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Watch City Diversity Meeting Erupt In Chaos As White Males Banned From Speaking


A recent local city government meeting in Oak Park  which lies just outside of Chicago, Illinois  devolved into an angry board member silencing her opponents because they have “been white from birth!” The only thing is that trustee Susan Buchanan, who refused to let anyone else speak on the question of rewriting the town’s diversity statement, is herself white.

Buchanan yelled for others to “shut up” concerning the resolution, and wouldn’t let any other town government leader so much as utter a word: “Why are you arguing what is a system of oppression? You’ve never experienced one, so shut up! I don’t want to hear from you!” 

“You stop it, you are a white male! You stop it! You are a white male! Your skin is light enough!” she shouted while pointing her finger at a fellow council member trying to speak.

A local Chicago news report described the chaotic scene where it appeared Buchanan had a melt-down attempting to silence any “white male” who might offer an opinion on the new resolution before the council:

“Oak Park has a place for everybody,” said Trustee Susan Buchanan.

But a Monday night a discussion on rewriting the village’s diversity statement got heated over some specific words. Those words were: “We work to break down systems of oppression.”

“I hesitate to send the message to our police department that they are a system of oppression,” Moroney said in the meeting.

Moroney clearly frustrated Buchanan.

“You have been white from birth! Why are you arguing, what is a system of oppression? You have never experienced one!” Buchanan said.

As columnist for The American Conservative, Rod Dreher, pointed out, “Oak Park is 68 percent white, and has no minority people on its board of trustees. But it’s got a diversity statement! A super-woke one!”

The heated exchange began after another dissenting trustee, Dan Moroney, said, “I hesitate to send the message to our police department that they are a system of oppression.”

A clip of some of the rest of the “discussion”…

Buchanan then began shouting at the all-white board members (which again, includes herself) for daring to weigh in. At one point she even stuck her finger in the face of  Oak Park’s mayor, a person of color sitting beside her and said, Your skin is light enough!” — meaning he wasn’t allowed to speak either, apparently.

“You have not spent a day with dark brown skin and tried to walk through this society!” she asserted.

“I am so tired of hearing two white men tell us what systems of oppression are!” said Buchanan to applause from the audience. “For Christ’s sake, no! You don’t know what systems of oppression are; you haven’t been oppressed,” she said. “This is like if you guys wanted to tell us what it’s like to have a menstrual cycle. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

However, Moroney had acknowledged “Oak Park buys into diversity, equity, and inclusion,” but was concerned over language that would define the city’s own police force and institutions, sworn to protect citizens, as “systems of oppression”.

Notably, none of the political opponents of the visibly enraged Buchanan themselves responded with anger.

Instead, one of the trustees is seen at the end of the clip calmly explaining, “I think if we reduce these conversations to ‘nobody cares what you have to say because you’re a white male’ – I don’t think we’re doing this right.”

But ultimately, the new diversity statement passed in a unanimous vote on Monday night, following the spectacle of the board’s ‘wokest’ white woman shouting down the white males.

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  1. Wow lady, what’s YOUR PROBLEM? Are you married? I’d hate to be your husband! Honey pass the salt, WHAT ? ARE YOU CRAZY ? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO HAVE A MENSTUAL CYCLE ? AND YOU WANT SALT JUST SHUT UP!!!!! The PC people of the world have to get over themselves, does Oak Park have Doctors on hand just in case people like this grab out? Talk about a heart attack waiting to happen,geez. It’s called conversation not just your opinion, what you think your the news reporter now? Take a chill pill lady !!!!!!!!

    • She must ”going through the change” like a werewolf movie during a full moon get rid of the psycho bitch ,in fact it could be someone’s campaign slogan ”i’m not that psycho bitch”

  2. This is just a peek into the Democrat Nation. #Discrimination #Racism #Socialism #GunConfiscation (the point, leaving no way for Americans to protect themselves). #DestroyingTheConstitution #Communism #Tyranny #Hate Taking YOUR money to support those here illegally.

  3. That woman needs permanent silencing. She is not oppressed either and needs to stop her complaining. No history in her educatio and she needs to stop pounding on the table. She cares not for those who have penises or light skin. Does she like intimacy with women of other colors?

  4. Shocker!
    Why is it the “diversified” and “accepting” and “tolerant” libertards are always the ones who are the least tolerant, and accepting of diversity? ‘White’ is one of them too . . .
    Free speech for me, but not for thee . . .
    Chicago is a cesspool of demonrats and the trash they are too lazy or inept to clean up.

  5. She’s the direct result of MSM programming. Brain-washed into thinking that being white is something to be ashamed of. That white males are the oppressors all the while being subjected to oppression… And they wonder why we won’t let them disarm us.

    • I have asked this question so many times in the past that it is impossible to keep count. Can you name another race on this planet any sort of technological advancement? Last time I checked, the founders of this nation were white. The very freedoms that this lunatic is trying to take away from white men and enjoying herself on the very freedoms that were given to her by white men. When people start ranting and raving about white supremacy Dominion, I generally respond with the following, “Well, aren’t they?” The empirical data sure suggests they are. I know, I know… I am just a bloody race it. That makes me smile when people say that because the word that really is applicable is a bloody realist. If someone tells me that another has been held back by oppression in that pretty much sums up why is it that white people have never been held back by oppression? If you have a race that can be oppressed by another race then they are an inferior race. At the end of the day, there is never been another technological advancement or an advancement in civility anywhere on this planet that white people didn’t have their hands in. It is a sad reality but in fact a reality.

  6. Obviously it isn’t okay to be white. Your freedom of speech is of no importance. She just opened herself up to a large Civil lawsuit (remember, these meetings are recorded). She can be convicted of unlawfully restricting his Costitutioanlly provided right to free speech. I hope he sues her into the poor house and the old broad lives by dining on Fancy Feast for the rest of her days.

  7. The white men should never have allowed her to act in such a way, or anyone else in the room for that matter. What ever happened to the “Out of Order” rule? She exists in a world fought for and established by majority white men. If she does not like it so much, she has options…like go live in an Arab country or African, or China…see how they react if she speaks to them like that. She is the epitome of a RACIST. A government official who silences a person due to race is committing the act of violating civil rights.

  8. I would of loved of been there to give her a mirror so she can see what color her skin is. I would had told her to look around is doesn’t look like she was hurting, she was on the board one of the trustees so that means she hasn’t done too bad in her life could that be she has white privilege, can’t be. then I think I would have told her I was going to call nine-one-one and have a straitjacket brought in and had her put in one and put up on the top floor of one of the hospital’s cuz she is a loonie toonie.

  9. Having been the “charge” in a large hospital’s Psych ER, I can say that her behavior merited a call for transportation and restraint in a “burrito bag”.

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