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Giuliani Shreds Cuomo, ‘You’re A Sellout’ And CNN ‘Is A Horror To This Country’


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, an attorney for President Donald Trump, rocked CNN host Chris Cuomo and it was fantastic.

The two got into a major fight on Thursday in which Giuliani called Cuomo, the brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a “sellout.”

Giuliani said that CNN was covering for former Vice President Joe Biden and his son and their alleged dirty deals with China and the Ukraine.

GIULIANI: I asked Ukraine to investigate the allegations that there was interference in the election of 2016 by the Ukrainians for the benefit of Hillary Clinton for which there already

CUOMO: You never asked anything about hunter Biden? You never asked anything about Joe Biden to the prosecutor?

GIULIANI: The only thing I asked is to get to the bottom of how it was that the guy who was appointed dismissed the case against antac.

CUOMO: So you did ask Ukraine to look into Joe Biden.

GIULIANI: Of course I did.

CUOMO: You just said you didn’t.

GIULIANI: No, I asked them to look into the allegations which related to my client which tangentially involved Joe Biden in a massive bribery scheme. Not unlike what he did in China. Explain how the kid got $1.5 billion from China.

CUOMO: Just be careful about what you say. I asked you did you look Ukraine to look at Joe Biden? You said no. Then you went on to say that you did. It’s all — it’s all recorded.

GIULIANI: No, I didn’t say that. What I said is this. I asked them to investigate the allegations that relate to the false charges against the president of the United States. Those allegations tangentially involve Biden –

CUOMO: So your answer should have been yes.

GIULIANI: Let me finish, Chris, let me finish, and don’t try to interrupt because you don’t like the answer.

CUOMO: I don’t like evasiveness.

GIULIANI: I don’t want you to distort what I’m saying because you’re totally biased.

CUOMO: I’m not biased. Why would I have you on if I’m biased.

GIULIANI: Because it is sad to watch what’s happened to you. You have become a sellout.

CUOMO: I’m a sellout?

GIULIANI: You are a sellout.

CUOMO: You’re telling me I’m a sellout?

GIULIANI: These are crimes of major proportions and because they’re Democrats, you won’t cover it. $1.5 million investment in China by Biden’s private equity fund…

CUOMO: It’s unfair for me not to want to tolerate you talking about Joe Biden all night long when we have an inspector general fighting with the DNI, fighting with Congress over a whistleblower complaint that involves this president and you and what you’ve been doing playing with Ukraine.

GIULIANI: We have an anonymous whistleblower complaint compared to clear proof that Biden’s son got $1.5 billion from China, and you won’t cover it. Tell me you’re not unfair.

CUOMO: Rudy, I told you, give me the proof.

GIULIANI: Nobody buys that, Chris. That’s why your network has no ratings.

CUOMO: I’m sure they buy everything you’re saying right now has nothing to do with distracting from what this president’s problems might be.

GIULIANI: I’m not distracting.

CUOMO: You’ve been doing it over a year and a half.

GIULIANI: I haven’t been doing that.

CUOMO: The hell you haven’t. You’ve been distracting from the truth for a year and a half and I hope you enjoy it because this president got the benefit of something you built up for decades, your credibility and you put it on the line for him. Good choice.

GIULIANI: I put it on the line for him 1,000% and I think your network is a horror to this country.

CUOMO: That’s fine. I still have you on.

GIULIANI: You are undermining fairness and justice.

CUOMO: And I still had you on.

GIULIANI: When a vice president can come out of China –

CUOMO: And I’ve had you say that a dozen times on my air. I’ve asked you for proof and I have you on anyway even with all this trash coming out.

GIULIANI: The proof has been there two years and you’re covering it up.

CUOMO: Send the proof whenever you want.

GIULIANI: You cover up so much more about Hillary.

CUOMO: I’m covering up so much I’ve kept this interview going 28 minutes.

GIULIANI: And interrupted me 500 times to try to stop me from telling the American people what’s going on.

CUOMO: You’ve made your points.

GIULIANI: You continue to mislead them, which is what you’ve doing.

CUOMO: You’ve been here the whole time so you’re part of it now. Rudy Giuliani –

GIULIANI: I can document every single thing I said.

CUOMO: Then give me the documents. Thank you.

GIULIANI: Why would I give you the documents?

CUOMO: Because you want the truth to come out.

GIULIANI: Of course I’m making sense.

CUOMO: Now you don’t trust me. All right, Rudy Giuliani.

GIULIANI: Why would I give the enemy the documents.

CUOMO: Now I’m the enemy. Now I’m the enemy.

GIULIANI: You are not fair and impartial. You are totally biased and your network is a creature of a democratic national committee.

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