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Hillary Clinton Pitches Conspiracy Theory That Tulsi Gabbard, Jill Stein Are Russian Assets


Hillary Clinton is still peddling election-related conspiracy theories, this time hinting that 2020 Democratic contender Tulsi Gabbard is being ‘groomed’ to split the Democratic vote as a third party candidate, thus handing the election to President Trump. 

Speaking with former Obama 2008 campaign manager David Plouffe on his podcast, “Campaign HQ with David Plouffe,” Clinton said – without mentioning Gabbard by name: “I’m not making any predictions but I think they’ve got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate. She’s the favorite of the Russians.” 

Of course, that’s “assuming Jill Stein will give it up – because she’s also a Russian asset,” Clinton continued. 

Earlier in the interview, Clinton hinted that the Trump 2020 campaign is still in “contact with the Russians,” and that “we have to assume that since it worked for them, why would they quit?” 

“Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin’s dream,” Clinton added. “I don’t know what Putin has on him – whether its both personal and financial, I assume it is. But more than that, there’s this bizarre adulation Trump has for dictators.” 

Clinton also insisted that Russia “did affect the outcome of the election” in 2016, despite the DOJ concluding otherwise


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  1. Hilary just trying to make sure “her choice” gets the nod. Don’t care. Hope she continues her “drunken, pill popping ways” like she did in her own election, lol. President Trump – 4 MORE YEARS!

  2. She sold her approval as Secretary of State for $124 million paid to her “Foundation” (quid-pro-quo). She sold state secrets to the Russians and the Chinese. That’s how the Russians got the hypersonic ICBM developed so fast. While she was Secretary of State she grew the “Foundation” from $100 million to almost $2 Billion!!! And, at the same time John Kerry’s daughter marries an Iranian and suddenly we unfreeze Iranian asset giving them access to $400 BILLION and deliver $140 million in cash in in mixed currencies and small bills to the mullah. How much of the $140 million cash went into Obama’s and Kerry’s private Swiss bank accounts?

  3. Who really cares what her LARD ASS says????
    We know it was a CONSPIRACY 2 keep UR NASTY ASS OUTTA JAIL!!!!
    And U wanna talk Conspiracy, let’s talk about Treason and the Uranium 1 deal!!!!👌👌👌👌
    Talk about giving aid 2 our Enemy’s, U Treasonous piece of Sh*t…..U need 2B executed 4 what you’ve done……

  4. Let’s dive into a few of the glaring red flags that this is CLEARLY nothing more than a political witch hunt.

    The Democrats do not have the numbers to impeach Trump in the Senate. This is OBVIOUS. They need 67 votes to successfully impeach a sitting President, and they are not even close to that number. They know this… but here they are starting another hoax to grandstand. It reeks of desperation.
    This impeachment “inquiry” all started from an anonymous whistleblower… who has third person knowledge of the actual incident. How many times have we seen these “anonymous” accusations turn into absolutely nothing. Anyone remember the Mueller Investigation? That cost taxpayers over $25 million and proved absolutely nothing… well this is Round 2.
    Knowing they cannot impeach Trump, their only option is to attack his credibility. The economy is strong. Unemployment is at an all-time low. Trump is taking action and making progress on so many fronts, the Democrat’s only chances for 2020 is to fabricate another hoax to destroy Trump’s credibility with his base.
    To any rational, sane, logical person… this is all clearly a hoax. This is nothing more than the Democrat’s desperate attempt to grab power in the 2020 elections. As Trump supporters and fellow conservatives, we need to remain committed to our President’s mission. We need to stand up and show our support, now more than ever!TRUMP 2020

  5. Just think folks….this wacko could have been president….she is everything you don’t want in the Whitehouse….the queen of the deep state and the corruption that goes on in the sewers of Washington.

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