Home Politics BREAKING! New Evidence Confirms Kentucky Election Fraud!

BREAKING! New Evidence Confirms Kentucky Election Fraud!


Just weeks before the Kentucky election, 175,000 purged voters were put back on the registration rolls after Democrat challenger Attorney General Andy Beshear sued to have the inactive voters reinstated.

A recently released recorded phone call between the Kentucky Board of Elections office and a journalist named Tore shows that Tore and her immigrant husband, who is ineligible to vote, were placed on the Kentucky voter rolls as registered Democrats.

The only problem is, Tore and her husband haven’t lived in the state Kentucky for years and both of them have never registered as Democrats.

Tore was concerned about her husband’s immigration status and how the apparent election fraud could impact his ability to remain in the United States.

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  1. Does this come as a shock to anyone? Beshear is a democrat and just another family member wired in to Kentucky politics. His father was also a governor in Kentucky. It’s what the dems do. If they feel that they can’t win on their own merits they do anything to stack the deck in their favor. This needs to be investigated and a second election should be conducted for governor if these allegations are proven. And doesn’t it seem odd that 5 of the 6 top positions in Kentucky were won by republicans but not the governor’s office? Something stinks in Kentucky and it has democrat voter fraud written all over it.

      • BINGO! You stated and solved the whole matter.
        A) Democrats routinely cheat and game the system to win.
        B) Republicans routinely do nothing about it!

      • It was plainly clear in the last election too. Does anyone really believe H. Clinton actually received more total votes then the President?

        • California and New York have the largest populations and of course, they are liberals and always vote democrat. That’s why the ELECTORAL College is so important. So EVERY STATE has a voice in any given election. AND THAT’S why the democrats want to do away with the ELECTORAL COLLEGE and Voter I.D. So they can cheat.

      • I have never seen so many Republican dumb asses that sit within the confines of our US Congress…Apparently like with the Democrats they are more interested in what financial deals they can make behind closed doors than doing what’s best for our country…The membership of the Republican Party save but a few are a bunch of whimps and cowards…afraid of their own shadow…they only entered the political arena to serve their own best interests (money).

    • I live in Ohio and worked as a poll worker from 1998 till 2012 , Yes even Ohio we had Fraud some were easy to catch some were more complicated , Voting by mail makes it even more Easy ! When it gets real bad some one comes in with help to vote as they can not read or speak English ! May be their Husband is a Dr. , many excuses ! FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!!!,

    • Why would you say that, Richard? Tore is exposing the fraud. Nowhere was it reported that she and her ineligible husband voted in Kentucky. They live in another state. Are you upset that the voter fraud was exposed? You’d rather deport an upstanding citizen doing the right thing because you’d rather the fraud be hushed up?

    • No I say let them stay. They didn’t do anything wrong except report this. They seem like one of the very few good ones. I say let her and her husband stay.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me. How do we prove it and how do we get a find out which ones are fake votes and then how and what can be done to overturn the results? And if proven then whoever was involved needs to be put in jail!

  3. No such thing as an honest democrat. Even their kids are crooked.

    This proves it for that election. They will have to have a redo.

    Even a high school kid in Howell NJ. Strong rumors of removing ballots from the voting room, and an admission by the perp that he’d voted ‘MORE THAN ONCE’. Accusations followed that the kid had paid another to vote for him. He was elected, mostly by freshmen that hadn’t heard the list of shenanigans rumored of the kid. And, his online site shows a diatribe for 0blamo.

    He should have been disqualified based on his admission of ‘voting more than once’ and the fact that there were more votes than voter. Sound familiar? THIS IS OUR NEXT GENERATION. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  4. Voter Fraud is a huge concern in this country. A way for those to become elected when not truly voted in. Amazes me of the people who are against it. And yet, we have some states who are advocating that non citizens should vote. Why are these people trying to do away with everything that successfully came with the birth of the United States? Those holding elected offices are violating their oaths with open borders, adding illegals while ignoring American citizens, suggesting doing away with security such as ICE and border control and more. They should be forced to resign. It is all maddening to me!

    • Remember, when anyone says there is no evidence of voter fraud. First, no one checks, have you ever seen any check other than a “drivers license”? Second, a very high percentage of House Representatives were elected on a “Democratic Ticket” yet hold Democratic Socialist membership cards which makes them frauds.

