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Global Warming Fraud Exposed In Pictures


Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,

Climate change alarmists have convinced the public something must be done now. The reports are easily debunked as fraud

My Gift To Climate Alarmists

Tony Heller does an amazing job of showing how the fraud takes place in his video entitled My Gift To Climate Alarmists.

The video is only 12.51 minutes long.

Cherry Picking


  1. Heatwaves increasing since 1960
  2. Arctic ice declining since 1979
  3. Wildfires increasing since 1983
  4. Sea levels rising since 1920
  5. When you want to mislead people with statistics picking the start date is very important.

Alarmist Heat Wave Chart Shown vs Underlying Data

US Wildfires as Presented by Alarmists vs Actual Data

Please compare the right hand portion of the above chart with the lower half of the heat wave chart to see the actual correlation.

Arctic Sea Ice Extent

US Sea Level Since 1920

US Sea Level Since 1850

Sea Level Rising for 20,000 Years

Waverly Ohio

Climate Fraud Tool

Tony Heller devised software to automatically pick the perfect start date for climate alarmists to use to portray what they want.

“Most scientists are keeping their mouths shut because they they have to. They would lose their career and income if they didn’t.”

“Adults won’t take climate change seriously. So we, the youth, are forced to strike.”

“The Green New Deal reads like the communist manifesto”.

Redistribute the World’s Wealth by Climate Policy

The climate change activists will of course claim that such statements are out of context.

I agree they likely are. But the brainwashing of kids isn’t.

Flashback 1989

Entire nations could be wiped off the earth by 2000.

Visit Real Climate Science for more information.

Heller shows some of the tricks alarmists use, but what about the actual long-term data?

Global Warming Swindle

William Land describes the actual underlying data for thousands of years in the “Great Global Warming Swindle“.

The video is long. However, the data aspect is fully covered in the first 35 minutes. The rest covers the politics of what’s happening. Here are some clips that I made.

Facts don’t Fit the Theory

Global Warming Fraud Basics

Co2 and Temp vs Solar Activity and Temp

Carbon dioxide does not fit the global warming cycle at all. Solar activity does.

Al Gores’ Ice Core examples

Al Gore’s ice core tests show Gore is wrong. Carbon dioxide lags temperature by 800 years.

Temperature leads CO2 not the other way around.

Cosmic Rays Inverted vs Temperature

When cosmic rays went up, temperatures went down. When cosmic rays went down, temperature went up.


Climate is controlled by the clouds. The clouds are controlled by cosmic rays. The cosmic rays are controlled by the sun.


Vastly different records come together beautifully.


It all comes down to the sun, not CO2.

Patrick Moore Greenpeace Co-Founder

Deniers and Heretics

Scientists who speak out face “climate denier” drumbeats.

Anyone who keeps it up long enough is labeled a heretic or worse.

The environmental movement is really a political activist movement,” says the Greenpeace co-founder.

Worse yet, what should be a scientific debate, is now an unwinnable religious debate with indoctrinated kids used as tools.

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  1. As noted and proven . . . after every Ice Age (4 or 5 of them) the earth has warmed up.

    I will admit Climate-Alarmists do have a “valid argument” in that the cause for warming up after the last Ice Age was Cave Men running around in their souped-up SUV’s. 😊

  2. If humans had been destroying the planet, then God would have reacted long ago. He controls the weather and all it’s aspects.

  3. There was probably just one ice age, about 4500 years ago following the Great Flood. With some ups and downs, it has been warming slowly ever since.

  4. It will correct it self. The worlds population is falling fast. People breathe in Oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. With less people on the planet the oxygen levels will increase and the carbon dioxide will go down. Granted it won’t happen fast. But it will go down. Also take in the fact of all the volcanoes that have went off in the last ten years. We have no control over that at all.

  5. by the actual data it looks like the world ended in about 1930 and no one told us. Someone should come up with the data of how many of these climate alarmist’s are making a very good income by predicting the end of the world is near. The manure for brains squad and all of their cult like followers who are democrat presidential candidates want to throw our economy into turmoil and end all heating and cooling sources to save the world and don’t forget the farting cows because they must go now. I guess the new climate plan calls for freezing us or starving us to death now to put us out of our misery so we are not around in twelve years

  6. Liberals have been on their “the sky is falling” schtick for at least half my lifetime. I have still never seen anything that even remotely backs up their claims to anyone who actually thinks about it.

  7. The weather expert whom the “Legacy Media” NEVER ask to share his views with fellow Americans is Dr. Roy Spenser, whose credentials include having been one of the top climatologists at NASA for some 30 years during the key years of Space Exploration and Satellite Weather Data Collection (1978 – 2008). And he remains active at the University of Alabama at Huntsville (home of NASA, Huntsville, AL).

