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If “quid pro quo” is illegal, then EVERY member of Congress belongs behind bars


(Natural News) Americans are being sold another lie about President Donald Trump. But at the same time, by lying about something he didn’t do, Democrats and their allied propaganda media are also misinforming the public about how administrations function when it comes to foreign policy.

As you likely know, Democrats voted last week to formalize “impeachment inquiry” proceedings that they are holding in secret. The inquiry, we’ve been told, is the result of a “whistleblower” who claims that the president demanded an inappropriate “quid pro quo” in a July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The whistleblower is a CIA officer — a Democrat who worked for former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan, a noted Trump hater. 

Nevertheless, because the media hates Trump as well, they are reporting the story as though the whistleblower’s “quid pro quo” claim is legitimate — even after the White House published a transcript of the president’s call with Zelensky which does not show that Trump threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine if the government didn’t give him dirt on Biden. (Related: “Ukraine” whistleblower suddenly not going to testify before Adam Schiff’s secret committee — so what’s the “impeachment inquiry” really for?)

There are so many problems with the way the mainstream media is reporting this. 

First and foremost, Trump never threatened the Ukrainian president, as the transcript proves. 

Second, it was Biden, as vice president, who admitted he engaged in a quid pro quo when he threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees from a previous Ukrainian president unless he fired a prosecutor who was probing corruption allegations involving a company paying Hunter Biden, the VP’s son, some $83,000 a month. 

Third, and most important, perhaps, is this: Foreign policy is nothing if it’s not a series of quid pro quo arrangements. 

The United States is a very rich, very powerful country, and we provide a lot of money to foreign governments for a variety of purposes. But mostly, we give it in exchange for something. We don’t just hand out money for the heck of it. 

Democrats and the media are permanently damaging the president’s constitutional authorities

Administrations since the founding of our country have done this — but suddenly, because it’s President Trump and the Swamp wants to get rid of him any way it can, such ‘quid pro quo’ arrangements are wrong.

As noted by Human Events: 

Horse trading is the oxygen of politics; it is how politicians are persuaded to care about things that otherwise would not make their radar. Not only does it happen all the time, but it is a core feature of our political system; representative government relies on this kind of political trading to ensure a plurality of interests and needs are satisfied.

Not only do such arrangements happen between the U.S. and other governments, but lawmakers make quid pro quo agreements all the time as well. ‘I’ll sponsor your bill if you sponsor mine.’ Etc.

However, the media and Democrats are gaslighting the country by claiming that a) Trump engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukraine (when he clearly didn’t) and b) such arrangements are improper.

Democrats and their pathetic media allies are certainly damaging President Trump, but more than anything else, they are damaging his ability to interact with other countries, to conduct foreign policy, and protect and defend U.S. national interests.

They are also injuring the Constitution by doing irreversible damage to a president’s Article II authorities.

And they don’t have a right to do that.

“This is not corruption. It’s the warp and woof of a democratic political system,” Human Events noted. “But in routinely branding President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine as potential “corruption,”and pointing to the exchange of unrelated asks as proof of that corruption, our friends in the fourth estate are acting in willful ignorance and bad faith.”

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  1. https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/11/07/adam-schiff-makes-up-new-rules-for-impeachment-inquiry-restricts-republican-witness-questions/

    Look Schiffy Schiff even gives the Republicans on his “Schiffy Schiff” show the questions that are only allowed.

    The questions, detailed in a letter Wednesday from Schiff to ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) are:

    Did the President request that a foreign leader and government initiate investigations to benefit the President’s personal political interests in the United States, including an investigation related to the President’s political rival and potential opponent in the 2020 U.S. presidential election?
    Did the President — directly or through agents — seek to use the power of the Office of the President and other instruments of the federal government in other ways to apply pressure on the head of state and government of Ukraine to advance the President’s personal political interests, including by leveraging an Oval Office meeting desired by the President of Ukraine or by withholding U.S. military assistance to Ukraine?
    Did the President and his Administration seek to obstruct, suppress, or cover up information to conceal from the Congress and the American people evidence about the President’s actions and conduct?

    This is truly insane. And then this:

    “Schiff is also requiring Nunes to submit “detailed written justification” for each witness requested.”

    Stop this Democratic insanity! Stop this dictatorship of Pelosi and Schifty.


  2. Every Senator, Representative (whisper whisper whisper and judge) who has ever received any monies for any political reason is guilty of quid pro quo.

