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Trump: “Do People Really Think We Should Go to War With NATO Member Turkey?”


The US won’t fight fellow NATO member Turkey over the Kurds in Syria, President Donald Trump has said, while also suggesting the Kurds may be releasing terrorist prisoners just to get the US involved.

In early Monday tweets, Trump defended his decision to hastily pull American troops and negotiators from the north of Syria, where a Turkish military operation against Kurdish fighters is in full swing.

Trump’s critics have called the move a betrayal of the Kurds, who up to recently had been America’s principal allies on the ground in Syria. Kurdish leaders have now turned to Damascus, striking a deal that will see Syrian government troops deployed to the area.

Still, Trump doesn’t think these allies are worth fighting another NATO member over. “Do people really think we should go to war with NATO Member Turkey?” he tweeted, repeating the threat of “big sanctions on Turkey.”

The Kurds “may be releasing some” of their Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS) prisoners specifically to get the Americans involved, Trump speculated.

Earlier, a senior commander of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces, the main Kurdish military force in the region) did say guarding IS prisoners will no longer be “top priority” in the face of the Turkish offensive.

Separate Kurdish-sourced reports said hundreds of IS-affiliated prisoners already escaped when prisons came under Turkish fire.

However, the escapees aren’t a US concern, Trump said, instead chiding Europe for missing the “chance to get their ISIS prisoners” earlier and for relying instead on the US to “pay the cost.”

Kurdish forces are reportedly holding up to 100,000 IS fighters and members of their families, captured during operations in Syria.

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  1. Turkey maybe a NATO ally, but they are not our friend! They have been consumed by the radical element of the Koran and would turn on us in a New York second.
    Turkey doesn’t need a buffer zone with Syria as they can beef up their border and be done with it. Just leave the Kurds alone!

    • We (the US) have committed the #1 sin of our military code (“Leave no man behind”). WE removed 50 of our troops in advance of the attack leaving 1000 of our own troops and the Kurds (our loyal supporters) in position and vulnerable to attack by the Turks and others. As an afterthought we gave the order for our 1000 troops to retreat – run away from the battle giving all of our enemies in the middle east and Russia the chance to say “See the Americans run from us!!”.

  2. Trump is a total ass. He turned his back on an ally that saved many American lives to give the green light to a phony ally, Islamist Back stabbing bastard

    • Bill, let’s now discuss that “total ass” Barry Obama. The United States had an actual treaty with the Ukrainians. During the Cold War, the USSR had quite a few nuclear weapons stationed in “their” republic – Ukraine. (Hell, one of the largest Soviet aircraft carriers that ever went to sea was the Kiev-class. Kiev – the capital of Ukraine.) When the Soviet Union dissolved, Ukraine became an independent nation, but still had nuclear weapons in their possession. As a condition for them releasing their nearly-acquired nuclear arsenal back to Russia, we agreed (by treaty, 1994 I believe) to come to their aid if they were ever attacked. Well, fast forward to the Obama-era disaster, and Russia invaded Ukraine the Kenyan did NOTHING! So, is/was Obama a traitor too, for abandoning Ukraine, a nation we had an actual defense treaty with? Oh – say it ain’t so!

  3. We have enough problems with the war here that the democrats (communist) is pushing on the American people. Just look what they were doing outside the rally in Minneapolis. They have their lap dogs attacking law abiding citizens who just wanted to head their duly elected president speak. When will the far left end trying to start a civil war.

  4. I heard We had Nuclear weapons in Turkey , Why and if so Why were they not removed before we got out ? We can not keep America great Fighting Wars all Around the world ! What has the Democrats done in last 3 Years ?

  5. Let Europe get mired down in these conflicts. They have more at stake in the game than we do. Mind you they don’t seem to have the brains to understand that they have the most at stake. You know Russia was in Afghanistan before NATO got there, and they went home without gaining anything. Syria isn’t all that much different. And hey, if Russia and Syria and Turkey can find a solution, let’s give them a chance. In the long run maybe the Kurds will end up with their own homeland.

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