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Trump Loses New York Court Fight to Keep Tax Returns Private


After gaining a small victory against New York in a fight to keep his tax return secret President Trump has lost the court battle.

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York tossed President Trump’s lawsuit rather than ruling.

According to CNBC:

President Donald Trump lost Monday in his effort to stop the release of his personal and corporate tax returns as part of a criminal investigation in New York.

In August, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. subpoenaed eight years of the president’s tax returns from accounting firm Mazars USA. The prosecutor is probing hush money payments made to two women, Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, ahead of the 2016 election.

In trying to block the production of his tax returns, Trump’s lawyers had argued he was immune to the criminal process while in office. In tossing out the president’s lawsuit, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York rejected Trump’s view, saying it could “frustrate the administration of justice” in regard to conduct by a president.

“Hence, the expansive notion of constitutional immunity invoked here to shield the President from judicial process would constitute an overreach of executive power,” wrote District Judge Victor Marrero in a 75-page order.

This lawsuit was part of a larger effort against liberal states and jurisdictions that are trying to force President Trump to release his tax returns.

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  1. Can’t trust the courts in the leftist states anymore. They’re all no good. They refuse to follow the law. He should appeal. The only people compelled to produce tax returns are federally elected officials. They are not required to produce tax returns for the years they were a private citizens, or before they held a federal office.. Jimmy Carter did not produce tax returns, Ronald Reagan did not produce tax returns. They only produced them AFTER they became President. The only reason why Hillary produced tax returns is because she held federal offices,i.e. Senator and Sec of State, and during that time she was required UNDER THE LAW to produce those returns. . This is so over the top ridiculous, it’s pathetic. You cannot even trust Judges to follow the law anymore. HE IS NOT REQUIRED TO PRODUCE HIS TAX RETURNS PERIOD.

    • Why would Donald Trump, being the good, honest, truthful, and trustworthy citizen that he is refuse to allow his Tax Returns be seen by us good folks who trusted him enough to vote for him to become our President? If he is hiding something that might get him in trouble or affect his possible re-election then I can understand his reasons…….I just won’t vote for him again nor will I support anything he stands for. I believe it is perfectly reasonable for U.S. Citizens, especially ones that voted for him to expect, and even demand, that he release his Tax Returns so we can judge his character and integrity and fitness to continue in office.

      • why would you want to see his tax returns are you jealous of what he makes why don’t the top democracts release their tax returns. they have got no right to see his returns before he was president

      • Not so and i disagree. Before he was an elected Official, he was a private citizen. This is nothing more than harassment, and total unmitigated BS. Were you so impassioned when Obama refused to produce his college transcripts? I think not. Tell me one Democrat who publishes his tax returns? Does Chuck or Nancy? Nope

      • He’s been in office for 3 years, he wasn’t an elected official before that. Will you show me yours? I will not guive mine to anybody. STOP HARASSING THE PRESIDENT. ENOUGH

      • The irs are gangsters why give them anything. Don’t vote for Trump and then don’t bitch when the Godless come to kill you

  2. A dozen of the IRS’s best Auditors and a dozen Elected/Selected Demented-Dems, if there is any difference, will get “dozen’s of results” when they try to put together 8 years worth of 600 companies tax returns . . . all flowing into his primary corporation(s) and ultimately to his personal tax returns.

    This is, as usual, SHEER IDIOCY by the Left as his company’s were undoubtedly audited every year by the IRS and found no problems, or if problems were found, the IRS got their lucre.

    The sheer idiocy of the Left knows no bounds, but it will give them a few more months of ignorant unbelievable questions to ask of hundreds of his corporation managers.

    A true waste of time . . . . and the tax returns were before he even declared to run . . . sheer idiocy by the “Foaming-at-the-mouth-Brigade” 😊

  3. Actually, i want to see ALL tax returns for everyone in office that is screaming for the President’s, and, so long as the law is there, for EVERY year that they have been in office. Might help to explain how they became the multi-millionaires that they are, while SERVING IN FEDERAL OFFICE, MAKING A LOT LESS THAN $200,000 A YEAR!!!

