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‘Solutions Are Obvious’ – The US Higher Education System Is Broken


Authored by ‘Solutions Are Obvious’ via The Burning Platform blog,

The US higher education system is broken. In many cases, it produces individuals with useless degrees purchased at outrageous cost. The system itself is an infestation of ultra liberal professors, spineless administrators and a student body that becomes more and more radicalized and detached from reality the more courses they take.

The higher education system is the incubator for the anti white, anti male, anti Trump, pro freak, pro censorship, anti gun, pro socialist, anti conservative, pro unlimited immigration, pro free everything mentality that pervades what purports to be the evening news. It infantilizes young adults to produce a steady stream of victims and mental midgets completely unprepared to meet the real adult world. In short, it produces the Democrat voter.

All is not lost, however. By and large, STEM graduates are less affected by the SJW mental aberration as their critical thinking abilities are necessarily on a higher plane to be able to cope with a curriculum that is more than just opinion. STEM fields have empirically based phenomena to comprehend and must use known tested methods of reasoning and logic to handle the problems and situations a particular field is called upon to investigate. Although STEM students are typically forced to sit through nonsense classes and regurgitate what the instructors deem critical information, they instinctively know its BS and promptly forget it once the class is over. They’re typically not permanently scared.

The problem lies with the ‘Basket Weaving’ majors where no proof of anything is required or even possible as it’s all just opinion and supposition. The Humanities / Social Sciences / Liberal Arts courses offer an easy path towards a degree, many of which are absolutely worthless. It’s actually a shame that some of them do lead to living wage and beyond employment options that end up producing many of the fraudulent professions society is encumbered by like Economics, Psychiatry and other specializations that can’t prove anything past common sense.

I’ll concentrate primarily on what to do to eliminate only the most egregious fraudulent degrees that are currently plaguing society.

The concept of tenure needs to be eliminated. No one should be guaranteed a livelihood by managing to hit some arbitrary mark and thereafter have no responsibility for doing a good job as reviewed by their employer. The education profession needs to get rid of the dead wood clogging the system and consuming resources.

All higher education facilities should be mandated to provide their graduates with job opportunities via an employment agency owned and operated by the institution, not a contracted for service. The schools should be totally responsible for finding each graduate a position in the degree field of study for 5 years post graduation.

If the institution is unable to place a graduate, then the former student is entitled to a full refund of all tuition paid for a proven obviously useless degree plus 5 times tuition paid for the waste of time involved and to provide the former student with a funds cushion to get retrained in something with a future. In the case where a graduate is unemployable for no reason the school is responsible for or where there is a dispute over responsibility, a 3rd party would be called upon to make a judgment.

If this were implemented, Gender Studies, Recreational Science, Hospitality Science, Museum Curator, Drama Studies and similar courses would disappear overnight from most campuses along with the faculty that teach the classes. The schools know these are for the most part BS courses and know that the chances of someone getting employed with one of the basket weaving degrees is so low that it would be financially too risky to offer the course.

Gone would be the professors teaching these nonsense courses. Gone would be the lenders to provide the student loans, guaranteed by the Fed Gov which steals the funds from the general public. Gone would be the students mentally or some other way incapable of STEM degrees with no option but to consider vocational training or learn how to say – ‘Do you want fries with that’. Gone would be the windfall profits higher ed facilities have enjoyed in recent decades. Gone would be the unsustainable building boom for facilities completely unrelated to teaching but used as enticements to attract low IQ students easily dazzled by shiny objects. Gone would be the nonsense classes STEM students are now forced to take. Gone would be the environment were the purveyors of bullshit get to indoctrinate the latest crop of weak susceptible minds.

Some may claim this violated free market principles. I would counter that the advancement of institutionalized fraud is not in the society’s best interests. If a student were to sign away his/her rights to compensation and effectively opt for today’s environment, then that would absolve the institution of responsibility. The free market would be restored as long as informed consent is involved.

In addition, it should be obvious that no one should be able to get an advanced degree in a field that can’t prove it’s basic precepts. As mentioned previously, something like Economics is almost entirely BS. Economists can’t prove anything past common sense and can’t even provide a proper postmortem after an economic catastrophe. Likewise, Psychiatry has not a single empirical test for the hundreds of conditions listed in their DSM. Psychiatry is opinion masquerading as science and is simply an outlet for Big Pharma to push their mind altering poisons. The large majority of mass shooters have been on prescription only psychoactive drugs.

Other fields that I generally refer to as the ‘story telling’ professions should likewise be reigned in. Paleontology, Anthropology, Cosmology, large portions of Geology and many more fields are largely based on a plausible story as their foundation, sans evidence. Absolute proof for their assertions is impossible and consequently it should be impossible to get a degree above Bachelors in these disciplines.

No one should claim to be an expert (PhD) in a field that is based on opinion. In the off chance that something like Climate Science might someday actually be able to provide proof of their assertions, it, as an example, should be able to produce Bachelors graduates that can attempt to further the field but would no longer be able to fool the public into thinking they know what’s going on due to their bogus PhD pedigree.

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  1. “The higher education system is the incubator for the anti white, anti male, anti Trump, pro freak, pro censorship, anti gun, pro socialist, anti conservative, pro unlimited immigration, pro free everything mentality that pervades what purports to be the evening news. It infantilizes young adults to produce a steady stream of victims and mental midgets completely unprepared to meet the real adult world. In short, it produces the Democrat voter.”

    Yep and guess what. No education but BIG debt. To keep you on that Democratic Globalist Plantation.

    BTW, it’s a shame. It’s not just the Higher end college, democratic “dumbing down globalist plantation” operative starting in elementary school. Unless parents are REALLY involved in their children’s education and not accepting that some teachers (not all) and most administrators have a hidden agenda. And it’s nothing about teaching your children the basics (reading, writing, math).

    What a waste. But then again, history repeats itself. Hitler controlled thru youth. Dems just took a page out of his book.


    • If you send your kids to a government public school, you are committing child abuse! However, please remember climate change is the root of all problems. Let the shooter go. Arrest the gun.

      • lol, so true. And they used to say homeschooling your child was child abuse. How dare I worry about my child’s REAL education.

        Don’t worry about reading, writing, math, history. This is the social justice way.

        “Sex Education and States
        All states are somehow involved in sex education for public schoolchildren. As of March 1, 2016: 24 states and the District of Columbia require public schools teach sex education (21 of which mandate sex education and HIV education).”

        Parents should be teaching this, but then again it’s more important that it’s not nice to call him a boy, which he is, but his mom always wanted a girl, so mom is getting him “changed” to a girl, so call him a girl, but still has boy parts.

        Yep a young mind is a terrible thing to waste. Some teachers don’t want to, but their administrators and union leaders do. Lots of liberal voters in the works, learning the “Trans” way and college needs them to be able to put them in debt to learn how to use “safe spaces” and coloring.


  2. How do I send this article to one person without broadcasting it all over ? Love the cartoon at beginning,too. We graduated decades ago, but both my husband and I are STEM. 2x B.S. Chemistry, 1 MS.S. Chemistry, 1 M.S. Nutrition/Business, 1 PhD. Chemistry. History, Logic, German courses were fine, but hated Sociology and similar ones. Thankfully before all the gender nonsense.

  3. Most of our education systems have become Socialist indoctrination venues that teach our youth “what” to think rather than “how” to think. We did this to ourselves by allowing Progressive Socialists to take over our education system.

  4. Also playing a role in this nonsense are all the businesses and corporations that REQUIRE their employees to have a “degree” before being hired, even if it is only one of these nonsense BS degrees that amount to nothing but debt. And you know what I mean by BS…

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