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CNN’s Don Lemon Discovers True Problem In Justin Trudeau Blackface Scandal – Trump


Authored by Rusty Weiss via The Mental Recession

CNN anchor Don Lemon has found what he considers to be the true angle on the Justin Trudeau blackface scandal – that President Trump is a bad man.

Orange man bad, as they say.

Trudeau was featured in a 2001 photo from a Time magazine report dressed in brownface makeup for an “Arabian Nights” party held at the private school in which he taught.

He was apologetic about the whole affair.

“I shouldn’t have done that. I should have known better, but I didn’t and I’m really sorry,” Trudeau said. “I take responsibility for my decision to do that.”

“I shouldn’t have done that. I should’ve known better. It was something that I didn’t think was racist at the time but now I recognize that it was something racist to do and I’m deeply sorry.”

Imagine this was an image of President Trump. And imagine he apologized for doing something stupid in his past. Do you think Lemon, or anybody in the media for that matter, would be forgiving?

To nobody’s surprise, Lemon’s fellow beta male in Trudeau was praised for his apology. Not only did he praise Trudeau, but Lemon took a shot at Trump over a scandal that has absolutely nothing to do with him!

“Wow, a leader apologizing. It seems odd, doesn’t it?” Lemon said following a clip of Trudeau’s statement. “Because we have one who doesn’t.”

Nice leap in logic there, Don. Is it any wonder the President has repeatedly labeled Lemon the “dumbest man on television”?

The CNN ‘journalist’ fawned over Trudeau’s apology to end the segment as well.

“I do have to say this before we go: think about it however you want to think about it. When someone apologizes- wow!” Lemon gushed. “We don’t often see that here, especially in a world leader who is saying ‘I should’ve known better and I’m sorry.’ You can feel about it however you want, but that, to me, that does mean a lot.”

Again, no amount of apology from a Republican would ever suffice in Lemon’s world. But liberals who do this – perfectly okay. That’s why you can have a Ralph Northam or Justin Trudeau blackface scandal and both men can emerge unscathed.

The double standard is sickening.

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  1. Sour Lemon has to be the worst CNN hack he is so much an idiot, little lemons following

    what the ever the president tells to say. No wonder CNN ratings are in the toilet

  2. I take offense at black women: bleaching their skin, making their eyes blue with contact lenses, coloring their hair blonde … all in an attempt to be White! Where is the outrage? Stop the bullshit!

  3. He pronounces it Lemmon but it’s pronounced just like the citrus fruit. And if there was ever a lemon of a wannabe journalist it’s Don LEMON! He wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on his rear end.

  4. Hey, dude, mon. This cockskuckin Biden mafucker has shit for brains. Sum bitch got his head stuck up his bung hole. Dip shit ain’t neva goin to be president, mon.

  5. Not a damned thing wrong with wearing black face, red face, yellow or white face either it only concerns the agitators and the parasites who profit from other’s misery, the misery THEY invent, loosen up folks and see these maggots for what they are

  6. Don ‘LeMoron’ fawned over Trudeau’s apology because he has a crush on him . . . Any rational person can see that. He’s such an arrogant perv who assumes everyone agrees with him. Every clip I see of him makes him look high as a kite . . . (on FOX)(I would never knowingly tune in to CNN).
    I consider myself ‘normal’ (of course, so do crazy folks), but I just don’t see how putting on a costume is “appropriation” or “racist”. People use costumes for so many different reasons; but mostly for FUN!
    Libertards just want to isolate themselves so they can be DIFFERENT. Finding episodes of ‘Appropriation’ and ‘racism’ is just a disguise in itself . . .
    Why don’t the demonrats condemn drag queens for dressing up like women? Why don’t they condemn actors who take roles where they have to use makeup, or change the color of their hair, or wear clothing significant to the ‘part’?
    Trudeau’s apologizing is just like all the other screaming liberals. He’s more concerned about keeping his elected position, and knows all too well about everyone else he criticizes; because he lived it!

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