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“Never Seen This Before” – Protester Spits In Face Of Trump Supporter During VICE Interview


I interview a lot of the President’s supporters at rallies & have never seen this before. (My reaction gives that away quickly),”  exclaimed VICE’s Elizabeth Landers after the following disgusting incident happened.

Minnesota nice turned into Minnesota nasty quickly Thursday during a VICE News interview outside of President Trump’s rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As Dave Carlson, a salesman in Minnesota, calmly shared why he donates to President Trump’s campaign, a protestor spat in the MAGA-hat-wearing Trump supporter’s face and kept walking by.

“Oh, nice,” Carlson commented, while keeping his cool and wiping off his face, saying, “I’m fine, I’m fine.”

While, two other protestors apologized to Carlson, another decided to ‘help’ by explaining that Carlson deserved it, because of his hat, saying “that shit is disrespectful.”

Maxine Waters would be proud.

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  1. Trump supporters are to nice. I think I would go after the punk, and punch him in the face. Tit for tat. Not sure what it would serve, except the spitter most likely think twice before pulling a stunt like that.

    • Agreed. It’s time for Trump supporters to stop being decent & nice. I certainly would have broke that idiots nose. It’s a felony to sit on people since the AIDS epidemic.

      • While I support President Trump, I would never do that to anyone in the opposition. I have more respect for myself and others. This is a prime example of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

      • To quote Sean Connery in the Untouchables: “They put one of ours in the hospital, we put one of theirs in the morgue”.

  2. Maybe Carlson has a concealed carry license. Maybe not. If so, maybe he didn’t have his concealed weapon with him. Maybe so.
    The piece of trash who spit on him is lucky that Carlson didn’t react to in a very violent way. IMO, the piece of trash should be face up in the morgue!

      • Like one other entry stated, “it’s a felony since aids epidemic to spit on someone”. No consequences, jerks will keep on with low-life behavior. Trump supporters need to stand our ground and if and when assaulted in any way, fire back, only much more forcefully.

        • I live in the state of New Hampshire. If a person who was assaulted, fights back with the aggressor, both parties are then arrested and charged as mutual combatants. If you are a republican in the state of New Hampshire, even though we have a republican governor you will be railroaded straight to jail and have on your record an assault charge hanging over you for the rest of your life. Well then, guess what. If I’m going to be charged for protecting myself, then I will certainly make the punishment fit the crime as I will break said individuals face in numerous places. They will think twice about spitting in another’s face. The Rooster has Crowed!!!

  3. It’s pretty telling which supporters are decent law abiding citizens. I don’t remember ever seeing such disgusting behavior from a trump supporter. It’s my opinion that seeing Hillary’s ugly face is offensive however I never take personal offend to someone wearing something with her image on it. It’s all about the indoctrination the left breeds this type and uses them to do their dirty work unbeknownst to them.

  4. If I’m not mistaking, isn’t that the same as attempted murder, considering they could have AIDS or some other comunical disease?

  5. Isn’t there a law that makes it criminal to spit on someone if they have Hep C or HIV.. of course not knowing if the actual “spitter” has these conditions—Mr. Carlson should file some type of complaint against him to prove he does not have these medical conditions…..make him pay and not be able to walk away with nothing done about it. These anti free speech thugs need to be taught a lesson!

    • i agree. that person should be in jail. you dont know if they have any kind of disease? this is how democracts push disgraceful communist party. this is the democract party that makes our country divided. maxine waters started this crap about spitting on deplorables go after them in resturantes gas stations. they play dirty filthy people. nancy pelosi should reign and the squad needs to go. calling filthy names at our president. rashda tlib called our president a mother f—er and selling shirts that read impeach trump that mother fr. she needs to go to jail and pay a be fine for her corrupt disgraceful person. vote republican no more democract party. get rid of there disgraceful communist party. trump in 2020.

  6. My compliments to the Trump Supporter who had to endure that nasty, disgusting behavior from someone who feels no one has a right of Freedom of Speech. You handled yourself in a very dignified way. A way the President you support has conducted himself throughout the disgusting “con job” placed in action as soon as the President WON the election.

    The Democrats, or those who oppose seem to be lacking this moral, open minded way of discussion. But then again, their leaders speak out and applaud this type of behavior. How low these leaders have brought their followers. How low they have brought the reputation of this Great Nation with their violent, disgusting actions against a Freedom guaranteed in this Great Nation.

  7. If I am not remembering correctly I am sorry, but it seems to me I remember Mrs. Clinton making a statement about us (deplorables) using violent and all other types of actions against the Democrats if and when she won the election (2016) and take a look around folks they certainly have done that and more being the sore losers they are. Was she giving orders on how to act to her followers??? They have forsaken our Creator, made a mockery of Christians rights to freedom of religion, nevermind GOD’S laws, and have the audacity to spit at another human being. We must stand up for our beliefs and all get out and vote for President Trump to continue to “DRAIN THE SWAMP” and continue to follow in his quest to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  8. We should not be surprised by the unacceptable behavior of a cowardly bunch of Commie thugs who have zero message and zero credibility – it’s what losers do and how losers act.

  9. Agreed…One doesn’t know if the Lib Punk has aids or some other disease. Spit on me, & they will be eating their meals through a straw.

  10. Their momma would be proud of this ignorant behavior I’m sure! What is wrong with people today? To many stupid people in the world today, and sadly you can’t cure stupid. 2020 is going to be hard on this ignorant group when President Trump wins! Maybe we should carry straws around with us because I personally will not tolerate being spit on.

  11. Just more liberal lack of decency. There seems to be less and less intellect on the liberal side every day. Maybe a side effect of drinking that kool-aid with ths brain washing drugss9

  12. The man who spit is on video. In my State that is considered ASSAULT. This attack should result in either Criminal and/or Civil Liability? Where are the Police on this one? If we do not Arrest these offenders on the spot? It sends the message that it is acceptable. When it is NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. The man who came by to explain that the Assault took place because the Spitter was offended by the MAGA HAT? … At a TRUMP RALLY you should fully expect to see MAGA HAT”S! … If the man was Sooooo offended? Why was he at a TRUMP RALLY? … This is uncalled for and the offender needs to be Arrested Immediately.


    • speaking of “dog shit”, I’ve wondered what would happen if I were walking my dog, and someone spit in my face for wearing the “wrong” piece of clothing, and the dog interpreted this action as an attack, and then reciprocated, as dogs can do, with his “mouth”. He is an 80# mix of Malinois/Dutch Shepherd/GSD. Well, he does have his rabies shot…

  14. This Bull Shit is going to keep going until someone gets killed or seriously injured. Law enforcement needs to get tough on these “Antifa punks” bring out the “Paddy Wagons” and start filling them up.

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