  4. These are ALL politically motivated!

    8 years ago he was not running for an
    office not until 2016!
    This is to dig dirt from his taxes!

    This lunacy must stop!

    Why don’t you turn to Hillary Clinton’s
    Foundation and finances!

    Give it rest people! Move on !
    Bad Karma to you people who seek false
    accusations on Pres Trump, his family and
    administration and supporters! There is always a day of reckoning!

  5. It is too bad that there are so many Trumpies still out there. Since I have hired, and then fired many of them as unskilled workers in the medium size manufacturing company I own, I have to come to realize that most of the Trumpies are ignorant, uneducated, and very gullible – they are incapable of independent objective thinking, they are like lemmings. Hitler depended on this type of mentality because they were very susceptible to right-wing propaganda.

    • Thanks Paul. Shows me exactly what the left is. Lying frauds with a bias that’s toxic. By the way, your sweeping generalizations apply to raving foaming at the mouth unhinged liberals far more than conservatives.

  6. They will continue to harass you POTUS TRUMP 🇺🇸💓 🇺🇸 MAGA 🇺🇸💓 🇺🇸 into the 2020 election in the hopes of derailing his re election & silencing the voice of We The People.
    Time to clear the courts of these so called judges, with great prejudice.
    I’m in hopes he turns the tables on the communist sob’s & Sue’s for all their tax returns.
    Time to start using their own tactics against them.
    Exactly as they are convoluting our Constitutional laws against POTUS TRUMP 💓 🇺🇸 & AMERICAN CITIZENS. They are literally BEGGING for a terrible revolution. I’m afraid they are going to get it & they will be wiped from the face of the Earth at that time.

  7. Why are Trump’s tax returns anybody’s busness except Trump’s and the IRS !
    How about you put your tax returns up for PUBLIC scrutiny !
    Quid Pro Quo !
    How about it ?
    Put Up , Or Shut Up !!!!!Z99A

  8. Lets see this obama opinionated judges tax papers and his bank accounts uncluding off shore for the last 8 yrs. and other finances and who handles them, I,ll be they are DIRTY DIRT,

  9. I don’t give a rat’s fart about DJT’s tax returns. Show me the tax returns for the democrats who have been in office for 30+ years and became millionaires WHILE IN OFFICE.

  10. President Trump you have the authority to review ‘any American tax payer’s Tax Returns’! Start with this Lib Judge and work your way down…

  11. He should not produce any tax return from the time he was a private citizen !! Period !!!!
    This is nothing but harassment !!!
    If the Marxists want to force him to do so, then we expect everyone of those marxists/ socialists called “ democrats” to show us, the people , their tax returns too !!!!!
    Meaning, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Cummings, Nadler, Warren, Harris, Sanders, and all the rest of them !!!
    We want to see how is it possible that before they became “congressmen” , or “ senators” , their bank account was nothing on the million $$ side, and after 25-30 yrs of living on our backs, they became multi millionaires ???!!
    The work they do in the House is laughable and they live like kings !!! Something is fishy there …
    At least Trump was a businessman, he produces lots and lots of stuff , he did work hard, but is not the case with these marxists leeches !!!!
    Shameless thugs !!!!

  12. They just can’t help themselves. They’re consumed with envy. They know he’s done something but….could it be that our illustrious president is just squeaky clean? 🚿

  13. Appeal to the Supreme Court. Makes me laugh as a private citizen, President Trump was audited every year and NOTHING came up then.

    Maybe President Trump, which I know he would never do, should do what Former President Obama did with his college transcripts, his law degree, his 7 social security numbers, his birth certificate, place it all “under wraps” for 75 years so no one can discuss or question a Former President.

    How about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s tax return? Or Pelosi’s or Schumers’, or Warren, or even Booker. But then again, with Booker, you would have to add “T-Bone” to the mix. If a Former President can have 7 social security numbers and a fake birth certificate, a Senator from the corrupt State of New Jersey can have another name right?


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