    • Liz : You are exactly on point, with the truth apparent to those willing to see it !!! There are nefarious influences behind the forces at work here, trying to systematically destroy OUR nation !!! They were not able to defeat us from the outside ; so, they infiltrated us to sow corruption and dissent among us, and bring about destruction of the USA from the inside. They have attacked us through our education system and entertainment industry, along with many other areas. They successfully planted leftist people within our college and university faculties, perhaps the first of all of their targets. They continually write books and magazine articles and movie scripts which attack all of our best ideals. They are deeply involved in organized crime and politics, subverting people away from good and wholesome ideals in every way imaginable. They tell people that object to their ideas that “everybody knows (or does) that.” Thus they attack morality, integrity, and other high principles. They lobby and fight for reduction to elimination of sensible laws of constraint. And too many of our people fall for those ideas of situation ethics, that doing whatever one wishes is okay —- EXCEPT calling out the wrongs of others !!! Their efforts to “stuff the ballot box” by all possible means are INTENDED to overcome people of responsible thoughts and behaviors. They fail to recognize that they are merely pawns, BEING USED by people who will throw them away, after we have been pushed out of their way. It is irresponsibility personified ; and it is destroying this nation from the inside !!!

      • Well reasoned and written. I personally am appalled at the lack of integrity of my own highly educated family and friends. I understand, though do not sympathize with, the ignorance of so many who get all their information from Saturday Night Live, Colbert and the Jimmy’s. I cannot understand how high IQ people can be so easily manipulated except that when it comes to beliefs, IQ is definitely not the determinant. I’m thinking that they look at politics like they look at sports. The team mentality prevails. If their team commits a foul, it’s only a foul if they’re caught. And even then, the ref must be brought up on charges. If the other team’s quarterback whips them, they go on the full-board hate train.

      • Which has been their intent since the 30’s! But now, we have not only the Communists to deal with, but the Muslims as well

  5. This voter fraud should come as no surprise when the Democrats are totally against Voter ID, now we see why, and here in California we all know that “Ballot Harvesting” was achieved with great success in the last election in our state…when illegals and dead people can vote the results are a nothing but a RIGGED ELECTION…is that what we want in this country, winning by fraud and underhanded ballot stuffing manipulations? Isn’t that why Chicago has its ugly voting reputation?

  6. Fraud is a crime her and her husband, along with anyone that allowed them to register to vote should be charged and prosecuted.


  8. The state of Kentucky should have done their homework because it’s their job and responsibility to make sure that these people have the right to vote period not like new York or California they issue illegal aliens drivers licenses and they are automatically registered to vote this is what the Democrats do to win elections because they can’t win the election if they do it the legal way

  9. CAN You Imagine What WILL Happen IN The 2020 Election For PRESIDENT !
    ONLY OURSELVES TO BLAME !! W H Y ………. Yoy May Wonder Why I Say This ..

  10. Every state needs to take action against voter fraud. Michigan should of done that with the Governor’s race but Even though I tweeted & make sure there was a recount I heard nothing concerning that. I think if Michigan had A Recount Stabinow would of been removed. I think it’s no more right to have extra protections & Make sure Dead folks & illegals are being used to usurp due process.

  11. It is no secret why Democrats want to fill the country with illegal immigrants and offer them free stuff paid for by the taxpayers. The Democrats are not a political party. They are crime organization, pure and simple. Power and graft are the only items on their platform. Any attempt to convince voters that they are for the people or the country is just smoke and mirrors.

  12. Seems like the Deep State Dems want to brainwash us all and have us believe its Russian interference, but its their own hand that keeps getting caught in the cookie jar. Then they use their alliance with the media to bury it or cover it up!!

  13. Republicans love a conspiracy theory more than anything; and when the theory is proven to be either total bullshit, or completely without merit they fall back on the methodology of their corrupt and incompetent leader by doubling down on the conspiracy claim; and while their loyalty to their leader is beyond any realistic comprehension, it is clear that they are in so deep, as are their friends and acquaintances, they cannot see their way to admitting they have been hoodwinked by one of our master con men, Donald Trump……and so the cheerleading goes on, caught up in it’s own momentum. What is both amazing, and incomprehensible at the same time, is the strangle hold Trump is able to sustain on his base and the Senate. Of course this phenomenon has been seen before in countries around the world and, in most cases has ended tragically, as in Germany during the 1930’s and mid 1940’s, however it has also succeeded in countries like China whose ruler has now been assured of his roll for life. It is not surprising that Trump wants the same future. To put an end to this unfolding nightmare it is imperative that Trump’s supporters in the Senate an in our voting booths wake up to see the dark road down which we are headed.

