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Will The Clintons Destroy The Democratic Party?


Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

History is full of ironies, and perhaps it will suit the irony gods for The Donald to take down the Republican Party and the Clinton dynasty to destroy the Democratic Party.

Let’s start by stipulating my bias: I would cheer the collapse of both self-serving, venal political parties, which have stood by for decades as the rich have become immeasurably richer and the politically powerful few have disempowered the many. The transparent “populist” bleatings of both parties–“we serve the people!”–sound increasingly like stale, pathetically disconnected from reality Soviet-era propaganda.

Let’s say I’m a relatively disinterested observer other than my fervent wish that both corrupt, self-serving parties slide into the dustbin of history, the sooner the better.

The Republicans were hijacked by Donald Trump and given a binary choice: accept Trump as their candidate and have a chance of winning, or reject him and guarantee losing. After surveying the wreckage left by the Bush dynasty and Romney’s loss, the Repubs swallowed their distrust and distaste for The Donald and chose winning over losing–the easily predictable choice for all politicos.

The Democrats chose to enact a Greek tragedy featuring off-the-charts hubris. Despite Hillary’s private email server, the Clinton Foundation’s shameless shakedowns for millions of dollars in “contributions” (the polite word for influence peddling), and her delight in mocking those who chose not to vote for her as “deplorables,” the Democrats were supremely confident that the Clinton dynasty would sweep them to an easy and overwhelming victory.

As the Greek dramatists understood, hubris doesn’t just invite disaster, it welcomes disaster. The Democrats were then handed a binary choice: either cast the Clintons adrift with a few provisions and a hearty cheer and move on, or set the course of the Party for the next four years to the Clintons’ Ahab-like obsession: we wuz robbed, and the terrible error of history (Hillary losing the 2016 election) would have to be corrected regardless of the cost.

To aid their mono-maniacal campaign, the Democrats partnered with the most anti-Democratic and corrupting force in America, the alphabet agencies of Imperial Pretensions, the CIA et al., who are institutionally bound to view the citizenry’s right to choose its government and its government’s policies with utter disdain: we rule the Empire, and democracy is only acceptable as long as it rubber-stamps our rule.

This aligned perfectly with the Clinton dynasty’s view, and so the unending campaign to unseat The Donald was launched.

For better or worse, this unholy alliance put the Democratic Party’s legitimacy on the gambling table. The Democratic Party, whether it accepts or understands this reality or not, has devolved to an absurdist cable-channel devoted exclusively to unseating The Donald, regardless of the cost and regardless of the sacrifices required to pursue what is increasingly a quixotically misguided venture.

Wittingly or unwittingly, every institution allied with the Democrats has also put its legitimacy on the gaming table, the most important of which is the mainstream media, including the quasi-public Propaganda Broadcast Service (PBS). The corporate media and PBS have been reduced to late-night TV programming, selling the same flimsy gadgets with the same tired pitch: “But wait–there’s more!”

All of which leads us to the question: will the Clintons destroy the Democratic Party, or perhaps even more saliently: have the Clintons already sealed the fate of the Democratic Party?

We won’t know the voters’ judgment until November 2020, but judging by campaign contributions, the delegitimizing ill-will being generated by the Party’s transparent suppression of Tulsi Gabbard, its Ahab-like obsession with impeachment and its bad-karma reliance on the FBI and CIA’s most treacherous operatives, the Party’s leadership might not hold a winning hand.

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  1. Clinton and Obamas destroyed the Democratic Party. Guess the deal to allow Obama to run before Hilary didn’t pan out, as the American citizens got lucky when the Republicans woke up after a long irrelevant snooze, and nominated a REAL candidate. So glad, as the writer put it, President Trump hijacked the Republican party. Actually giving the party relevance again. FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    Clinton will continue to push this “coup” agenda. HER insurance policy that failed miserably. The President, the People elected keeps going strong, and the “coup insurance policy” is being shown in the true light. Hopefully it continues and those who felt the deal between Obama and Clinton politically comes to stand in front of the Law of this Great Nation for the treasonous actions this “coup insurance policy” is.