    The reason Dr. Spenser is NOT consulted is because HE DOESN’T BUY INTO the “Climate Scare” narrative of the alarmists/activists. His observed weather data accumulations indicate that the dominate climate computer models cause an over-estimation of likely future warming at a rate 75% higher than actual patterns of observed weather behavior would more logically indicate. In short, the Climate Models, as currently programmed into weather computer projections for the future, over estimate future warming by a factor of four:

    The projections should report a possible increase at a rate of only one fourth (25%) of what is being projected; therefore, the projected increases are currently four times as great as they should be, taken at the greatest extreme of their possible variations. That translates into predicting accumulative changes over the next 100 years which, in fact, would not likely materialize for about 400 years. That explains WHY the 1989 prediction of the UN-IPCC that many nations would disappear by the year 2000 (due to flooding and sinking under rising ocean levels) dramatically failed to prove true. Ergo (in otherwords) the UN-IPCC is a false prophet: engaged in trying to scare people into giving up economic and personal well-being to “Save the Planet” from a destruction that IS NOT TAKING PLACE, AND WHICH HUMANS CANNOT CONTROL OR EFFECT IN THE WAY THE UN-IPCC CLAIMS.

    That is the manipulation of science data for a goal of draconian political usurpation and control. The leaders of this Climate Scare Scheme are using that to TRY TO achieve Global dominion over all mankind. Why? Political Greed: the insatiable desire to create a Global Tyranny and become a member of the Ruling Elite which will rule over all that.

    • My above comments are neither a complete or perfect explanation. Please look up Dr. Roy Spenser and read some of his published opinions and explanations about the way current climate models, as employed by the “climate change” zealots, constantly fail in sound logic and over-predict radical global heating.

  8. Democratic presidential candidates, along with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her horde(a large unorganized group of individuals), want to declare climate change a national emergency should they win the presidential election in 2020. The declaration would give a Democratic president immense power to trample on the rights of ordinary citizens. These include freezing bank accounts, shutting down communications facilities, cell phone service and the internet, and appropriating federal money for other projects. It’s not hard to see how a Democratic president could use any one of these powers to make drastic, inalterable changes. Far-left Democrats are convinced that man-made climate change will end the world within their lifetime. What is more, these same individuals know that the Green New Deal and other progressive bits of legislation won’t make it past the Senate. Sixty Senate votes are needed to advance legislation that requires federal funding and there is no way the Democrats will get sixty seats in the Senate in the foreseeable future. However, a Democrat president could use the declaration of a national emergency to get around Congress. With national emergency powers, the president could simply implement parts or even all of the Green New Deal if desired. Measures in that deal would immediately begin to affect ordinary families and businesses. Insane tax rates on fossil fuels will drive prices up, making it impossible for drivers to commute long distances. The airline industry would be shut down, resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of good jobs. New housing laws would require that millions of homeowners in the United States remodel their houses at their own expense. Unfortunately, the devastation that could be caused by a climate change national emergency is lost on those who are intent on promoting conspiracy theories for political gain. Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, both of whom are considered to be among the top five candidates, are both in favor of the idea. The mainstream media isn’t telling the American public of the harm that would be done in this scenario. Instead, journalists are making it a point to tell everyone that Democrats need to take drastic action, because Democrats will never get enough votes in the Senate to pass legislation the right way. Outlets are also proclaiming that there is a global push to “address man-made climate change” to make it sound as if the United States is falling behind. The truth is that the U.S. is leading the world in cutting carbon emissions under the Trump Administration. The idea of declaring a national emergency to combat climate change is a terrifying one. As many have already realized, the Green New Deal isn’t just about dealing with severe, inclement weather and natural disasters. It’s a plan to create a socialized nation under the guise of advancing “equality” and “justice”. Even Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s Chief of Staff admitted as much to journalists just a few days ago. Democratic candidates hope to use the climate change hysteria to enact legislation that could not be enacted any other way. In short, progressives hope that, with national emergency powers, the candidate of their choice could become a dictator.

    It seems that most people have forgotten that
    1) In the 1970’s the fear was global cooling!
    2) Later, the same environmental group in Aspen CO that had been telling us global cooling was the single largest problem facing the planet SWITCHED to telling us that global warming was now top of the list
    3) Then it became “human caused” global warming
    4) Then global warming morphed into “climate change”
    5) but perhaps most importantly, the event which started huge increases in government research grant funding was coal miner strikes in Britain! Mrs. Thatcher was Prime Minister and responded to the coal miners’ threats by funding research “proving” global warming was caused by rising CO2 levels and it became imperative that we move away from coal as an energy source. The governmental funding for global warming research has only grown since then DESPITE scientific evidence that our plant’s temperatures are driven by variations in solar output.

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