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Bannon Says Concept Of “Deep” State Is ‘Conspiracy Theory For Nutcases’ Because “It’s Right In Your Face”


Former Trump 2016 campaign chair and White House strategist Steve Bannon says that the deep state is a ‘conspiracy theory for nutcases,’ explaining to author James B Stewart “America isn’t Turkey or Egypt.

Bannon says that while there is a formidable government bureaucracy in the United States – “there’s nothing ‘deep’ about it,” adding “It’s right in your face.

Of course, many define the ‘deep state’ to include a group of powerful, unelected individuals calling shots while their servants carry out their agenda at all levels of government – but perhaps Bannon knows better, having operated on both sides of the curtain.

Bannon’s comments can be found in Stewart’s upcoming book, Deep State: Trump, the FBI and the Rule of Law by James B Stewart, which will be published on 8 October according to The Guardian, which obtained a copy.

The claim that the deep state is a ‘conspiracy theory’ flies in the face of White House senior adviser Stephen Miller, who suggested the deep state is behind an impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s request that Ukraine investigate political rival Joe Biden. Last Sunday, Miller told Fox News he knows “the difference between a whistleblower and a deep state operative.” 

On Thursday, Bannon’s former outlet – Breitbart News, published a new essay by Virgil, “the pseudonymous author of the original Deep State series. The title: Lessons of Impeachment, from Watergate to Monicagate to Bidengate” according to The Guardian.

And so when the New York Times informs us that the whistleblower works for the CIA—the former domain of Trump-hater John Brennan—and is thus “nonpolitical,” well, that’s good for a Virgilian belly laugh. Indeed, when one considers the legal craftsmanship of the report, it’s obvious that the whistleblower had a lot of help in the researching and writing of the document. –Breitbart

According to Virgil, “Yes, this is the deep state in action, and it’s out for blood.

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  1. One of the reasons Bannon was let go early in Trump’s presidency is because he, like Bill Clinton, was a frequent user of child prositutes at the various Jeff Epstein properties and others. Bannon is a sleaze, and knows how dirty Washington, DC really is, so in his mind, the “Deep State” is in plain view, and using the word “deep” isn’t accurate. Yes, the Deep State bureaucrats are not only hiding in plain sight, we are paying their gigantic salaries and benefits. Insult to injury.

  2. Splitting hairs.
    So, conservatives concerned about corrupt government use the term “Deep State” to lament their frustrations. Whatever those like Bannon want to call it, it has to go.
    Term limits for anyone working in Washington, elected or otherwise might reduce more than government waste . . .

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