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Trump Can’t Block Subpoena For Tax Records: Appeals Court


President Trump can’t block a subpoena for his tax returns, according to the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, which granted a temporary stay in the matter last month.

The three-judge panel rejected Trump’s argument that he is immune from criminal investigation while in the White House, according to CNBC.

In August, New York state prosecutors in Manhattan subpoenaed Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars USA, demanding eight years of his personal and corporate tax returns – just one month after the Manhattan DA’s office launched a criminal investigation into hush-money payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) by former Trump attorney Michael Cohen – who is currently serving a three-year prison sentence on charges which include breaking campaign finance laws.

Manhattan D.A. Cyrus R. Vance Jr. (who took money from Harvey Weinstein while declining to prosecute him for sexual assault – and who sought a reduced sex-offender status for Jeffrey Epstein) wants to see if Trump’s reimbursement of Cohen violated any laws in New York, and whether Trump’s accounting firm falsely accounted for the reimbursements as a legal expense.

The president’s lawyers have called the investigation by Mr. Vance, a Democrat, politically motivated.

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  1. “Manhattan D.A. Cyrus R. Vance Jr. (who took money from Harvey Weinstein while declining to prosecute him for sexual assault – and who sought a reduced sex-offender status for Jeffrey Epstein) wants to see if Trump’s reimbursement of Cohen violated any laws in New York, and whether Trump’s accounting firm falsely accounted for the reimbursements as a legal expense.”

    lol, letting two perverts go, but you want to see President Trump’s tax returns for falsely accountment? Gee, this is just like Mayor DeBlasio rewarding convicts (possibly illegals) by letting them out on the innocent public and giving them tickets to a baseball game.

    Dems are truly mental. Let this go to the Supreme Court.


  2. Yes the Obama liberal activist Judge denies the block but not to worry it will be appealed to the SC .. and hopefully SCOTUS will do their patriotic duty and deny the release of his records.

  3. Since when do democrats have lily white sex lives? Pres Trump has past lovers, and I’m quite sure they were handsomely treated too…without using campaign money or business funds.

  4. I didn’t vote for President Trump because of his personal life. Don’t care, that’s between himself and his wife, PERIOD!

    I voted for President Trump because he is a Great Businessman. Something this Country needed for a long time. Someone who’s main interest IS and ALWAYS WILL BE the United States of America.

    Talking about lily white sex lives, just look at Bill Clinton and his Arkansas Governor days. Rapes and then sick Hilary on him to shut up the woman. And the dolt gets caught in the Oval office with an intern and LIES about under oath. Now there is a pathetic loser who can’t stand his wife, which cost the Taxpayer money that could have been spent on something REAL.

    Stormy Daniels and her lawyer, lol what a pathetic duo. Both looking to fakenews for their 15 minutes of fame. Truly mental.


  5. Seal all tax records like Odumbo did with all his records. This is such a sh$t show its ridiculous. Get over it Dems you lost and will lose again. GO TRUMP AND GO BLESS YOU AND THE USA!

  6. Another Shuster lawyer playing Judicial system like a musical instrument. This dipstick Democrat lawyer is just as corrupt as those caught committing a crime and imprisoned the only difference he hasn’t been caught yet. Corrupt unelected despots attacking POTUS Trump, again.

  7. President Trump please take this to the US supreme Court! If this is allowed to go forward then the laws for privacy of tax returns will be nullified. The camel is trying to get his nose under the tent again. Smack him down!

  8. More Democrat fishing expeditions. America wont be torn apart by war or foreign powers, it will be torn apart by lawyers. Everything from McDonald’s hot coffee to bath powder that people have been using since the 1920s at least. This kind of lawyer is the troll looking for easy money. Just like Adam Schiff they hide in the shadows taking bribes and manipulating laws to suit their own interests and the interests of their slimy cohorts. We are truly seeing the fall of Babylon the Great, or maybe just the beginning?

  9. Again, how can anyone support the insanity labeled as the Democratic Party. They epitomize the term “sore losers” after having their cake and eating it to on the backs of the American people who in 2016 said, “enough”! Obama has now been recognized as a huge mistake, especially the second four year term which added insult to injury as to what he didn’t do for America and the negative he did do to it.