    • You’re right, Karen, Clinton & Obama destroyed the Dems party & if Clinton had won in 2016, she would’ve destroyed America! Trump got in the race at the right time. Clinton & Obama studied under Saul Alinsky – something the elitists with the big $$ likes & supports.

      There shouldn’t be anyone living within the borders of the USA who has dual citizenship & runs for political office! The reason being their allegiance lies elsewhere!

  2. Will they, HELL BELLS they all ready have and it started in Little Rock when he made it to governor and it has been down hill from there. The CLINTON are CORRUPT, The King and Queen of POLITICAL CORRUPTION

  3. I believe a Whole New Democratic Party will arise in time.Maybe one that Really cares about the middle citizen as it once did!!!!!! A new,Fair non partisan party that believes purely in the constitution and freedoms of its citizens !!!!! Shrinking the size of government and No more Private Jails in existence for Profit.How contradictory!!!!! I believe that our world as we know it will have to go through a very dark period which we have recently entered !!!!!!

  4. The Clintons HAVE already sealed the fate of the Democratic Party.

    They will ultimately go down in history as the most criminally-corrupt politicians in America. They were both skated when their messes was exposed, protected when the evidence prohibited skating, and their acolytes continue to blindly follow wherever they lead.

    It’s the mark of the devil.

    Trump’s intervention in American politics at this time in history is salvation from God.

    Now the citizens concerned with keeping the original America need to support our country and president by voting for more conservatives that support Trump, and forget about petty emotional issues. Trump is NOT obsessed with doing away with social living issues; he’s pro-American freedoms, and a Constitutionalist (Marriage is NOT described in the Constitution).
    When the social emotional issue groups jumped onto the demonrat bandwagon, they thought that was their only choice; but never thought to ASK Trump. They just believed the mad-as-hell-media-whores who spin discontent for the elected demonrats, and demonrat can’t-idates.

    I think the biggest basis of anti-Trump rhetoric is from those who wish to promote a hedonistic society (Hollywood elites), where drugs and free-sex is the main concerns. They’re afraid Trump supporters will encourage laws that prohibit them from enjoying their various lifestyles. Most conservatives don’t care ‘who you do’; and if you want to blow your mind on drugs, go for it. If you get pregnant or a deadly disease because you were too lazy to take precautions, it’s your conscious and ethics to blame. God only can judge. Just don’t ask the country to pay for your mistakes. Be an adult and take care of yourself.

    The ‘special groups’ in America need to re-think their stance, standing with the demons. Trump isn’t going to take gay marriage away. He supports citizens of ALL colorations, ethnic backgrounds, social and sexual preferences, and religious affiliations. If you paid attention to what he ACTUALLY SAID in his 2015 rallies, you’d know. But you listened to the wrong-media-whores.
    EVERYTHING he does is for ALL Americans, not just ‘his’ supporters (as the media would lead you to believe).
    Just because there ARE certain religions who teach ideals DIFFERENT than what you wish to believe, does not mean they will win any effort to promote laws against what they don’t believe; or against YOUR beliefs.

    Can you get that from a demonrat? (Ask Beto.)

    The only way we can rid ourselves of these demons is to VOTE RED in every election until they give up and go away. There’s plenty of Communist Socialist countries in the world, maybe one of them will extend citizenship to anyone who hates Trump more than they love America . . . (They promised to leave if Trump got elected in 2016, but they are all still here). THAT shows how pathetic they really are.

    #walkaway; #blexit; #vivalatrump!

  5. Hillary Clinton is why Donald Trump won. She was evil and incredibly egoistical. The inner city voter fraud in her favor was amazing! The worst case the United States has ever seen YET! Problem is where are we going? All the forecasts are fir things getting far, far worse! Our mass media has a love affair with far leftist extremist everything. How can this end well? Destroying the Democratic Party is inconsequential, destroying our Republic is what could very likely happen!