    • How about a quid pro quo in the State Department. Those e-mails that were destroyed probably had more to do with Yoga with Chelsea. And John Kerry and son’s connection with Biden and son.


  3. Quid pro quo is the very essence of the relationship between politicians and lobbyists. We can’t get rid of politicians, why not do away with lobbyists?? Perhaps then we wouldn’t have so many people of relative modest means busting their collective asses to get elected.

    • AMEN! I’ve been saying this for years that lobbyists should not even be NEAR politicians or entrenched in Washington DC.


  4. You all appear to equate asking a foreign government to investigate a political foe with “I’ll vote for your bill if you’ll vote for mine”. If you try real hard to think, you’ll figure out there is a difference. Taking lobbyists’ “donations” for supporting their political goals is obscene and, yes, virtually all politicians are guilty of that. There should be limits on lobbyists and their “donations”, but you’ll never see them because 99% of Congress id guilty.

  5. Quid Pro Quo = the essence of life Every business transaction, ie, purchases, contracts, whatever; many family agreements, teaching, whatever are quid pro quo. You give me $5 for this product with a $5 price tag and you get it to do with what you please (if paid in full). You agree to fulfill employment obligations and you keep your job and get your compensation meanwhile. (You give me time and labor and I give you a paycheck.) Teaches dispenses knowledge and the student takes a test and then receives a report of success/failure and the opportunity to progress. Civilization is quid pro quo. I give you courtesy and respect and you return the same in kind. This for that. I can bake a cake and it is quid pro quo. I put in and mix the ingredients and process the goo through the heated oven and I get a baked cake, pie, quiche, whatever. I put in time and effort and I get out a result…sometimes of great value and lasting pleasure and goodness and sometimes I fail. If that is the case, failure, I get up, dust off , regroup, rethink, retry. I put in more time and effort and I get a result in return – this time and effort for that result – good or bad. That is life. Such is life. Is this imminently bad or tainted or squalid ? Government has been quid pro quo forever – what are the cigar smoke filled rooms all about, just for starters?

  6. If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. If you do this(that) for me, I’ll do this(that) for you. Wow, holy cow. Is this inherently corrupt or deceitful or immoral or illegal ? Inherently – NO Open to interpretation – probably. If truth is not the center of any process, conversation, understanding – then there is no foundation in the first place and nothing but trouble “lies” ahead.

  7. Adam Schiff’s aides, Abigail Grace and Sean Misko worked with Ciaramella in the White House.
    Abigail Grace, who worked at the NSC until 2018, was hired by Schiff in February.

    Sean Misko, an NSC aide until 2017, joined Schiff’s committee staff in August, the same month the whistleblower submitted his complaint.

    And Schiff kept this a secret from Republicans while he was working with Eric Ciaramella before he filed his complaint in August.

    The same conservative groups who came together to file an ethics complaint against Nancy Pelosi should do one against the two former NSA staffers who are now working for Rep. Adam Schiff in his office on the sham impeachment hearings.

    Abigail Grace and Sean Misko are alleged to have coordinated with Eric Ciamarella to manipulate the rules on here-say and help create the fraudulent whistleblower complaint.

    Eric Ciamarella is also alleged to be the conduit to leak the phone call information from whistleblower Number 2 Alexander Vindman who testified in the secret basement star chamber on Tuesday.

    It is apparent already that this was an attempted coup of the US president.
    Wait until the American public find out how much they have been lied to!

  8. Presidents are held to a higher standard. To trade or engage in quid pro quo with a ntion’s fate to investigate a political rival is NOT the same as Congressmen wheeling and dealing. You KNOW better. Stop the BS!!!

  9. “Horse trading is the oxygen of politics; it is how politicians are persuaded to care about things that otherwise would not make their radar. Not only does it happen all the time, but it is a core feature of our political system; representative government relies on this kind of political trading to ensure a plurality of interests and needs are satisfied.”

    All politicians are guilty of ‘quid-pro-quos’, but it’s the demonrat mantra to add evil into the mix. They trade in the ‘currency’ of DIRT. This is how and why most of the present-day demonrat icons are acting so smug, and proliferating so openly in their quest to overthrow our duly-elected President.
    Each one of them knows a boatload of dirt on each other, and they all know they will all ‘go down’ if the other talks. Brennen, Comey, and Hitlery each have alluded to what and who they know openly, as though taunting someone to try and ‘convict’ them.

    There was no quid pro quo in the POTUS talking to the Ukraine president. Our President has a duty to protect American sovereignty, and use our tax dollars appropriately.


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