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Transcript Shows Vindman, Schiff Repeatedly Obstructed Questions About Classified Leaks


The transcript of the deposition between Lt. Alexander Vindman and the Select Committee on Intelligence, Committee on Oversight and Reform, and Committee on Foreign Affairs shows how desperate Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and his staff are to prevent witnesses from answering certain questions.

In reference to the call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, asked Vindman if he discussed the phone call with anyone after it took place.

“Who else did you talk to following the July 25 call?” Jordan asked.

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., Schiff, and Vindman’s criminal defense attorney immediately jumped in to ensure Vindman didn’t answer the question.

As Sean Davis points out, Vindman’s attorney was clearly trying to stop him from answering two key questions:

Swalwell, Schiff, and Vindman’s attorney disrupted the witnesses’ testimony time and time again. What in the world does Vindman have to hide? Republicans and the American people still do not have answers to these important questions.

If Vindman were working to undermine Trump’s foreign policy, it only adds to the growing pile of evidence that this impeachment inquiry is a hoax designed by people who are unhappy with the results of the 2016 election.

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  1. Schiff needs to held to the fire and TESTIFY for what his part in the “coup”.


    • Wait till the Senate questions the phony Lt Col Vindman who will be court martialed and thrown out of the military.

  2. This “investigation” is a sham!!! These dems & deep state people who are trying to topple President Trump should all have to face charges in a court of law!!!!!!!
    We may not be able to stop the dems….. but we know they are guilty of most of what they are “charging” President Trump of!!!!!

  3. SCHIFF what you are doing is true OBSTRUCTION, and you should be charged. I’d love for you to testify under oath, then when you lie we could send you to prison;! Oh but I forgot that Democrat’s lie like a rug and get away with it! Hyprocrites

  4. Vindman said in one of his interviews that he “honors the chain of command”.
    Obviously not, since he doesn’t recognize the currently elected President as his commander-in-chief . . .
    He’s just another demon to deal with, and Trump will be elected again.
    These people should have stayed in school a little longer. They don’t understand the powers granted to the President. They think since Trump isn’t a ‘polished’ president, he isn’t one at all.
    He can end the military career of this creep, just as fast as he can exonerate any and all of those incarcerated by the witch hunt.
    The demons are hoping emotions and wailing will sway the lemmings enough to keep Trump from getting re-elected.
    America isn’t as stupid as the demonrats think they are. Trump’s record and the economy will overcome stupidity and ignorance.
    Schiff will be disgraced, and possibly incarcerated. He has a huge pile of skeletons in his closet (evidenced by reporting from FOX news).

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