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Media Manipulation: Story About Immigrant ‘Kids In Cages’ Scrubbed After UN Said It Happened On Obama’s Watch


Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

A story with the wrong “official narrative” was scrubbed by mainstream media outlets. After reporting on detained migrant children, AFP and Reuters scrubbed the story when the United Nations revealed it happened on Barack Obama’s watch.

Why The “Abject Silence” From The Left About Child Migrant Detentions Under Obama?

The media is now self-censoring when the numbers don’t align with their narrative. The thought manipulation of the public is on full display. Rather than issue a correction, several news agencies have instead opted to delete a story stating that 100,000 migrant children were detained in US border facilities. This decision to delete comes after the United Nations clarified that the number is years old, predating the age of Trump, according to RT.

Many Twitter users noticed that the story was scrubbed because the numbers reflect poorly on Obama, not their nemesis, Donald Trump.

Once responsibility for the vast number of detentions was passed from Trump to Obama, however, the author of the story decided to clarify further that the 100,000 figure referred to the “cumulative number of migrant children detained at any point in 2015”, rather than all at one time, another caveat he conveniently forgot to explain previously.

Despite frequent and vocal criticisms of President Trump’s border policies, his predecessor’s approach to immigration was not entirely different, even earning Obama the moniker of “Deporter in Chief.” During his first term, President Obama deported some 400,000 migrants each year, setting a record for himself in 2012 at over 409,000. President Trump, meanwhile, has deported fewer than 300,000 each year since taking office in 2017. –RT

But the story didn’t fit the narrative that the mainstream media is attempting to shove down the throats of Americans, so it was scrubbed – not edited to reflect Obama as the bad guy.

So much for an unbiased and factual press.

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  1. Main Street Media is Fake Media. It is collaborating with the DNC, Obama, Clinton, the State Department (who opposes President Trump), CIA, FBI.

    This is the mechanism that is being used, just like Hitler and any other Communist Socialist Dictator does to push out misinformation to the public.

    Wasn’t it a “FREE Press” that the American People need? To make sure all facts on a government that could possibly turn into tyranny could be given out to the American People?

    Now it controls, slanders, libels, ruins, working to push the Dem agenda that THEY feel, along with their Globalist handlers is the best for Our Country.

    Nope, can read between the lines. Don’t need a government to be My Nanny. Nor do I listen or trust a fake news media that feels that since I’m just an average American citizen, I just won’t understand.

    Disgusting where “Free Press” has come to.


  2. https://www.breitbart.com/border/2019/11/21/daca-recipient-charged-with-human-smuggling-near-arizona-border/

    Oh what lovely people Obama’s DACA program brought in, don’t you think? They just came here to suck off the American taxpayers. No work permits even attached to this Obama NWO program.

    “The Department of Justice argued it does not have the legal authority to issue work permits to DACA recipients, Breitbart’s Neil Munro wrote. Munro also reported on a Department of Homeland Security report revealing one-in-ten (approximately 80,000) DACA recipients have an arrest record.”

    Pillars of society, right Obama? lol. Yep this is what the American taxpayers are being forced to deal with. The expense of people who should not be here. Who could care less, but have their hands out.

    “In a display of disrespect for the rule of law, DACA recipients protesting outside the U.S. Supreme Court vowed to stay in the United States regardless of any action taken by the nation’s highest court, Starr reported.”

    Gee no wonder they want to get rid of Ice. Spitting on our laws, spitting on our Constitution, depleting OUR money in programs paid for by US Taxpayers.

    “During oral arguments, Justice Sotomayor said, “That this is not about the law; this is about our choice to destroy lives.”

    Yep destroy AMERICAN TAXPAYERS lives. These leeches are all yours. YOU PAY FOR THEM!


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