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Trump Declares War After Americans Gunned Down by Mexican Cartel


President Trump has declared war on the Mexican drug cartels after a group of American Mormons were massacred.

According to Fox News:

President Trump on Tuesday offered U.S. assistance as he called on Mexico to “wage war” against the country’s murderous drug cartel “monsters” in response to the brutal killing of multiple Americans a day earlier.

Officials say at least six children and three women, apparently all U.S. citizens living in a community of Americans in Mexico, were gunned down after their convoy came under fire during a daylight ambush Monday. Six children were found alive, five of whom have been taken to hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. One child is currently missing, and authorities are searching the mountainous area on the Sonora-Chihuahua border for the child.

Those attacked were members of the LeBaron family, a well-known American clan who has lived in the community in the northern part of the country for decades, according to The New York Times. The attack targeted citizens who live in a community founded as part of an offshoot of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Mexico’s President responded:

“We declared war, and it didn’t work,” Lopez Obrador said, referring to the policies of previous administrations. “That is not an option.”

This is a tragic situation regardless of the group’s beliefs and the response from President Trump shows that America is taking a different approach to defending our citizens at home and abroad.

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  1. Thank you President Trump. For years, previous administrations, just like the current Mexico President said,

    “We declared war, and it didn’t work,” Lopez Obrador said, referring to the policies of previous administrations. “That is not an option.”

    Oh well, they tried. No, definitely past administration benefited from it. Open borders, selling guns thru “fast and furious”, huge drug problems, cartel allowed to infiltrate our Country.

    Past administrations spent so much time in the Middle East, and allowed this dangerous cartel ‘terrorist” to flourish RIGHT OUTSIDE our Border.

    Build the Wall, NICE AND TALL, bring our military in to protect with the Border Patrol, and then allow ICE to go and remove the cartel from our Country. And those elected officials in those cities harboring them, need to GO! Because they are breaking their oath to the American Taxpayers, to coddle illegals, who care less about our laws, and less about human life. Gee, kind of like a Dem Liberal don’t you think?


  2. What is the difference between middle eastern terror groups and the drug cartels? None. The middle east terror groups do it supposedly for religious reasons, the cartels do it for power and money. Both should be eradicated, end of story.

  3. Hooray! President Bone-Spurs gets to talk tough and sound on-so-manly again. “sometimes you need an army to beat an army”? Is he suggesting Mexico does not have an army? And what is he doing about drug problems in America? The only one he recognizes is opioids. Typical BS response from the orange blowhard.

    • TDS really showing.

      Mexico has an army that is WITH the cartel. Regarding the problem with drugs, go see the Dems and all the dolts who passed sanctuary cities, counties and states (Just look at Pelosi’s district). Can’t solve a drug problem when you have representatives allowing those illegals and cartels to flourish. Heck how will Hunter Biden get his crack? And KUDOS to President Trump on his going after the opioids. Showing real progress with overdoses going down.


      • Well i think it’s sad that those of us that need pain meds have to suffer because of stupid idiots that want to ” GET HIGH “! it’s called RESPONSIBILITY ! Just like , johnny was on the team and wasn’t good enough to play and sat on the bench all year, uh WHERE’S HIS TROPHY! PEOPLE OUT THERE SITTIN ON THEIR BUTTS COMPLAINING ABOUT THE OPIOID PROBLEM !! Just like we got kids out here dieing from EATING TIDE PODS ? OK LETS SUE TIDE AND GET CONGRESS TO PASS LAWS BANNING TIDE PODS !! IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THE STUPID PARENTS FOR CODDLING THEIR CHILDREN AND NOT ” EDUCATING THEM ” ! IT’S A BUNCH OF LIBERAL CRAP AND YOUR MAIN STREAM PARENTS ARE TO BLAME ! DON’T BLAME THE MEDS !!

    • Well we can see you are one of those STINKIN TRAITOR TRASH POS DEMONIC demonrat STINKIN TRAITOR TRASH demonrat nTROLL !! Just like the rest of the STINKIN TRAITOR TRASH POS demonrats you suffer from the “L.O.C.S. SYNDROME ! Let me educate you a little here . IT’S Called the ” Lack Of Common Sense Syndrome ! YA ain’t got the common sense god gave a dog ! Here it isn’t bad enough that you STINKIN TRAITOR TRASH demorats want to destroy AMERICA, the STINKIN TRAITOR TRASH TEAMED UP WITH THE STINKIN GOAT SCREWIN 7th CENTURY muslimes TO HELP THEM DO IT ! Then we have to put up with all you STINKIN TRAITOR TRASH TROLLS SUPPORTING THEM !! AND THEN YOU SAY ” I’M AN AMERICAN I LOVE THIS COUNTRY “! WELL …. Aperson can identify a STINKIN TRAITOR TRASH POS democrat by them just opening their BLOWHOLE and start SPEWIN THEIR BS !! AMERICA doesn’t have a gun problem < WE HAVE A STINKIN TRAITOR TRASH POS " L.O.C.S.S demonrat PROBLEM !! BUT …..WE HAVEN'T PLAYED COWBOYS & S.T.T.POS."L.O.C.S.S." DEMONIC demonrats YET !! BUT IF THEY DON'T QUIT DRINKIN THE STINKIN KOOL ADE ….. WE WILL BECAUSE SOME OF US OUT HERE " MEAN IT WHEN WE SAY " I LOVE THE GOOD OLD UNITED STATES of AMERICA"! NOW GO along there n grab ahold of the CONSTITUTION Nn read it if you can n EDUCATE YOURSELF. NOW YOU ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY YA HEAR NOW

  4. IT is definitely a sad situation. But also one must understand the dangers that they are exposing themselves and their family to when you live or even visit. Mexico is full of nothing but thieves, murderers,rapists and many different types of evil sub-humans. They will kill their own grandmother if they can make a buck or score some drugs ! President Trump needs to continue building the WALL and cutting back on immigration until we can get some real strong and EDUCATED Conservatives in office. At the same time fly over the cartels strongholds and let loose SOME EFFECTIVE HARDWARE & take the scum-bag w.e.t.b.a.c.k.s. out. I kno it’s sad and there will be innocents terminated before their time but thats why we call it WAR! IT AIN’T PRETTY FOLKS BUT WE HAVE TO TERMINATE THE SOURCE ! SO…….MR. President …..lets Light em up !!

  5. Only a great wall and our army on the border will stop the drug cartels. Mexico’s army isn’t as armed as the cartel’s army. The cartels have weapons the likes Mexico can only dream of, all thanks to the demonrats here in our country. Past administrations have shipped weapons into South America only to end up in the hands of the cartels; as designed (oops).
    The demonrats knew what they were doing, and they made their fortunes from it. They still are. That’s why they want open borders. The sad thing is, now they have a bunch of sorry RINOs helping out.
    Mexico should move all their honest people out of northern territories, and the US should just blow it all up. All the cartels have their major supply chains in the northern territories, and I’m sure the CIA and FBI and NSA know exactly where they all are. They just don’t do anything because it’s too profitable they way things are now, and there are so many deep state actors heavily entrenched.
    Many of our current demonrat and RINO elected officials earn money and enrich their fortunes with cartel connections and drugs.
    The way to know which of our officials are on the hook is to listen to them belittle the POTUS’s attempts to counter the cartels. Those who disagree with Trump are most likely on the cartel feed wagon, or profiting from the fallout.
    Birds-of-a-feather . . .

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