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Substance Abuse Touches Around Half Of All American Families


According to Gallup, the effects of substance abuse are felt by around half of all American families, with, as Statista’s Katharina Buchholz notes, only slight differences were recorded by the survey regarding race or sex.

46 percent of U.S. adults reported having dealt with substance abuse in their families. 18 percent said those were related just to alcohol, while 10 percent said their problems were related just to drugs. Another 18 percent said they had dealt with both.

Infographic: Substance Abuse Touches Around Half of All U.S. Families | StatistaYou will find more infographics at Statista

Women were slightly more likely to report substance abuse being a problem in their families. The difference between non-Hispanic whites and nonwhites reporting problems with substance abuse were two percentage points for alcohol and just one percentage point for drugs.

That widened to 6 and 9 percent, respectively, between people reporting weekly church attendance and people seldom or never attending church service. Whether respondents held a college degree or not actually had a similar impact – people who did not go to or finish college were 7 percent more likely to report alcohol abuse and 4 percent more likely to report drug abuse in their families.

The highest discrepancies were actually recorded in terms of region. Easterners were 9 percent less likely to report alcohol abuse than Westerners, while Midwesterners were 10 percent less likely to report drug abuse than people in the West.

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  2. This doesn’t even touch on how substance abuse affects families who don’t have members with drug or alcohol issues. They should have had a catagory for that. Last year I was robbed in a big box parking lot by an adult gang member high on cocaine. I kicked at him and tried to slam the door on him, but he tore my fanny pack securely belted around my waist off me and took off. I was able to iID his car and security cameras showed him clearly. Caught next day. Had to go through hassle of charge card changes and buy new phone because it was in fanny pack instead of my pocket. So out money, but not injured even though he said he would use a knife on me if I didn’t give him money he demanded. Had numerous knives, guns, credit cards, phones etc in his motel room. DB

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