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The corporate media is engaged in open TREASON against America (and must be stopped)


(Natural News) It’s high time to call the “mainstream” media in America what it is: an enemy of the republic, an enemy of the people, and an enemy of liberty.

If our founders would have envisioned in 1787 what the media has become today — an organization that is wholly committed to promoting and electing a single political party, Left-wing Democrats — they would have revisited the First Amendment’s freedom of the press to include additional provisions that would have allowed us to hold liars with a press pass accountable.

Mind you, President Donald Trump has long since called the mainstream media an “enemy of the people,” and while they continue to vehemently deny it, their deeds are far more powerful than their words.

Take the latest “scandal” involving the president and Ukraine. Everyone in the pathetic mainstream press knows beyond any doubt that Trump didn’t do, ask, or say anything wrong during his conversation with Ukrainian President Zelensky in July, despite the fact that they are reporting he committed some impeachable offense by asking that government to help clear up details about the previous fake scandal — Spygate.

They also know that the real guilty party is former Vice President Joe Biden, who is on video threatening to withhold a billion dollars in loan guarantees from Ukraine in 2015 if that government didn’t fire a prosecutor looking into corruption involving a company employing his son, Hunter Biden, as a “board member” — for 50 grand a month.

They’ve seen the video the same as the rest of us. And yet, it’s Trump who has committed an offense in asking a foreign government with which we have to, by law, cooperate in potentially criminal matters.

The same media has been caught conspiring with Hillary Clinton ahead of her 2016 campaign. And of course, we know that media coverage of this president has been negative in an unprecedented way.

Regardless of which network you watch — with the exception of One America News and the possible exception of Fox News, depending on the host/guest — you’re going to be fed a steady diet of lies about the Trump-Ukraine ‘scandal,’ which is a continuation of Spygate, which was a continuation of the fake Russian “collusion” scandal. 

The strategy should be not to accept the Left’s premises on Ukraine

It’s scandalous in and of itself. The American media has a couple of unbiased champions of truth (this publication, The National SentinelNatural NewsSummit.news) but for the most part, the media consumed by a large number of Americans is so tainted and so wrong as to be libelous if newspapers and TV networks were subjected to the same libel/slander laws as individuals are. (Related: Watch Gingrich drop truth bombs: Dems engaged in ‘coup de t’at, not impeachment’ (and Adam Schiff is a ‘liar’.)

Some are pushing back against the fake news and their fake narratives. During an appearance on Fox News on Monday, which sounded an awful lot like an interview on CNN, MSNBC, or some other Left-wing network, GOPAC’s David Avella refused to accept the premise from the female host that the president had done or said something improper in his phone call with the Ukrainian leader.

After asking Avella if he condoned what the president said, Avella said, “You’re implication is that Trump said something that he didn’t say. He didn’t say to the Ukrainian president, ‘I’m not going to give you money unless you go and investigation Joe Biden. …That’s the implication of your question.”

That is exactly the right way to handle these stupid questions from these idiotic partisan hack reporters. The White House released a transcript of the president’s phone call; as can be plainly noted, there was no quid pro quo. The Ukrainians got the aid money they were promised, Zelensky wasn’t threatened, and both of those facts are plainly in evidence.

And yet, the media says otherwise. 

Our founders did not envision a media that would be hostile to the truth and friendly to a specific political party engaged in treason. 

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  1. Just as powerful as repeating info 24/7 to make the lemmings of society learn by rote-command, withholding info keeps them at bay. If it’s not spoken, it must not be real. Keeps heads buried in the sand. The ignorant are blissful.
    Newspapers and TV networks SHOULD BE subjected to the same libel/slander laws as individuals. Those who disseminate untruths and out-right lies should be tarred-n-feathered, then burnt at the stake, and then hung from the tree tops until their rotten corpses fly to dust in the winds.
    They are trying to start a civil war that for some reason they think they can win.
    There must be something I’m missing. Most Libertards don’t like or own guns. Most Conservatives DO like and own guns.
    The math doesn’t add up . . .

    • Simply put, it isn’t just Trump they are after, he only has 4-8 years in office. They are after us, has followers because we are interfering in their plans to Socialize America! How long will we sit back and let this happen? they need to be engaged and defeated, like in war.

  2. let me tell you who the real whistleblower is. The real whistleblower is Donald J. Trump. Donald J. Trump is the most important whistleblower ever. Donald J. Trump is blowing the whistle on the entire Washington deep state, administrative state, establishment, elites, however you wish to characterize it.” rush Limbaugh

  3. Rush is right always. he can read the minds of the Democrats better than they can. It is unbelievable how many times he predicts what they will do and what will happen and he always shows it by replaying his prediction when it does come true. They will fail or defeated because people are fed up!

  4. Turn off the nightly news, unless you love propaganda. Get the weather report and then turn the station off–and never buy anything advertised by the FAKE NEWS STATIONS. When news becomes naught but PROPAGANDA, it is time to cease watching.

  5. Many are speaking of a National Strike by Trump supporters if this insanity doesn’t stop! I agree. It is the only way to avoid the collapse of the US economy, and an armed Civil War. The Democrats are attempting to destroy our Constitution, and deprive us of our votes. Make no mistake people, this is for all the marbles, (our Constitution and Civil Liberties).

  6. It’s a shame the we have educated people in the new’s industry that allow them self to get so entrench with hate that would try to destroy the President of this country and by the way doing good.In year’s past people enjoyed watching the new’s ,that’s when you had professional new’s personnel that reported the new’s opposed to making new’s like ( Adam Schiff ).The only new’s station that seam’s to report the new’s is Fox other than Shepard Smith and that may change if Paul Ryan former congressman who has joined Fox board and trying the change the reporting process as he doe’s not like the President.To much heat in the kitchen,do the job he was elected to do

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