    • You are confused. Democrats are the new Nazi party. Show trials in secret, against voter ID, for illegal voting, lying about Republicans over and over just like Hitler did with the Jewish people. Government control on everything. Once they get government pay on health care that’s it. Then they control what you can eat, drink, what kind of car you can drive under the pretense they have to pay for your care so you do as they say. You will then realize you have been lied too. Too late, they are in power. Isn’t Obama lying about Obamacare enough to convince all you rank and file Democrats that they lie. Democrats refer to us as ” workers”. They are royalty , we are their workers. You wake up

      • It is people like you that have fallen for the far right bullshit hook line and sinker that make my case. The only thing that will convince you that Trump is one evil son-of-a-bitch whose only plan is for himself to get richer and to keep his ultra rich base on his side. He gave them a 2 trillion dollar tax break before he was in office for 6 months. Did you see any of it, did you get a tax break? The guy is a lying bag of bullshit that has convinced poor slobs such as yourself that he is going to make America Great again and since he has no intention of doing so nor does he have a means to make life better for anyone other than himself he lies about his accomplishment which really amount to nil, nothing, zero. You believe the lies, of course; you have no choice; you are a sucker to his con job and nothing he says, no matter how gross, untrue, or self serving will change your mind…….which is weird because it’s all right in front of you; to see it and understand it you are going to have to switch off FoxNews and Rush, and Glenn and all the other partners in Trumps scam. You will soon find out what it’s like to be made an absolute fool of; and you’ll get no sympathy from those that have tried t warn you…..good luck, you are making your own bed.

    • Your completely full of shit there has been more proof of voter fraud from the Democrats for a very long time it needs to stop they donot win they have to cheat to win they have no great ideas that any one wants

  14. Boy you really are retarded. It’s been the dims who have been caught cheating constantly and morons like you know but since it’s your butt buddies the dims who do this but you say nothing about that so why not just shut the fuck up already.

  15. Why would you say that? Tore is exposing the fraud. Nowhere was it reported that she and her ineligible husband voted in Kentucky. They live in another state. Are you upset that the voter fraud was exposed? You’d rather deport an upstanding citizen doing the right thing because you’d rather the fraud be hushed up?

  16. Even if you believe this crap story, it doesn’t even claim fraud. Did any ineligible voters vote? That would be fraud. This story doesn’t claim that they voted, it just claims that they were put on the voter rolls. Did anyone confirm they voted? It is the polling place’s responsibility to verify residence. Was there any report of one of these voters trying to vote even though they weren’t a resident?
    I find it funny to see all of these claims that Democrats will cheat to win. If you read comments on a Democrat website they claim the Republicans will cheat to win. I’m suspicious of all of these politicians who do nothing but whine and cry instead of ensuring we can all trust our voting system. It needs to be fixed so all eligible voters can conveniently vote.

  17. Just as I thought even in California they found 1.5 Million dead people and illegal votes for demoncrates. that’s where Hillary’s popular vote came from all lies. I believe in Arizona they would find the same. Also all other states . Paper ballots ? They can print them to. Can’t trust those demoncrates !

  18. Now lets take this to the next election of a POTUS and the house! The fraud that will be injected into this election will stagger every voter in the country! If you think your vote counts, you’re wrong! In Ca. alone there will be around 1.5 million illegal votes. I know the popular vote doesn’t win elections but when that illegal vote gets spread around the country it can and will have a major impact!

    • Must be a United States citizen at least 18 years old to vote. No exceptions. I might find a way to eliminate permanently any chook I found voting illegally. I’m 70 now, a Nam vet, and don’t care what people think of me anymore. America and US citizens first, and always! Deport the chooks, especially from here in California.

  19. DMH,
    Have you ever worked in the polls, I mean where people actually vote ? I have, and can assure you that they have no way of verifying whether or not a person is truly eligible to vote. If their name is on the voter roll that they have in front of them they have to accept they are the person they say they are. Voter ID definitely helps thwart assuming another’s identity, but wouldn’t stop a sophisticated and well planned effort to cheat. Once during a hotly contested mayoral election in my town, an election observer at the polling place where I was working contested a large group of voters who were registered at an apartment address that he knew was bogus, because he knew who the owner was and that the whole complex was undergoing extensive remodeling and no one lived there. Someone had passed out registration materials to them and turned them in. Apparently no one in the Circuit Clerk’s office knew that no one was living at the complex. I was out of the room at the time, so I don’t know if they voted on the machines, or by provisional ballot. Considering the uproar that ensued I assume it was by machine. Don’t know how you could invalidate machine votes. Same election in another polling place curbside voting was deliberately sloppy and machines were transported to the courthouse hours after those from other polling places and were not properly secured and not accompanied by two election officers as prescribed by law. Then, to top it all off, someone broke into the courthouse where the machines had not been properly locked up in a safe. No one knew if they were tampered with or not. Razor thin margin. Results contested and trial. Mixed race jury found for “the loser”, judge polled the jury and threw out their decision and called for new election. Same story again. Not saying Republicans not capable, of fraud, but it was Democrats that time.

