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Complaint Alleges Whistleblower Accepted $230K In Illegal Gifts Via GoFundMe Page


A complaint filed to the Intelligence Community’s Inspector General has accused the Ukraine whistleblower, believed to be a CIA operative named Eric Ciaramella, of violating federal law by soliciting money and gifts via a GoFundMe page that has so far raised nearly $230,000, Fox News reports.


Fox only just received a copy of the complaint, which was filed last week. It alleges that the donations from roughly 6,000 individuals “clearly constitute” gifts to a current intelligence official, which may be restricted because of the employee’s official position pursuant to 5 CFR 2635.203 and other statutes.

The complaint also raised the possibility that some of the donations may have come from prohibited sources, and urged the ICIG to investigate whether any “foreign citizen or agent of a foreign government” contributed.

Tully Rinckey, the whistleblower’s law firm, is refusing to comment on his identity despite several reports claiming to identify the whistleblower. However, they have at least confirmed that the holder of the top-secret SCI security clearance has served in government.

The fundraising page claims that “donations will only be accepted from US citizens.” But most of the donors who have contributed were not named, and it’s likely the ICIG will need to subpoena GoFundMe to learn the identities of all 6,000+ donors.

For the record, the whistleblower’s law firm isn’t trying to obscure the campaign. In fact, they have insinuated that they started the campaign on behalf of their client, perhaps because of the tremendous legal bills that he will likely be saddled with from his campaign to undermine the president.

The whistleblower’s attorneys have called the GoFundMe a way to “help support the Intelligence Community Whistleblower [to] raise funds,” and the GoFundMe page itself states that “A U.S. intelligence officer… needs your help” in the form of a “crowdfunding effort to support the whistleblower’s lawyers.”

Though the ICIG’s office refused to comment on the case for Fox, it’s worth noting that the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) warned federal government employees earlier this year that they “may not accept any gift given because of the employee’s official position,” meaning that the gift would “not have been given had the employee not held the status, authority, or duties associated with the employee’s federal position.”

Still, some pundits insisted they thought the fund raiser would probably qualify as legal. Others said one could argue that the donations count as a “gift”, and are therefore illegal.

Whatever happens, it’s a moot point. Because it’s likely the whistleblower’s law firm will take every cent of that money in “fees”.

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Full Complaint below:

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  1. “The complaint also raised the possibility that some of the donations may have come from prohibited sources, and urged the ICIG to investigate whether any “foreign citizen or agent of a foreign government” contributed.”

    Saw this on Fox News last night. Come on ICIG, had the complaint for a week. Need to know if it’s going to be actually looked at, or is this going to be a chapter out of the “Schiffty Show”, and Schiff will report you with an ethics complaint. Just like Schiffy is doing with the Republicans in the “Circus show”.

    This is really getting pathetic.


  2. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/13/devin-nunes-democrats-redacted-name-of-dnc-operative-alexandra-chalupa-in-impeachment-transcripts/

    “Violating their own guidelines, the Democrats repeatedly redacted from the transcripts the name of Alexandra Chalupa, a contractor for the Democratic National Committee who worked with Ukrainian officials to collect dirt on the Trump campaign, which she provided to the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign,” Nunes said.”

    Thank you Rep Nunes. DNC got caught again. Gee rigging your own nominees are one thing but spying and rigging an election is against the law. Hilary should know about spying on an opposing candidate is wrong. Wasn’t she one of the staffers (not lawyer yet) on Nixon’s impeachment?

    “Over the weekend, Nunes requested Chalupa to testify during the impeachment inquiry, but Intel Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) rejected the list of witnesses from the GOP, which also included Hunter Biden and the intelligence officer “whistleblower” who incited the impeachment inquiry. Chalupa reportedly worked with CIA officer Eric Ciaramella — who RealClearInvestigations has named as the likely identity of the impeachment “whistleblower” — and visited the Obama White House 27 times, according to official visitor logs.”

    Gee, wink wink whistleblower visited the Obama White House 27 times. Discussing “spying” or the “insurance policy” for Obama and Clinton.


  3. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/13/nunes-blasts-schiff-for-fake-trump-conversation-during-impeachment-hearing/

    ‘Republicans can’t get a full account of these contacts because democrats broke their promise to have the whistleblower testify to this committee. Democrats members hid these contacts from Republicans and then lied about them to the American people on national television,” he added.”

    Thank you again Rep Nunes. Already know Dems lie. But why does this whistleblower have a gofundme account? Is this his payoff from Dems and foreign handlers?


  4. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/13/adam-schiff-i-do-not-know-the-identity-of-the-whistleblower/

    “I do not know the identity of the whistleblower, and I’m going to make sure that identity is protected,” Schiff claimed.”

    Schiff knows. And typical lying Dem liberal, protecting a LIAR! Shows me Schiff’s full allegiance is to the DNC, NOT the United States of America.

    This is PURE Tyranny.

    cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control. – Yep exactly what Schiff is being allowed to do.


  5. First of all, Representative Adam “Lying” Schitt needs to be taken down for his criminal and unConstitutional actions. What he is doing is beyond ludicrous, it’s downright evil and malicious and has ZERO basis in law. I guess the GoFundMe pages are the criminal DemonRats way of ripping off the American people, even though they’re involved in very questionable shady deals. Anyone moronic enough to contribute to this “secret” whistleblower, is too stupid to be allowed to vote! The Feds should seize the funds until they can determine where they came from?

  6. Christine Blazy Ford made a million $’s in the “go fund me” for being a liar. Making false accusations with the support of feinstain. there is no end to the demonRat’s sewage.
    This whole demonRat operation is a coup against the Presidency and the American People. they all need to be prosecuted via military tribunal as enemies of. America at GITMO. Then the guilty hung on the mall in WDC. Just like the Lincoln asassination conspirators. The trial should be conducted with the same rules as schitt’s impeachment is being conducted.

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