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How Trump’s And Obama’s Approval Ratings Compare


Comparing President Barack Obama’s and President Donald Trump‘s approval ratings in relation to the time they’ve been in office, both come pretty close of each other in their third year.

Comparing President Barack Obama’s and President Donald Trump‘s approval ratings in relation to the time they’ve been in office, both come pretty close of each other in their third year.

Despite what would appear to the ‘average joe’ to be a near-constant stream of abuse and negativity puking forth from the so-called mainstream media; somehow – blind to the liberal screamers and virtue signalers – Trump is as hated/loved as Obama was at the same time in his first term.

As Statista’s Katharina Buchholz notes, Gallup’s latest poll shows that, Obama’s approval rating was 40 percent at the end of Aug 2011, while Trump’s was 39 percent at the same time of year in 2019.

In the following September, both presidents’ 33rd month in office, Trump’s approval rating initially rose to 43 percent, while Obama’s rose very slightly to 41 percent.

Infographic: How Trump's and Obama's Approval Ratings Compare | Statista

You will find more infographics at Statista

These surveys were taking before the first half of the month was over (and formal impeachment proceedings were initiated against President Trump), so it remains to be seen what final results Trump will achieve for the month.

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  1. Rush had good advice–don’t pay attention to the polls until a day or so before the election. That’s the time they will try to save their credibility. Polls don’t influence how I vote anyway, and I suspect that holds true for most of us.

    • Agreed My 1st time to vote was for Reagan up until President Trump it has always been the lesser of 2 evils with me always voting Republican. Had I been in the world and of age, The only Democrat I would have ever voted for was JFK. JFK signed executive orders to do away with the Federal reserve and break up the CIA because even back then he saw how those institutions could be misused and abused. Plus the CIVILIAN BANKS that make up the FED gives their CEO’s millions in bonuses from taxpayer dollars and the current state of affairs in Washington looks like a COUP?

  2. I suspect that Trump’s rating would be something like 75% if the press reported honestly, and Obama’s would have been something like 25%!

  3. If the LIBATARDED DEMORATS want an IMPEACHMENT so badly why don’t they IMPEACH the “SQUAD” for continuing to break house rules. They have yet to even be censored? Pelosi Warren Waters Schifty have overstepped their authority several times, YET STILL NOT REMOVED FROM AUTHORITATIVE POWER? CAN YOU SPELL HYPOCRITES?

  4. I’m so happy that Trump is ‘standing tall’ and refusing to comply with the demands of the Dems re the “impeachment inquiry”. It’s appalling how the Libs display their hypocrisy and vitriol towards our duly elected POTUS. Instead of focusing on Trump, why don’t they pursue the “Quid Pro Joe” of Mr. Biden who bragged about withholding billions of dollars to Ukraine unless the prosecutor investigating his son for corruption was fired? I find it to be more than a coincidence that the party symbol for the Libs is a Jackass. Also, it’s prophetic that the last 4 letters of the Jackass party are “RATS” while the last 4 letters of the party that represent traditional American values are “ICAN”.

    • Mary Mary Quite Contrary
      You left out one very important POLL.
      Forever in history of polls in the future he will be at the top of the list as the worst potus ever.
      It is a federal crime to alter a federal NOAA WEATHER MAP this alone requires impeachment.
      SHARPIE-GATE what a legacy that will be, you must be so proud your potus is clearly a criminal.

  5. Will
    Your pretty close on your assessments, Bush sr over saw CIA under JFK, I’d say pretty big guesstion mark there ???
    As for tax cuts it’s always been clear that republicans take from the poor and give to the rich, remember these people call their pay investment income meaning top tax cannot exceed 5% how convenient!!!
    If republicans truly hate socialism the last party they would vote for is republicans, after all no tax cut going back to reagen has ever been to the bennifits of the poor, so please explain to many of us how else are they paid for.
    Socialism has never worked just look at wage stagnation for the last 40 years thats when reagen declared war on labor unions.
    MITCH THE SNITCH McCONNEL thats all he talks about doing something about ENTITILMENT programs he needs more money for his rich friends, just don’t ever mention the ENTITLEMENTS HE AND HIS RICH FRIENDS GET.
    When they mention that only 47% of people pay taxes remember many millions of people barely make enough to survive on they don’t make enough to pay taxes and the top 10% claim investment income and the top 1% pay no taxes at all Jeff Bezos to name just one, it’s reported he made over 150 million in 2018 and yet paid no tax, now thats economlc prosperity or as i like to call it SOCIALISM !!!!