  20. This is how we will end up in another civil war if they donot get a handle on it this time it’s time for the people to take things into there own hands down there in Kentucky this is how they won the election for the house down in California they cheated they voted voters who were not even in the state to take like 16 house seats that didn’t belong to the Democrats they have been doing this for a very long time in Seattle they have done this forever and no one calls them out on it not even the news because they are all in it together the Democrats cheat in elections all the time remember the extra so called ballots found in Seattle when those machines were checked then all of a sudden out of nowhere poof ballots appear? This needs to stop Democrats you need to think of the people all the people alls you think of is power and dismay calling people racist when they don’t agree with you and the unrelenting attacks on our President since day one just think of all the things he could have accomplished with your help instead of all of this crap you have done and said about him this has to stop you are not helping any of us or yourselfs with all of this bulcrap you have come up with!!!

  21. Damm you know this yet you allow the election to stand uncontested ? Also it’s no FUGGEN secret the votes are rigged …why have you put pressure on leaders to have Photo Voter ID cards made…. let’s see we knew we needed them in 1999 when Bush beat Al Gore… what’s stopping you people …Rise The Fuck up and speak your mind…. Stop getting lied to and played like a fool…. you want positive changes but you sit on the couch crying on FB….
    Better get active or get armed cause it’s coming

  22. What should be done is to recall all votes and have all voters bring their birth certificates or naturalization papers to prove they are citizens. It this so hard to do? Are we running a criminal country or not. How important is it to ensure the gov’t is on the up and up for once. The Constitution states that only citizens have the right to vote, not residents, not visitors, mot anyone under 18, not students from other countries, ONLY CITIZENS, GET IT?

  23. Next November, We Need to Have The Biggest Voter Turnout in American History, get all Your Relatives and Neighbors Especially those Who have never Voted Before, get them registered and Make Sure they Vote For President Trump!!!,and The ones who want to Vote for the Demon-Rats, Slice their Tires!,We know that next November will be the Biggest Voter Fraud in American History on The Demon-Rats side,that’s why we need the Biggest Turnout in History to cancel out all of their Cheating!,They all ready have all of The Mainstream Lying Treasonous National DISGRACE Media as their Propaganda Arm Spreading all of their Lies,Hate,and Disinformation!,and They have all of The Lying Elite Controled Social Media,Facebook,Youtube,Twitter,and all the rest,they know that the Demonratic party has lost a majority of White Working Class Voters and I would venture to think they have lost a lot of working class black Voters, that’s precisely why they want to import as many poor central and South American illegal aliens that will rely on the Demon-Rats to take care of them!,Please America, Show-Up To Re-Elect The Best Damm President We Have Had in a very long Time!,Because if These Wacko Demon-Rats get back into The White House, America will be Finished as We Know It !!!!

  24. ONE can just about if it’s illegal and they can profit from it the STINKIN TRAITOR TRASH POS demonic democrats are right in there all the way up to their chin ! STINKIN TRAITOR TRASH and ALL THE STINKIN TRAITOR TRASH TROLLS THAT SUPPORT THEM !! They asked me at the Veterans office if i had any mental illness in the family and i told them i had a brother in law that was a liberal democrat . It counted

  25. When are the Republicans going to stop merely complaining and take action to halt the democrat cheating? Telling folks what’s going on out there is good, in fact it’s necessary. It’s also not enough. We have to make them stop. We have to do something to get one of them under oath and question them about the others under penalty of perjury. Only then will they get some rattling bones and roll over and roll-up to the party leadership so we can shut down some of this nonsense.
    We also need to get the media to straighten up and fly right vis a vie their broadcast licenses, the FCC and the broadcasting of biased news and frankly false news, made up news etc. That is a plain and simple violation of the terms of their broadcast licenses and is reason for fines, suspension and revocations of those licenses. In other words if they keep backing the democrat party with no concern for the truth, and if you are backing the democrats you plainly have no concern for the truth as they are mutually exclusive activities, you are out of business.
    That would be all we need. If the American people were simply exposed to the truth the democrat party would cease to exist overnight because their policies are completely antithetic to America and the American way of life and would so disgust the American people that the game would be over.
    That said let’s lean on our elected Republican officials at all levels to get up and get rolling.
    We control the Senate and the White House so let’s get the FCC cracking, now, right now and get the networks on the defensive. Let’s start prosecuting some of these democrats for their crimes by assigning them to conservative judges as they do to us with liberal judges. Let’s get down in the mud, the blood and the beer and play this game to win. We are running out of time and this is one area where I would be tempted to disagree with my President and say, in this area I don’t think I could ever get tired of winning. Getting rid of corrupt, lying and treasonous democrats could never get old with me but I am happy to try to be proved wrong.

  26. Does anybody really not need to question voter fraud? People in the Obama elections admitted they voted more than once. One was actually a poll worker! The democrats will do anything to keep control of this country especially with the help of all the RINO’s currently claiming to be republicans. How is a poll worker supposed to know who a voter is if they don’t have the right to check voter id’s? How many more examples of voter fraud do we have to hear about before we make this an issue? This country is in BIG trouble with all the corruption we see in politics.

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