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"Are You Calling Me Stupid?" Gabbard Rips Joy Behar's 'Useful Idiot' Smear On The View


Democratic presidential candidate and Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard faced the increasingly nasty smears branding her a Russian asset and “traitor” head on during The View on Wednesday, following the recent spat with Hillary Clinton who suggested the Kremlin was “grooming” Gabbard to be a third-party candidate.

“Some of you have accused me of being a traitor to my country, a Russian asset, a Trojan horse, or a useful idiot I think was the term that you used,” Gabbard told the panel, after in prior episodes Joy Behar especially had agreed with and aggressively amplified Hillary’s baseless claims. The panel had also previously called her a Trojan horse. Gabbard came out swinging in her remarks: “It’s offensive to me as a soldier, as an American, as a member of Congress, as a veteran, and frankly as a woman, to be so demeaned in such a way.”

“Well, useful,” Behar said, referencing her previously labeling the Iraq war veteran Moscow’s ‘useful idiot’. “But that’s a Russian term, they use that,” she added. “Are You Calling Me Stupid?” Gabbard at one point angrily shoots back. And demonstrating just how low and idiotic, and without substantive argument the “controversy” around Gabbard has become, Behar at one point even offers as ‘evidence’ of the presidential candidate’s supposed Russian ties that she’s appeared on FOX’s Tucker Carlson Tonight on multiple occasions. 

“I am a strong and intelligent woman of color, who has dedicated almost all of my adult life to protecting the safety, security & liberty of Americans,” Gabbard fired back.

She also schooled the panel on her distinguished military career and slammed Behar’s likening her to Putin’s “useful idiot” — explaining also that she joined the Army after the 9/11 attacks but that her country lied to her in invading Iraq. 

“You are implying that I am too stupid, and too naive, and lack the intelligence to know what I am doing,” she further counter-attacked Behar with.

The full segment from Wednesday’s The View appearance is below, with the fight over Behar’s “useful idiot” remarks beginning at the 1-min mark:

One astounding moment came when Gabbard reiterated her position that Hillary Clinton is a “warmonger,” at which point Behar actually asked, “What’s your evidence of that?”

A perplexed Gabbard immediately shot back, “Are you serious?” 

Journalist Glenn Greenwald summarized the testy exchange as Gabbard “responding with righteous rage but also great dignity to the disgusting smears of Democrats about her patriotism and loyalty.”

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  1. Tulsi is too intelligent and too educated and too experienced for the (using their own term) “useful idiots” on The View to respond to. They accidentally let her talk and boy did she speak her mind! Go Tulsi!

    • “Usless idiots” would be a better term! I really do not understand why McCain’s daughter is on that show, the rest of them are make believers, who only have the ability to so called entertain! They impersonate, have the ability to put themselves in someone eases shoes, that does not make them smart! So they are “Usless idiots” who praise themselves and others that are like them.

    • “Useful idiots” is a term the communists use to refer to the leftists in America who are clueless and slowly promoting the takeover of the country by the socialists/Marxists/communists just like Krushchev warned in the 60’s they would do “from the inside”. These leftists and their media cohorts(Joy??) are the actual “useful idiots” and are more dsngerous to America than the external communist threats of China and Russia.

  2. Joy, ” who could hold no useful job” Behar referring to any one else as a useful idiot, is the biggest crock of bull heard in the media this week. Tulsi Gabbard ate Joy’s lunch and demonstrated that most of what mainstream media and news entertainment give us is nonsense. Go away Joy, you will not be missed.

  3. Tulsi just remember that Joy BLOWHARD is a brainless piece of Sh*t that thinks she is intelligent and funny. That entire panel is totally useless. The only reason they are on there is because 2 of them are over the hill washed up old hags and the others cant’t get a real job (who would want them?). They all talk out their ass because they can’t talk intelligently. So proud of you for putting that old BIT*H in her place. Keep up the good work Tulsi you are awesome!!!

