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NY Times: Hillary, Bloomberg, Kerry Look for Opening to Run in 2020


With skepticism rising about frontrunners for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, several establishment party members, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and former Secretary of State John Kerry, are looking for openings to jump into the race, according to sources close to them.

In recent weeks, Clinton and Bloomberg have told people privately that if they thought they could win the nomination, they’d consider mounting races, according to Democrats who have spoken with them, reports The New York Times. However, both remain skeptical about their chances or if there will be an opening.

Kerry has been wondering out loud whether he should have run, according to associates who have spoken with him, who say he’s finding it hard to watch former Vice President Joe Biden’s mistakes. However, they said Kerry thinks Biden remains the party’s best choice to defeat Trump.

In addition, ex-Attorney General Eric Holder is considering a last-minute run, according to a Democrat familiar with his thinking, but has also conceded it may be too late to enter the race.

Columnist Connie Schultz, who is married to Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said there is “more anxiety than ever.” There are many people urging Brown to join the race, she said.

Democrats close to Clinton and Bloomberg say the only way they’ll run is if Biden is badly weakened or drops out, neither of which is expected to happen by the end of this calendar year. At that point, the deadline to be on the Super Tuesday ballots in states like California and Texas will have already passed.

Clinton has become more vocal this month. She said last week that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, is backed by Russia as a third-party spoiler. People close to her say she is concerned about Biden’s chances and about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s liberal politics, but she’s also happy with not being on the ballot.

Bloomberg has raised eyebrows by putting off a fundraising request from a third-party group until he knew more about his own intentions, said Democrats familiar with their conversation.

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  1. Gee, the hag is SO desperate to be in control of the White House she will jump into bed with anyone.

    Let Kerry and Bloomberg go for it. President Trump will outshine any of these globalist hacks.

    Trump/Pence KAG 2020! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  2. Why even consider Hillary? She has lost her mind and logic. Frankly, none of the candidates on the dem side are outstanding; and none have original ideas that will enhance the lives of the American people. Trump – by a landslide!

  3. A list of America’s most WANTED! Put it up in the Post Office, and offer a hefty reward for anyone apprehending these criminals! Buyback to think they’d get any votes? Well yeah maybe from dead voters, and multiple district voters who had been hired to crate voter fraud! Only Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang have an ounce of brains and a centrist view. But to dig up the worst of the worst, what dies that do than create more distrust!

    • There people are delusional…totally out of touch with the American reality. Hilary and John Kerry should be in Girtmo for treason, together with Obama and their deep state…Bloomberg ios an old gaga just as Sanders…totally washed out…

  4. All three of these has germs turn my stomach….Sillary especially. Pure evil. Bring Them on. Trump will embarrass ‘ol pants suit again. The other two are comic characters.
    The Liberal Left Socialist party has gone whacky. They haven’t done a damn thing since 2016 except try to destroy the President and his Family. Never thought I would see this in My lifetime much less in our United States. Shame on the Left. I am not using the word Democrat because that term and party was demolished in the years 2008 – 2016 by Obuma….and that is exactly what he wanted to do.
    TRUMP IN 2020!!!!!!!

  5. Hillary Clinton the killer of American people. John Kerry working with our enemy Iran. Bloomberg lying about being in Viet nam. disgusting pieces of trash that should have been arrested and hung for treason. Democrat party has totally lost it. Not one Democrat has done anything for America but tried to destroy America. Loser fascist lowlives Nazis.

  6. And the list of Democrat losers just keeps getting longer and longer. Shows No confidence in their own party. Sleepy Joe and Frankinkerry. Buttgig and Billary. It’s like a circus clown car of candidates. Makes me crave peanuts and cotton candy.

  7. The reason that so many liberals are clamoring to be President is that they are attempting to emulate their forked-tongue hero, Obama, who managed to divert so much of the money meant for his shovel-ready-jobs scam into his own and his familiars’ pockets, thus doubling the national debt. Without the office of President, Obama would still be a “community organizer” passing out pamphlets and living in an upper flat in Chicago, instead of being a multi-millionaire, living in one of several McMansions. Clearly his supposed status as a Constitutional scholar would have gained him nothing, since his comprehension of the Constitution is limited to how to bypass it.

  8. Pocahontas! She still thinks she can laugh off all her false representations….She shows how politicians think we are all so gullible…

  9. …any time someone is “Looking for an opening to run” it just means “I would love to accept the nomination, but I have nothing to stand on…” …as for Sherrod Brown, he is a certified liberal POS. as bad as any of those “waiting for an opening”… If you have anything different or real to bring to the race, you bring it; problem is they don’t, all they have is the criminal acts they got away with… if anyone has ever read the vomitous crap Shultz writes, you will know know why she wants her husband to run…don’t waste your time…

  10. The Marx Brothers: Hillary-Harpo, Bloomberg-Groucho, Kerry-Chico and they politically are about as competent as these clowns in Monkey Business!

  11. The Democrats are desperate to eliminate Trump at all costs because he is doing what he promised the American people and draining the swamp. They know it is only a matter of time before he comes after them, exposing their crimes and holding them accountable for the American people. The Democrats have been in power for far too long unchecked, have convinced the American people that they have their and the Country’s best interests at heart, but it was a big lie. Their only interests are lining their pockets with the labors of the hard working American’s and covering each other’s behinds to keep from getting caught. I lost respect for the Democrats when they allowed Hillary Clinton to just walk away after the crimes of treason she has committed over and over again. That in itself says to me, that these crooks have only one interest in having anything to do with the American people, and that is to make as much wealth as they can off of us no matter what it takes. Trump needs to pull together a legal team and start the investigations into their corruption – each and every one of them starting with Hillary – and disclose their findings to the American people.

  12. Poor Hildebeast, guess who Soros is/isn’t backing, lol


    “I’m not endorsing anybody because I want to work with whoever,” he stated. “I don’t express my views generally because I have to live with whoever the electorate chooses.”

    lol, don’t express your views? You are in with the Obama/Clinton/Biden/liberal losers up to your eyeballs.

    And BOY you HATE living with who the electorate chose in 2016. lol


    Shame, shame George Soros. lol

    Not a big Hill fan but boy, lol Obama getting involved? Oh no, but he has no scandals in his administration, lol



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