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Oklahoma Cops Investigating “It’s Okay To Be White”-Fliers As Potential Hate-Crime


Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

Police in Oklahoma City are investigating “It’s okay to be white” fliers that were posted at the Oklahoma City University School of Law as a potential hate crime.

Although authorities acknowledge that the fliers were “not believed to be a threat” and that posting them wasn’t a crime because no property was damaged, the individual responsible is under investigation anyway.

“Investigators are trying to determine his intent and whether the actions are a hate crime,” reports the Associated Press.

Law school Dean Jim Roth said the OCU is “intentional and relentless” in supporting diversity and the hatred and exclusion “will not be tolerated.”

Meanwhile in another incident, a sign that read “It’s OK to be white” was hung on a bridge over a highway in Massachusetts. A local ADL spokesman said the message “excludes people” and “targets people.”

“Being white is such an advantage in society and to suggest otherwise is just straight out racism,” said a man who tore the banner down.

As we previously highlighted, the whole thing was a product of 4chan trolls who sought to repeat their stunt of posting the fliers on Halloween to bait the media into whipping up another moral panic about racism.

Many have commented that the stunt is particularly cunning because it forces the left to adopt the ideologically bigoted view that it isn’t ‘okay’ to be white, thus revealing them to be the actual racists.

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  1. “Although authorities acknowledge that the fliers were “not believed to be a threat” and that posting them wasn’t a crime because no property was damaged, the individual responsible is under investigation anyway.”

    Hate crime? Oh that’s right on a liberal “we squash free speech instead of educating your children” college.

    Pathetic! What a waste of man power. But then again, maybe this will give them an excuse to NOT look at what all the “let out” inmates might get up to.


      • So true! We are the bad people to them. This is part of the “reparation” scam.

        This is just the same ole, same ole hate-filled party that created the KKK. And if you look back at history, White people were prosecuted too for helping the African Americans.

        That’s why Dems hate President Trump. Look at the unemployment numbers for African Americans. Way to Go!


      • No shit Sherlock…..
        Successful white America has bent over backward to fix slavery, allow women to vote, change laws with the times, but let’s go bash whitey anyway. Rather than get involved and make America better. Oh yeah how about 27 million illegal Hispanics who obey the law are allowed to stay here in white America. What happened to their shithole countries, let’s go to WHITE AMERICA.

  2. There’s no such thing as a “hate crime”. Hate is an EMOTION, not an action. This nonsense is brought to you by cultural Marxism. Crime is injury or damage to a victim which can be proven in court. When we start prosecuting people for having “wrong thoughts” or emotions, all liberty will be lost, but then, this IS the goal of the left.

    • 100% correct. This is your “thought police” making certain that you are on “the right side of politics”. (Hint: it’s okay to be white). 😛

  3. To these people it is not alright to be white! White people better start asserting their rights as do people of other races! White people are persecuted for being white and for having so called “White Privilege” and for being racists any time other races want to claim it despite the truth! It is all about anger, POWER and manipulation! Our society must preserve our customs and laws that protect everyone’s rights and that means that white people now need, more than ever, to assert their rights to be free from social and personal bullying by so called “minorities” and be free from the constant deluge of publicly disseminated propaganda insisting the evilness of being white! Racism exists in the hearts and minds of minorities and people of races who are not white! Look and listen to Ilhan Omar, and her “squad” , al sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and the multitude of white people haters who’s number continue to grow in our society despite being placated and pandered to! It is not only okay to be white, but to be proud to be White!! BE proud to be White as other races are proud to be of their race!! White skin color and White peoples Civil Rights should and must be believed, protected, spread vocally throughout our society as other races do and are protected and embraced!!!!

  4. Can anyone explain to me why anyone who is “white” would vote for a Democratic candidate who wants to punish white people for the color of their skin. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, that’s called racism. Exactly what they claim Trump supporters to be. Can the hypocrisy get any worse than this? I don’t think so.

  5. IT,S OK TO BE WHITE and i am proud of it so now thats unamerican or raciest then so be it , so are you just for being offended by it ……. what the hell is the matter with you people ..every one should be proud of their race white ,black , purple ., don”t matter what the &*(& if you think your better than any one else thats not what being proud of your race is about … i say if your NOT PROUD OF YOUR RACE YOUR A RACIEST

  6. Absolutely: It is alright to be white, furthermore it’s alright to be proud to be white. After all it is the whites that contributed proportionately more to making this the greatest country in history and you can’t take away or change history.

  7. Can someone help me understand. Why does where I live have anything to do with my health insurance coverage? Example – I live in the southside of VA and I have to pay a great deal more than a male, my age that lives in Alexandria VA, Falls Church, etc.

  8. According to what I understand from scientists publications and the things we were taught in school there was a time when there was two races on earth. I don’t remember if any of what I learned stated what the two races skin color was. Of the two races living here one eventually died out, was absorbed into the other one or at any rate is no longer around. What was left was us, a race that claims to be human and we come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Some of us do not like to think about it this way but I guess that is just their problem. I can not claim to all ways remember that we are all one race and I don’t think most other people think about it either. I’m not trying to sound like Plato or some other great thinker from history. I’m just trying to see if two plus two equals four or was I taught math incorrectly. I’m not sure but I think what I’m trying to say is (pardon my spelling) a long time ago two kinds if people lived here on eskiñnyone race was big, ugly, hair covered, strong but not too intelligent, the other race was us. For what ever reasons our body’s evolved or adapted until we now have different skin colors, hair colors, eye colors, some are tall, others short, some skinny, others not skinny and on and on and on. But we are all still basiç human beings. We all have emotions and we all are capable of learning to speak, to think, to reason things out. We all reproduce the same basic way. The major differences between us have more to do with the environment we are born into and raised in then what color our skin is. At leàst it seems that way to me, anyway. So, is it more accurate or realistic to claim “We do not like black people.” Or should you really be saying “We do not like humans who were born and raised in the run down slums in certain big cities, who didn’t get the best education and happen to have brown eyes and black skin.” Which is correct? I know which one most people use but if by some magic spell everybody would think through what they were going to say, maybe they would not say it. Of course you can then that around in many different directions to talk about whites, blacks, browns, yellows, reds, purples, greens and those born with stripes or dots. The point is that we really are all human, we eliminated the only other race of intelligent beings hundreds of thousands if not millions of years ago leaving only us hchain. to live here with no one left who could challenge us for top of the food chain. After all that time and effort we now have to pick on each other to have worthy competition for king of the hill, leader of the pack or whatever. It doesn’t look like we, human beings, will ever outgrow trying to be better or stronger or richer or whatever you can think of then the next guy. Pity, ain’t it? Or maybe not.

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