  4. I way agree Tulsa is way far advanced than a bu ch of big mouth women on the view who’s done nothing for America but spred fake news for dumbocraps! She has every right to call crooked Hillery anything she wants! Hillerys done more bad for America than good, responsible for lots of death that didnt deserve it! Hillery should be in Gitmo swinging from a rope for her crimes. Tusli has way more substance as a woman and a military member than most in goverment! So many stupid people on shows like this and fake news working for the wrong people, its pathetic! Shows you how low democraps have sunk, there a joke and should be abolished forever like a bad word! People need to wake the hell up and quit believing the bullcrap on these shows and fake news! It’s all there to discourage american public agaist Trump when they cant beat him in the polls or in any other capacity! Shows you what a joke democraps have been and how corrupt for 60 years! This should be the richest nation of people on earth and theyve done nothing but suppress america and give out money away to camel jockeys who hate us! Now they let this trash in out country want to give them free benifits!! I don’t think so.

    • define “normal”. Normal is that which is accepted by the majority with little or no opposition from the minority. Lordy! How things have changed over my near 80 years. Joy Be Har-har? Putting her brain in a matchbox is like putting a B.B. in a boxcar. That show would be comic relief if there was any humor there.

  5. Oh, OK, I agree that she is highly offended because of the smears, I am in her corner, BUT, guess what, President Trump may not have gone to war, but he sure as heck are protecting our soldiers and veterans, and he is smeared daily. But, because you are a woman of color and a woman, I guess you can be offended but others not.
    I will not call her a Russian biot, but, I will say that she is on the wrong side here. She sides with communist Bernie, and some of her views I have problems with, but, with that said, I know people have problems with some of the sides President Trump is on as well as his supporters, but it does not stop the heinous daily attacks that are so hurtful so unnecessary, I pray the best for Congresswoman Gabbard, but, do know her views before you fall in infatuation with her, She is well spoken this is true, She is educated and she is a veteran (Never saw action-but a veteran none-the-less) and should receive respect!

  6. I really like Gabbard. I am totally abhorred by ALL panelists of the ‘VIEW’ and their constant pandering to the ‘socialist agenda’. Too bad she is a democrat.

  7. i intend to vote for Trump 20/20 but i like Tulsi’s foreign policy. Domestically, however, she”s a Socialist. Maybe if she got some lessons from Ron Paul, she could be a viable candidate. Having said that, I wish her all the best!

  8. I don’t watch the show at all….but I do read the stories and some of the remarks……..I enjoy the View having Intelligent people on their show……it amplifies the hosts’ ignorance……and whats even funnier……they can’t see it
    And continue to do it…….!!!!

  9. I don’t think anyone could actually believe Joy Bahr stole a quote straight out of Joseph Stalin’s mouth; in which he called his followers who put him in power”useful idiots” kind of make you wonder who her idol is!!!!!!

  10. why cancel my first comment that that Joy Bahr quoted Joseph Stalin when he called the very people who put him in power ” useful idiots”, kind of makes you wonder who Joy’s idol is!!!!

  11. why do people with any sense go on that show? they have to know that they are going to be put down and made fun of, by joy beher and the rest of those morons. their nothing but a bunch of worthless socialist. if people with half a brain they would stop watching that show they would have to take it off the air. some one needs to tell whoppi goldburg that is the most hideous hairdo.

  12. Joy Behar = slob trash fat btch
    Woppie = misfit trash fat btch
    Huston = stupid California lay down btch
    Megan = stupid as her traitor dad

  13. Joy Bitchhar is so amazingly stupid! She has not a clue as to what Americans are facing. She lives in a bubble and really doesn’t have to worry about the working class people. She’s just too stupid to take seriously or answer her piss ignorant questions!

  14. Old joy sure knows what an idiot looks like. sees one every time she sees her ugly mug in a mirror. one useless piece of crap. throw old whoopie cushion in there too. matching pair of idiots. who watches this junk?

  15. Joy Behar is so ignorant, I thought Whoppi was bad but Joy takes the cake. She bashes everyone that goes on the View. I am with everyone else, the View needs to be off the air. They are all ignorant, You can tell that they are all Democraps, M Cain’s daughter is a Rhino. They need to put the View to bed, it was never any good anyway. You go Trump. Best President ever.

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