Home Politics New York Gov. Cuomo Signs Law Aimed at Foiling Trump Pardons

New York Gov. Cuomo Signs Law Aimed at Foiling Trump Pardons


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed a law clearing away legal hurdles that could have prevented state prosecutions of people pardoned by President Donald Trump for federal crimes.

The law signed Wednesday by the Democrat revises exceptions to the state’s double jeopardy law.

New York Democrats say it will ensure that the state’s ongoing investigations into associates of the Republican president can’t be derailed by a White House pardon.

Republicans have decried the law as a partisan attack.

The law was passed this year amid speculation that Trump might pardon his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort or former lawyer Michael Cohen.

Both have been convicted of federal crimes.

Manafort is also awaiting trial on a New York state mortgage fraud charge that closely mirrors part of his federal case.

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  1. Just another “Hilary/Obama” minion, changing laws to continue the “coup” against OUR PRESIDENT. Shame NYC is just like New Jokesey. Got nothing to do with OUR Laws, or American citizens. Just their “global” agenda to stop and harass President Trump.

  2. Time 2 start reversing the non cooperation process. Red states pass laws negating extradition 2 blue states 4 bs charges. Red states pass laws 4 complete coordination with ICE. Chase all illegals & criminals 2 blue states. It won’t take long b4 blue state residents revolt against their COMMISSARS.
    Especially with no fed funding 4 PC courses/”PROFESSORS” in schools or any other SOCOM ventures.

  3. Meanwhile, NY is letting their criminals roam free after numerous arrests. No bail. People being murdered all over the place, by repeat offenders. What a sick, sick bunch.

  4. What a farce!! If you wish to review QUESTIONABLE pardons, just take a look at the TRASH Bill CLINTON pardoned when he left office !! “Just contribute and you’re off the hook”. This DEMOCRAT nonsense is ridiculous. The FEW pardons Trump had granted were ALL WORTHY PEOPLE.

      • And where were you when Obama, especially in the last days of his admin., pardoned numerous violent criminals with life sentences? I would bet that you were one of those worshipful idiots that thought Obama could do no wrong, and would have been the same with Hillary, had she won. Yet since she lost, we have had to endure over three years now of unhinged idiots continuously screaming Impeach!impeach!impeach!Impeach!Impeach!
        Severe OCD and TDS, with a high degree of sociopathy, the lot of you.
        You will likely all be in padded cells for your own protection by 2024, the end of Trump’s second term.

  5. The Declaration of Independence tells us what we are to do so does Zachariah 2:7,8. Jeremiah 49:23 through chapter 51 relates their soon demise. Catholics check out John 3:3.

  6. Cuomo is just another corrupt socialist Democrat who is Hillary Clinton’s and the Socialist Democrat’s puppet. Whenever they pull his strings, he jumps. As long as it’s against Trump he’s happy. We all do reap what we sow and Cuomo along with the Socialist Democrats better buckle up. Their day of reckoning is at hand. They are literally committing political suicide and are too arrogant to even consider that that’s happening.

    • They’re not worried about tomorrow. They are worried about losing their power today.
      I wonder if the law he creates will be available to a demonrat rival in 5 years?

  7. Leave it to the demorats to find new and inventive ways to violate the constitution bill of rights. The name democrat is becoming synonymous with the words CRININAL, TRAITOR, ANTIAMERICAN, and ANARCHY.
    I am glad my time left on earth is short (due to my agent orange exposure and my lack of health care due to obama) so I won’t have to live through the socialism that our country will be governed by.

  8. Dear citizens of the USA: If these evil people can do this to the President of the United States IMAGINE what they will do to you. Vote them out.


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