  6. I’m Democrat by trade but since I saw that this was the one who decided to some thing about the US as a whole and try to help everybody made me stop being pessimistic and get on the train and help support this President,he has helped jobs rebound which strengthen the dollar he is stopping illegal immigrants of all races from coming here and setting up shop here with out learning about what it means be be a American and taking pride for our country and stop selling us out like the Democrats and Republicans which run this country now and l love that back down that’s the way is is supposed be.

      • Notapatriot I can tell you are on a government check. If you paid taxes you would know that we pay less now then we did before the tax cut. The top 10% pay 90% of the taxes in this country. One thing you are right about is that it never mattered who was in control of the government they all spend more then they get. The difference between a republican sand democrat is the republicans want you to work and the democrats want to give you just enough to be dependent on the government that way they can control your life and I see they are Controlling yours. Since you gave so much time on your hands shy fo you use some of it to educate yourself as to what has been going on with the two parties for the last 100 years. If you do that you won’t be so retarded.


  8. I voted for Trump because the other ‘party’ did not represent my views.

    For decades, I have always been faced with having to choose the ‘lesser of two evils’ when it comes to who should be president.

    When Obama won, I was saddened; but I did not curse the office. I was angered over and over at what he ‘promised’, but never delivered; and outraged at all he did to chase away industry. I lost my healthcare because it quadrupled in price, and I could no longer afford it. There is no way anyone will ever convince me that Obama had an honest patriotic agenda for America. Now we are seeing just how evil and seditious he really was . . .

    I don’t care about Trump’s “womanizing” any more than I cared about Bill Clinton’s proclivities. Of course, when his rape charges came out I was amazed he got away with nothing more than a ‘slap-on-the-wrist’. I was angered at Hitlery’s activities at that time (why I forever changed her name).

    So many vote according to their emotions and petty personal ‘issues’, and don’t consider the bigger picture. They are quite happy to trade away their freedoms for ‘security’. They seem not to care that when you do that, the Socialists among us take over.

    No one is perfect and no one ever will be; even the POTUS.

    This current POTUS has improved the lives of EVERY American, even though there are many who stubbornly refuse to admit it; simply because of some unique personal issue, and one or two things he may have done that they don’t think is ‘appropriate’ for “a President” to do. He may be the bull in the china shop of the opposition, but that’s exactly why I like him.

    The permanent establishment who only go to Washington to create personal wealth needs to go. No one has the right to think they are better than the rest, and we don’t need an elite class or a parental government.

    The weak and lazy Welfare people of society (lemmings) are the ones who would support anyone other than what we have now. We have too many citizens who are too lazy to work, happy-to-be-ignorant, want no personal responsibilities, and are forever-in-need-of a parent; who can change their diapers, keep them warm and fed, and give them an allowance with no restrictions. And, they want to extend the insult to non-citizens who have never supported the system. They could care less where the money comes from, or if it bankrupts the country; as long as they “get theirs”. Future generations don’t matter.

    That’s how other governments have fallen.

    I wonder what the lemmings among us will do when all these ‘investigations’ are over, and the IG ‘reports’ come out?

  9. Hey retarded obama’s cock sucking worthless pos liar you muck like make an ass out of your self you do that alot plus you dont even know what the f–k your talking about you have to be a pos DEM TRASH you need to go and get back in your dumpster with the rest of the DEM LOSER.



  11. Obama had the Media, Hollywood, NBA, etc. behind him. Plus let’s not forget the fact of the “agenda” of NO ONE saying ANYTHING BAD against Obama or you would be called a racist. Also, let’s not forge the IRS and it’s agenda against Conservatives?

    President Trump has the Media, Hollywood, Dems, Former Presidents both Dem and Republican, hammering his every move and he STILL has a rating closed to the “dictator in chief” Obama. Amazing, just think if the REAL facts came out and not all the slanderous fiction created a Former President (obama), a former first lady (clinton) and their hired media “lap dogs”, “in the gutter and failing Hollyweird”. Just think what that number would be.

    But I don’t have to see polls to know President Trump has done amazing things for many Americans and continues the fight. I feel it every time I open my wallet and even living in corrupt State of New Jersey, having a few extra dollars for myself. Something Obama, Clinton and the ilks of the media and hollyweird would rip out of my hand to give to those illegals who break the law, or even giving it to someone who “thinks he’s a girl” but really is a guy” but wants someone to pay to give him an operation and “drugs for life” so that he/she can be happy?

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