and that you could get a long way toward funding Medicare for All by socking it to the rich. Heritage made some key assumptions cutting in the opposite direction, though Heritage’s assumptions are a good bit more plausible than the lefties’ are.

The study assumes no payment cuts for medical providers at all.

National Review

The study was conducted by the Heritage Foundation and the results could impoverish the majority of Americans and widen the “wealth gap” liberals constantly complain about (while pushing policies that only make it worse).

In general, the study mainly drives home that the expected results of Medicare for All depend mainly on one’s subjective assumptions about how payments would work out and which taxes could plausibly raise that much money. It’s an enormous change from the status quo, and its effects are difficult to predict in an empirical, non-ideological manner. No matter how it worked out, it would require someone to pay a boatload in new taxes, though, which would leave a majority of households worse off than they were before.

Those increases in taxes too will, in turn, reek havoc on the overall economy. Even a hike in the corporate tax rate will have the net result of lost jobs and not just a few – 413,000 of them. Studies also show that Joe Biden’s plan would decrease the United States’ GDP by one percent. For a country barely hanging on economically, this could prove disastrous.

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  1. Haven’t they learned thru Obamacare? Oh silly me, all the Congress was EXEMPT, along with their Big Billionaire donors. And now they are going after them (wink, wink) to show the American People how bad it is to have BIG BUSINESS in the USA. But actually the burden will be OURS.

    Well considering the economy is booming under a Man, who understands how devastating Obamacare was to the American Taxpayers, and also know LOTS about BIG BUSINESS, I would truly consider telling this “fake indian liar” that she can take her “feel good” legislation and stick it.

    Look forward to 2020, maybe lots of these Impeachment traitors will be out of Office (Gitmo hopefully fingers crossed), the House will be restored to those representatives that ACTUALLY represent the AMERICAN people, and we can get down to business. Taking back our Health care, as we have taken back OUR BIG BUSINESS from foreign concerns.


    • ObamaCare was a giveaway to the insurance companies.Single payer really has you insurance company employees scared.We cannot afford the present system which is the single largest cause of bankruptcy in the US.Our healthcare system is @1 in one area=cost

  2. First of all, health care is NOT a “RIGHT!!!” The freedom to voice your opinion (Free Speech) is a RIGHT (as in the First Amendment); it doesn’t require tax revenue from anyone to enable it. The freedom to worship (or not) God, in your own way (different denominations) is a RIGHT (as in the First Amendment). The freedom to defend yourself is a RIGHT (as in the Second Amendment). The RIGHT to Due Process and to the expectation of security in your own home is expressed in the Fourth and Fifth Amendments (and the 14th Amendment requires the State governments to respect these same RIGHTs as the Federal government is required to respect. Note that unalienable RIGHTs do NOT require financial support from other people! Health care is a combination of PRODUCTS and SERVICES that other people have to provide to you. That requires PAYMENT to them for their products and services. There is no such thing as “Free Healthcare” – if there were, there would have to be leg irons and chains around all medical doctors, nurses, and everybody else in their support staffs to WORK FOR FREE. That would be called slavery, and that was over-ruled by the 13th Amendment. Socialists are so screwed up in their thought processes its ridiculous.

  3. Yeah, Frump knows a lot about business. He’s had how many bankruptcies? He’s shafted how many contractors? Obamacare was “devastating” to American taxpayers–when more people were covered than ever before? Gitmo isn’t open to Americans, you idiot.

    And health care isn’t a right? So if you have a life threatening illness and your insurance doesn’t cover it, you should just die? I can’t help but wonder how you would feel of that were you or one of your loved ones. And “Medicare for all” does not require doctors, etc, work for free, but it does limit how much can be charged for services.

    • I know all about what happened to him here in Atlantic City. Now you want to talk about corruption? Also, contractors who don’t do the job correctly, don’t get paid. Wise decision for a corporation.

      Obamacare HURT many people. The only ones really covered were ILLEGAL aliens who broke our LAWS in the first place. And don’t get me started on what the devastation of children with cancer had to go thru to get medication.

      Gitmo will be open for Americans, lol. Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Comey, Mueller, and the list goes on. Traitors to We the People go there.

      Again, liberal talking points. Health care is NOT a right. Just like anchor babies do NOT have automatic citizens. Liberals changed the way it should be. Medicare for all is just another form of taxing the American taxpayers to pay for ILLEGAL aliens “pursuit of happiness”.


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