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“This Is Not A MAGA Rally”: Trump Jr. Draws Applause On ‘The View’ Over Liberal Hypocrisy, Blackface; Hosts Snap


Donald Trump Jr. came prepared for a Thursday appearance on The View – drawing applause from the audience multiple times as he canvassed a wide-range of topics, including liberal hypocrisy over whistleblowers, the Bidens, and whether the Trump family is profiting from politics.

‘Outing’ the whistleblower

When the ladies at The View tried to corner Trump Jr. over his ‘outing’ of the CIA-operative whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella when he tweeted a Breitbart News article which contained the name in the headline, Trump Jr. shot back “Let’s not kid ourselves … ABC right now is chasing down a whistleblower about all of the Epstein stuff because those stories were killed. So if we’re going to have the conversation about the outrage of whistleblowers you worked with CBS to out the whistleblower.”

CBS fired a former ABC News employee for leaking video which showed a frustrated Amy Robach admitting her network shelved the Epstein story during the 2016 US election.

Hunter Biden’s payday

Trump Jr. then called out Hunter Biden – saying the former VP’s son “utilized his father’s vice presidency to magically end up on a board in Ukraine, with a language he doesn’t speak, on a business he knows nothing about, for $83,000 per month. If I did that, you guys would lose your minds.”

Host Sunny Hostin then tried to call the Trump family out for emoulments – claiming the Trump family has profited from their DC hotel, to which Trump Jr. responded “when we take money from a foreign entity … we literally stroke a check back to the Treasury. We literally spend more money on accountants to make sure that’s done right.” (more applause). “We’re literally not making money from any of those foreign governments. We’re giving it back to the Treasury.”

Blackface and defending Roman Polanski

Trump Jr. also called out co-host Joy Behar for wearing blackface. After bringing up President Trump’s comments about grabbing women’s genitalia, Trump Jr. replied: “We have all done things that we regret. If we’re talking about bringing the discourse down, Joy. You have worn blackface.”

Behar responded “No, I have not. I have not.”

Trump Jr. then brought up how co-host Whoopi Goldberg downplayed Roman Polansky’s rape allegation in which she said “I know it wasn’t rape-rape. It was something else but I don’t believe it was rape-rape.”

After Trump Jr. drew applause multiple times, host Joy Behar snapped at the audience: “This is not a MAGA rally!

Trump Jr. seems to have enjoyed himself.

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  1. “After Trump Jr. drew applause multiple times, host Joy Behar snapped at the audience: “This is not a MAGA rally!”

    Oh poor Joy, lol.

    Remember when Ted Dansen went with the “black face”. People were not very fond of Ted Dansen after that. But look at Whoopie smiling at her boyfriend doing it.

    So Black face for some is OK? This PC crap is pathetic at best. And “the spew” is BIG on PC crap. Don Jr. gave it some class and took them down a peg or two. Good for you Don Jr.


    • That was so “like father – like son”. If Don Jr can meet requirements in 2024 perhaps HE should run to continue Keeping America Great.

  2. And boy did Joy Behar lose her mind especially when the audience started clapping for Donald Trump jr. because he was making sense and also Joy Behar wore a black face and she tried to deny it but like everything else there is a picture out there and low and behold there is a picture out there and a picture is worth a thousand words do u really expect ABC to do anything about Joy Behar maybe we the people should protest outside the ABC fake news media NETWORK until she gets fired just like what she suggested to do to other people that are conservatives what do you expect from ABC that they won’t do anything because they are backed up by the Democrats

  3. Just goes to show you that even the liberal crowds that attend the View are tired of the games liberals play and the constant lies they tell. Whoopie is the leader of the lies.

  4. Donny Boy is the face of communism when all else fails shoot the messenger, death to freedom death to America Putin’s Wet Dream.

    • dream on! Trump is not going to jail. But I’ll bet you obama does and so will Hilary. Everything from the left is one-sided, and they’ll fight you to the death when they don’t like someone who disagrees with them.

    • You’re the idiot, you’re Party is so corrupt they all should be in jail. Most democratic have no common sense and should understand they have started impeachment the day after he sworn in as president. The American People are starting to see all this fake news and all your lies

  5. with you 100%. Whoopie needs to be eliminated from the show then Behar wont have any backing and she will also leave since she really doesnt have anything to offer. I still dont understand how this show has lasted so long. I dont even find it entertaining when I do think lets watch this to see if it has improved any. Well it hasnt .

    • That’s an even wilder dream than Frumpy going to jail. There is no, zero, absolutely none, evidence that Obama committed any kind of crime, no matter what you believe. And all of the RepubliCANT investigations of Hillary found NOTHING. Time to stop listening to Hannity, et al., Alex Jones, and Rush Limbaugh.

      • Keep drinking that cool aide, Lawrie. The emails and the money trail your messiah left to the ISIS and Iranian govt are there. I will Wager you, the truth leans a little more toward Guilty on Hilary and Obama’s crimes. Don’t start on Benghazi and caging kids. That was your party. God Bless Texas, God Bless America and God Bless President and First Lady Trump. hooyah

  6. TRUMP HAS 350. viewer’s you old vary old bitches have 8 why you suck litterer suck big mouth and not to good looking any more so let blow our mouth’s WELL JUST OPEN WILL FILL ONLY IF I DRINK A CASE OF BEER AND A BOTTLE OF JACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lawrie, you are doing EXACTLY what you are blaming (denigrating and insulting), orange dotard????? Maybe the drugs have taken over….I wouldn’t “kiss you a–” But I guess GRAMMAR is not your strong suit.

  7. Now I understand why Trump Jr went on the View, not to promote his new book, which trying to promote it on a show almost no one watches would be a waste of time, but to make these morons look at the bigots they really are. Now I almost wish I would have watched it. The View had its highest ratings ever. Great job Trump Jr.

  8. Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Baer both dressed in blackface. They are liars. There are pictures of them wearing dark makeup. Whoopie was with Ted Danson and both dressed up with blackface. They both did it and lied about it. Look it up.

  9. DJT Jr. Is his Fathers’ Son, alright! He Is A Deal Maker, and Smart As A 🦊! He is Young, Handsome, Articulate, Educated & Knows His Stuff! Which is Far More than the Old Battle Axes of the No one Views The View, possess!And Finally, The American People Have Awakened to the Hypocrisy & BS of the Cray Cray Left! ROCK ON DJT Jr. AND ROCK ON FOR 4 MORE MAGA/KAGA YEARS!!!!! 👍🙏🇺🇸

  10. Do you mean Joy Bahar is a lying liberal? Gasp!! Has there ever been a liberal that wasn’t a liar? Not that I know of. It is good for Conservatives to go on this show to expose them for the lying retards that they are. If Bahar had her way she would reopen Dachau!! I actually think she is more evil that Hillary!!

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