  6. Yes, the Clintons are going for another round to destroy the Democratic party. Een Chelsea has joined them, but by her own background, she has shown herself as corrupt as her parents. It’s not the Clinton Dynasty. It’s the Clinton crime family.

  7. If Chelsea wants to run for political office she should think twice before
    she ends in the bottom of the ocean because her terrible parents have
    commited to many crimes….

  8. Trump has done a lot more for Americans than Obama did, and a hell of a lot more than Hillary would have!!
    Trump lowered the income tax rate for middle & lower income brackets, I got more back from my tax return than I ever got while Obama was in office!!! Obama and the democrats RAISED taxes so they could give more welfare & food stamp money to illegal aliens!!
    Trump also developed a multimillion dollar aide package for inner city kids, schools etc.
    Everyone keeps getting pissed because he speaks his mind. To me I would rather hear that than a pack lies wrapped up in fake sweetness & fake caring!!! Trump doesn’t nor HASN’T said anything everyone of the democrats haven’t said behind our backs!!! They smile at you & tell you how much they care about you & appreciate your problems, then turn around & call you a lazy good for nothing piece of trash who doesn’t DESERVE ANYTHING!! Pelosi herself was recorded by a bystander calling her constituents trash & demanding her guards “GET RID OF THEM”!!!
    Plus Trump has done everything in accordance with the law AND the constitution! He has NOT broken ANY law with any of his bills, laws or policies!!!
    And let’s see about the supposed sex scandal…. Hmmm… Now it seems Joe Biden was also involved, I don’t hear ANY outrage against him!!!
    Also, do some investigating!! Go on Google and type in “politicians in sex scandals”, it will show you a list with photos & party afiliations.. I went thru them & about 80% to 90% were democrats!
    Politicians making the rich richer…. Most rich people own businesses, are you saying if you own your own business, you should NOT keep the money you make??? Whats that mean for the americans in the middle class or lower class start a business, what, are supposed to give that all away???
    Also, business owners DON’T always do all the work themselves, many have hundreds to thousands of employees they have to pay… They also own large homes, and they don’t take care of everything there by themselves either! They HIRE people to work in their homes, housekeepers, drivers, gardener, cooks, personal secretaries, etc.. ALL of whom get paid a full salary!! While you’re condemning them for making money & getting rich (WHICH IS THE AMERICAN DREAM you are trying to deny them!) THEY SUPPLY JOBS TO HUNDREDS & THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE!!!

  9. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about. You better worry about what that devil is doing to the Republican party. You and the like are enablers, nobody has respect for you . Your politicians have no backbone, they are spineless and afraid of a corrupt bully.
    I’ve never seen grown women and men so eager to follow a devil. straight into hell. When he gets through with destroying the Republican party it will disappear forever. And that would be a good thing!

    • Love President Trump. Coming from a State that the Republicans SOLD their backbone to the corrupt democratic bullies a while ago, I applaud President Trump for showing these so-called reps what it actually means to REPRESENT the American people.

      Been in hell for a LONG time! Breath of Fresh air when President Trump was elected and looking forward to a HUGE victory in 2020!

      BTW, it will be a GREAT thing in 2020 watching the DEM corrupt machine go DOWN IN FLAMES! Hopefully to disappear to some third world country they want to make the GREAT USA into.

  10. Hi All you Liberal darlings!! I get the biggest kick out of Michael Obama running for President, LMAO
    Do you think Nitt Witt #1 would have input to her?? Yes, so do I and the rest of the American
    People. That’s why she wouldn’t stand a chance!! There is much more of the swamp to clean out!!

  11. Cheers to Gerry and Denise! Between the two of them they have said everything people need to know. Thanks to you both. Too bad more people won’t see these posts.

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