    The voter’s said, “enough” and yet we still have to put up with that insanity from Democratic career politicians who have doubled down on that insanity in the form of an Impeachment Inquiry that is clearly a hold over from their defeat and their inability to take the President down with so many fraudulent accusations and investigations (witch hunts). President Trump is stalwart and he is enduring more than most would or could have over his time in office!

    A foreign Nation looking in at our current political plight is wondering where the fair and just political system has gone, is America, America anymore?

    The “Squad”, Pelosi, Clinton, Comey and the list of undesirables has quadrupled to the point it takes several minutes to read off the list of names that do not have our Nation or its citizens as their priority but do have their political party’s twisted agenda and themselves in place of what they were elected to office for “support/serve their constituents and our Nation”.

    People, the career Left Wing Democrats still in office “VOTE” them the heck out of office, the ones not currently in office never let them back, the ones trying for office that carry on the banner of the undesirables keep them off the ballots and let’s take our Nation back.

    Voter Apathy, fence sitting, undecided, status-quo voting, political party disillusioned and non-voters can no longer exist. You, who are in those categories, have got to wake up, take responsibility and realize that you have contributed, more than most, to the catastrophic political dilemma we have today. If you do not the ultimate result will be the loss of our heritage and our Nation as we have known it.

    The Left Wing Radical Progressive Socialist Democrats and the fading, old guard Democrats have made it their mission to destroy a duly elected, sitting President and he has defied them at every turn and attempt. They have completely abandoned any and all of their duties as members of Congress and instead have replaced them with their insane vendetta against him and left the country’s needs high and dry!

    Now, it is your turn to support and defend the President. President Donald Trump has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that a non-politician and successful businessman can be President and a very good one. Everything he has done while in office has benefited our Nation and its citizens, everything and that has his hate mongering opposition in awe and in disbelief. They ask themselves and each other, how can he “keep on trucking” with all we have done and are doing to stop him, how?

    How, because he believes in our Nation, it’s citizens and our place in the world. “Let’s Make America Great Again” is not just a slogan to the President, he eats, breathes and sleeps that desire 24/7 and it shows by his overwhelming success and accomplishments for the good of us all. If it was not a pure and honest desire he would not have survived the evil and negative onslaught he suffers on a daily basis from those undesirables.

    We have allowed a small majority to change our Nation and we cannot let that continue as we must reverse what “sitting on the sidelines” has given and caused us to endure. We must become active in our political system, “VOTE”. AND, that vote has to be for the good of our Nation, not a politcal party. AND, right now that means a Conservative vote as the other is contributing to a continued death spiral for our Nation as we know it.

    • Well said and so true!

      People keep looking at my “I voted” sticker today. Yep, I DID my civic duty.


  10. I agree with you, but put a hold on the McDonalds hot coffee lawsuit. I used to laugh at it until I met the investigator who worked for the lawyers for the woman. She had multiple surgeries and lost a lot of feeling in her genitals because the coffee was boiling hot. Her life was drastically altered over that incident. I was at the Sheriff’s Office academy when he came to speak to us.

    • Its a shame what happened to her,but she would have complained it it came out too cold. We have the good sense not to put boiling liquids between our legs. She chose to put it there. Is McDonalds responsible because she did not have a cup holder?

  11. If Trump’s tax records are surrendered by order of the courts, I DEMAND that EVERY person serving in local, state and federal office be compelled to do the same each year.

  12. I usually check to see who the judges are in a case like this, but I looked up only one in this instance- an Obama judge. I suspect the other two are Clinton, Obama, Carter, or maybe even Bush judges. Sorry Chief Justice Roberts. there are a lot of Obama and Clinton and Carter judges out there doing their level best to make the Constitution irrelevant. Your Supreme Court has failed miserably by not setting the standards lower courts must follow. Where in hell did the Constitution give the power to a single federal judge to establish national law.

  13. Isn’t obama’s corrupt IRS enough for Trump to have to fight/deal with? What business is his taxes for anyone else? Democrats are above the law for any democrat criminal. biden’s extortion for example. warren’s fraud, hillary’s destruction of subpoenaed evidence, the corrupt in the FBI for trying to thwart an election, etc. Trump should do like the founder of the FBI, and start using them for personal issues, just like the democrats have been doing.

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